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Y&R Best Scenes Of The Week – Feb 26th- March 2nd

Y&R Best Scenes Of The Week – Feb 26th- March 2nd

Y&R Best Scenes Of The Week – Feb 26th- March 2nd


This week was all about the unraveling of Chelsea’s big secret – that Christian was never Nick’s son, but instead his brother Adam’s. The best scenes came from the bombshell within this storyline when the truth came to light and Nick had to grapple with the emotions that came with finding out that yet another child isn’t really his…

5.) J.T. Gives Victoria The Harsh Truth

Some of you may think that J.T. was too harsh in this scene, but it may have been exactly what Victoria needed. She’s so worried about Ashley taking her job that she’s gone so far as to plant confidential Newman information at Jabot! She’ll do whatever it takes to appear superior to Ashley, even if it means belittling everyone around her.

4.) Chelsea’s Message For Christian

There are so many questions surrounding Chelsea, especially for poor Nick, whose fiancee just up and left him. This week we’ve seen authentic, vulnerable scenes from Joshua Morrow who’s playing  a refreshing version of Nick who is usually a bland, one-note character. In this scene, Nick watches Chelsea’s video for Christian, knowing it’s probably the last time he’ll ever see her.

3.) Jack & Ashley Worry For Dina’s Safety

Jack and Ashley have been at odds ever since their messy dispute over control for Jabot. After Jack threw Ashley’s paternity in her face and crossed the line, it seemed these two could never truly be the same again. That’s why this scene was so touching. Despite everything, these two really love each other, and they really love their mother too.

2.) Sharon Tells Nick Chelsea’s Secret

We all know Sharon can’t keep a secret, and this time is no different. Maybe she was guilted by her deceptive past with Christian (Sully), or maybe she truly believed Nick shouldn’t be kept in the dark. Regardless, she couldn’t keep Christian’s paternity to herself any longer, no matter how hard Phyllis tried to stop her.

1.) Nick Finds Out That Christian Really Isn’t His Son

This scene was special because we got to see the special bond between Sharon and Nick. No matter what, these two will always care deeply for one another even if they dont say it out loud. This scene is heartwrenching, to say the least.

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