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Y&R Best Scenes Of The Week – March 5th – March 9th

Y&R Best Scenes Of The Week – March 5th – March 9th

Y&R Best Scenes Of The Week – March 5th – March 9th


Last week was all about the tensions surrounding Victoria and Ashley’s new work relationship. In the end, Victoria’s jealousy got the best of her, and her plan to oust Ashley actually worked. The main storyline was backed by Dina’s return and Hilary’s persistence to have Devon father her child.

5.) Devon Agrees To Father Hilary’s Child 

Over the years, we’ve watched Devon go from a love-sick pushover to an assertive no-nonsense CEO. Just when we thought he had snapped out of Hilary’s spell, he does something as stupid as this. Is it possible for these two to co-parent without being romantically involved, or driving each other insane? Not likely. But maybe that’s the point.

4.) Victoria’s Meeting Goes Left

Victoria’s attempt to make her employees like her has been clumsy at best, and a little bit funny.  The confrontation between Victoria, Ashley, and Lily was just too good as these ladies unloaded their frustrations onto each other. The fallout was messy – Lily left, and never came back! You go girl.

3.) Victor Takes Dina To The Winter Formal

On the way to persuade Ashley to come back to Newman, Victor is met by a dazed Dina, all dressed up for the Winter Formal that exists only in her mind.  As a kind gesture to Ashley, he pretends to be her date and plays along with her fantasy. We’re reminded of how charming Victor can be when he’s kind-hearted, but he rarely does anything kind without a motive beneath it. This time was no exception, but Ashley didn’t seem to mind.

2.) Dina Snaps On Ashley

Marla Adams is doing a fantastic job playing Dina Mergeron – an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer’s.  Without knowing someone who has the disease, it’s difficult to understand the weight of it and how it affects family members. Even though this is a soap, it shines a light on a real-life issue that for many fans,  hits pretty close to home.

1.) Victor Confronts Victoria For Setting Up Ashley

Loyalty is a trait that Victor values and expects from his family above anything else. Not only did Victoria prove to be disloyal, but when confronted, she basically called her father incompetent! Its clear the power Victor gave her has turned ugly, and knowing him, he won’t turn a blind eye to it.

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