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Y&R Best Scenes Of The Week – Feb 12th- 16th

Y&R Best Scenes Of The Week – Feb 12th- 16th

Y&R Best Scenes Of The Week – Feb 12th- 16th


This week, The Young And The Restless focused on Chelsea plotting to get out of Victor’s iron-clad grip, while Phyllis relentlessly followed behind her. Looks like Phyllis is winning their little game of cat and mouse because Chelsea caved by telling her the secret she swore she’d never tell – the truth about Christian’s paternity. There were some great scenes leading up to that climax. What do you think was the best scene this week? Let us know in the comments!

5.) Lily And Cane Renew Their Vows

After a tumultuous past few months, Lily and Cane have found their way back to each other. One gets the sense that these two are truly meant for each other on Y&R. They may not be the most exciting couple to watch, but they work. The most interesting part of this scene was Mattie’s warning that their family won’t survive another ordeal like the last one. Perhaps it was foreshadowing…

4.) Gloria Is Not A Fan Of The New Girl

Jack’s new hire for Ashley’s position is perfect – too perfect according to Gloria who apparently spends her time scowling at her photo. Lauren couldn’t help but tease Gloria, who’s clearly worried that Jack will be attracted to her. Gloria is such a treat to watch, and this was a nice aside to the other major storylines.

3.) Devon Rejects Hilary 

Hilary so often gets her way on this show that it’s so satisfying to watch when she doesn’t. In a rare sensitive moment, she pours her heart out to Devon who she thinks will reciprocate her desire to get back together. Nope. We’ve watched Devon grow up, and the man who once fell for Hilary’s charm can now think for himself, and put her in her place at the same time.

2.) Billy and Phyllis Avoid The Spotlight

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, and for proposals. Throughout the episode, both Billy and Phyllis got it into their heads that they might be proposed to that night at Victor’s Valentine’s party. This scene was particularly interesting because you couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if those two were married. They’ve been serious for a while now, so could they actually make it work?

1.) Phyllis Finds Out Nick Isn’t Christian’s Father

The secret’s finally out, but now that it is, how will Nick find out? We know that Phyllis will keep digging and this is about to get way more messy.

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