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Wanda Sykes Gets Political On The Late Show

Wanda Sykes Gets Political On The Late Show

Wanda Sykes Gets Political On The Late Show

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 6: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and guest Wanda Sykes during Tuesday's February 6, 2018 show. (Photo by Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images)


Legendary Comedian Wanda Sykes visited other legendary comedian Stephen Colbert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk Stephen’s favourite subject: the incompetencies of the current American government.

Wanda Sykes is a veteran stand-up comedian and comic actor. With a significant list of film roles, comedy specials and even a handful of TV series that were created by and starring her, Wanda Sykes is a staple of American comedy, holding her spot with the greats.

It’s like it’s something she was just meant to do. Sykes even remembers her very first joke. She was in sixth grade when she got her first laugh, and from there, the laughs came more and more.

When you’re with Colbert, many conversations are open. As long as CBS says it’s okay. But his two all-time favourites are comedy – what makes comedy, the history of and etc. – and the failings of President Donald Trump. Who doesn’t like a good Trump roast? It’s what everyone is still talking about. Even halfway across the world, all people want to know is what’s going on in America?!?!

Unfortunately there’s no answer. There hasn’t been for almost three years now.

Wanda Sykes kept riding the Trump train because low hanging fruit is sometimes the sweetest. She declares, without hesitation or uncertainty, that she is a great deal smarter than Donald Trump. And she’s right, when she says that, and when she says that her being smarter isn’t normal.

Wanda Sykes isn’t saying she isn’t smart. There’s no one saying that. What’s being said is the office of President of the USA – quite possibly the most powerful political office in the world (for now) – should be held by a very, very smart person. Trump doesn’t even qualify for one “very”. Heck, he doesn’t even qualify as smart.

But this is how it is, and will be, for, oh at least another year and a half. Maybe longer. But who’s counting?

So many. So many people are counting.

It’s not like Wanda Sykes isn’t even smart. She’s incredibly smart. She would have to be to be such a successful and clever comedian. But also she used to work for the NSA, and for everything they do, good and bad, they ain’t no dummies, and they don’t take no dummies.

So Wanda Sykes is all charged up on politics, and she doesn’t even work for the government anymore. Her NSA days must have been something, but be glad that she left that behind, because her comedy days are still going strong.

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