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Big Brother’s Jack: ‘I will never be able to apologize enough’

Big Brother’s Jack: ‘I will never be able to apologize enough’

Big Brother’s Jack: ‘I will never be able to apologize enough’


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Jack is getting flak.

The fitness trainer from Florida has made headlines for all the wrong reasons this season. His controversial comments about his fellow houseguests and his behavior in the house has infuriated some of this season’s former houseguests and some fans.

According to Jack Matthews, when it comes his comment about Bella, it was never his intention to attack or insult her in any way.

“When I had made that statement it had no correlation to Bella’s ethnicity. Knowing coming out of it that it has been tied into that, I will never be able to apologize enough for the interpretation that was given upon what I said,” he told GlobalTV.com.

Jack insists earlier that particular evening the houseguests were discussing various recipes because Christie, Jackson and Kat were on slop. One that came up was making a faux rice pudding out of the dreaded Big Brother staple. If his comment was taken as ridiculing Bella’s background and possibly offended others, he apologizes.

“Looking back at it, with the mention of Bella and the rice pudding, I never made a connection until I came out of the house and for that I am incredibility sorry to Bella if she was offended in any shape or form as well as anybody that was offended by my statement at the time,” said a regretful Jack.

Jack does disagree though that any of the houseguests were targeted because of their heritage. All of the evictions were game-related and had nothing to do with anyone’s identity.

“With the order of how the evictions played out, which was David, Ovi, Kemi, Bella and Sam, David was part of an eviction of four from the banishment and that was total chance. Ovi wasn’t the original nomination. Kemi had a vendetta for me and I for her. I just happened to win the HOH that week and Bella was caught playing both sides. Sam was too,” explained Jack.

Just days before he was evicted Jack and Jackson clashed. The two friends didn’t seem to fully recover from that argument even though Jack did apologize to Jackson.

John Powell: You had a severe falling out with Jackson. What do you think about him as a person and a player and do you see yourselves being friends outside of the house?

Jack Matthews: “I could see Jackson and I being best friends outside of the house. I apologized to him for what I did. I hope he forgives me and I think he has. I think he’s a brilliant young man and one of the better people I’ve met in my life. I look forward to seeing him again.”

John Powell: Speaking of Jackson, why do you think the house kept him instead of yourself and who do you feel betrayed you the most?

Jack Matthews: “I think they kept Jackson because he was willing to put up somebody from the Six Shooters if he won HoH. I feel most betrayed by Christie because of the information I learned from the fallout on Day 44.”

John Powell: What do you think of Cliff’s reaction to your Hail Mary proposal on eviction day?

Jack Matthews: “I did present it to him and I thought that he really liked it. However, I think he was playing me the whole time and just delaying the inevitable.”

John Powell: Why did the Six Shooters alliance fell apart?

Jack Matthews: “Christie decided to run her mouth a little bit too much which raised Jackson’s red flag. He told me about it and I told Tommy. It was a big old snowball effect.”

John Powell: Who at present do you think is playing the best game and who is playing the worst?

Jack Matthews: “Clifford the Big Red Hogg is playing the best game. Christie is playing the worst.”

John Powell: Who do you hope follows you into the jury house and why?

Jack Matthews: “Uh, Sis of course! I’d like to hang out with her for two months but I think it’ll either be Christie or Jackson.”

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