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And the Winner of Survivor: Game Changers Is… – Season 34 Finale Recap and Highlights

And the Winner of Survivor: Game Changers Is… – Season 34 Finale Recap and Highlights

And the Winner of Survivor: Game Changers Is… – Season 34 Finale Recap and Highlights


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

For the final six, it was a game changing season but only one of them walked away with the title of sole Survivor and the million dollar check that comes with it.

Sarah Lacina, the police officer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, became the 34th Survivor winner besting Brad Culpepper and Troy “Troyzan” Robertson at the final Tribal Council. Sarah received seven votes, Brad three and Troyzan, none at all.

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“Nobody wants to make their family, their friends or their profession look bad and so the first time I played that weighed heavily on me. In order to come out and be successful, I had to let that go. I was given the right of way by everyone and I just came out guns blazing. The gates were open for me to do whatever I had to do,” Sarah told host/producer Jeff Probst about how different her approach this season was from the last time she played.

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Polling the jury on what would’ve happened if Tai made the final three and not Sarah, Probst was faced with a tie. For the first time ever, Probst revealed what happens in a tied Survivor jury vote with more than two finalists. The finalist who didn’t get any votes, in this case Troyzan, would join the jury and cast the deciding vote. Troyzan said in the scenario he would have voted for Brad to win.


In the finale, Cirie Fields was the first to be voted out, victim of an advantage maelstrom at Tribal Council. Brad won Immunity. Tai played a Hidden Immunity Idol for himself and one for Aubry. Sarah used her Legacy Advantage for herself, so she was immune from the vote as well. Troyzan played his Hidden Immunity Idol. Since Cirie was the only person left to vote for in a re-vote scenario, no vote was held, instead her torch was snuffed in a the strangest set of Tribal Council circumstances ever.


Aubry was then sent to the jury and then Tai when Brad won the final Immunity Challenge. Brad ended up winning 15 challenges on Survivor: Game Changers and became the sixth castaway to win five individual Immunity Challenges in a single season. The others were Colby Donaldson, Tom Westman, Terry Deitz, Ozzy Lusth, and Mike Holloway.


It was revealed during the Reunion Show, that the next season would be Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. The 35th season was filmed in Fiji and will feature only new players. Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers is set to air in September on Global.

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