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Y&R Discussion: Scott Framed for Murder & Victoria’s Company Becomes Toxic

Y&R Discussion: Scott Framed for Murder & Victoria’s Company Becomes Toxic

Y&R Discussion: Scott Framed for Murder & Victoria’s Company Becomes Toxic



Note: This blog represents an opinion.

In the midst of the face cream controversy, Jack and Ashley are on a mission to rescue their mother, who by the looks of it, doesn’t need to be rescued. After the drama at Ashley’s dinner, I was expecting a real hostage situation where Dina’s life would be at risk. I was also confused by Dina’s behavior – she was mad at Jack one day, and then friendly the next. She was also back to treating Graham like nothing ever happened! The Floridian retreat was a bit of a letdown, and I think it was a missed opportunity for more drama, but I’m sure there are viewers who are glad the Graham storyline appears to be over.

Now, onto the frantic mess that is Victoria. She’s a Newman, but she’s not CEO material! Isn’t it the CEO’s job to remain calm in times of distress? Just watching her gives me anxiety. But, I must say, I was entertained by her breakdown on ‘The Hilary Hour’ as she kept blanking out until she dropped, and I have to admit that my heart swelled a bit when Billy ran to her side and caught her limp body. The doctor diagnosed her with poisoning (which everyone linked to the B&S face masks), but what about her concussion and the car crash? Did those happen for no reason? I wish they would have used those incidents to explain her fainting instead, because the poisoned face cream story has already been done with Gloria and Jabot. Victoria is usually stressed and high-strung, but this time seems different. I really feel like Brash & Sassy could go under with everything that’s gone wrong – the hockey disaster, Cane’s lawsuit, firing an executive, the bridge loan, and now poisoned face masks. I smell failure in Victoria’s future.

Lily went out of character hitting on Nick and saying she wanted to have revenge sex with a guy like him. Maybe it was an act of desperation after finding out Cane’s living with someone new, but I loved it! I interviewed the actress who plays Lily (Christel Khalil), and even she said she’d like to see Lily get out of her comfort zone a little. Lily is way too level-headed in my opinion, and I would love to see her go off on Cane like her mother Drucilla! Here’s hoping we’ll get to see more of this Lily.

Scott got himself into a bloody mess, and I’m torn on how I feel about this dark, twisted turn of events. I was a little surprised to see the gruesome scene on daytime TV, but maybe it’s the jolt this show needed. And Zach – what a slimeball! I’m going to need Abby to wisen up ASAP. Now that Scott knows about the link between the sex ring and DesignDate, I hope he doesn’t just call the police. In my dream storyline, Scott would tell Victor what Zach’s been doing, and then Victor would get revenge on him for using his company and his daughter.

Since I’m torn on the murder story, I’ll turn the question to you – did you love it or hate it? Comment below!

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