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Y&R Best Scenes Of The Week – March 12th – March 16th

Y&R Best Scenes Of The Week – March 12th – March 16th

Y&R Best Scenes Of The Week – March 12th – March 16th



Last week, only three episodes of Y&R aired, but there were plenty of stand-out scenes to make this list. Victoria was, again, the focus of the week as her plot to fire Ashley backfired, leaving her ashamed in front of Victor and J.T. But, J.T. is no better than Victoria as he continues to investigate Victor behind the Newmans’ back. Meanwhile, Lily walked out of Newman and started working almost immediately at her brother’s firm HWG. Here are the best scenes of the week!

5.) Billy Gets An Eyeful At Lily’s Model Casting

Once a player, always a player. Is that the saying? Billy just couldn’t help himself when he heard about Lily’s model casting, and helped himself to a front row seat. Little did he know that these topless models weren’t really his type. This scene was a fun, light contrast to Victor’s brooding and Ashley & Vic’s catfighting. Also, how cute are Mattie and Charlie as Lily’s little helpers?

4.) J.T. Finds Out Victoria Played Him

This scene was interesting because not only was it a tense confrontation, but there were notes in J.T.’s tone that suggested that there may be something more going on here. Does J.T. have the potential to be abusive? He’s certainly controlling, and when he yells at Victoria (which is often), there’s always a tinge of fear in her eyes. Or maybe it’s just his personality? Only time will tell.

3.) Victor Gives Victoria An Ultimatum

Finally, this spoiled Newman gets what she deserves. Well, almost. Truth be told, if she weren’t Victor’s favourite child, she would be fired on the spot for leaking company information to a rival. Instead, Victor threatens to take her power away, which for Victoria, is punishment enough.

2.) Victor Catches J.T. Acting Shady Around The Ranch

What made this scene so good was how they intertwined Victor and Reed’s chess game with J.T. snooping around Victor’s office. “Always look at the board,” Victor tells Reed. “And then try to think three moves ahead of the opponent.”  Knowing Victor, he’s already three moves ahead of J.T.

1.) Nick Catches His Mom Getting Her Groove Back

We’ve seen scenes with Nikki disappearing with Arturo, but could it possibly be that Nikki would be messing around with a young, hot contractor while being married to Victor Newman? Her affair was confirmed when Nick caught them kissing outside of their GCAC room- a sight he surely wishes he could unsee.

What do you think was the best scene in the last week? We’d love to hear it in the comments!

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