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Trevor Noah Flips The Late Show Upside Down and Interviews Stephen Colbert

Trevor Noah Flips The Late Show Upside Down and Interviews Stephen Colbert

Trevor Noah Flips The Late Show Upside Down and Interviews Stephen Colbert


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert becomes The Late Show with Trevor Noah for a hot moment when Trevor Noah takes a seat behind Stephen’s desk and takes The Late Show on a topsy-turvy ride where Stephen is the interview guest on his own show!

Stephen Colbert is currently in England interviewing First Lady Michelle Obama. Whatever, like that’s a big deal or anything, right? Oh, they’re friends too? Colbert has a show with his name on it, does he really need to brag about this as well?

But anyways, Stephen Colbert isn’t in New York, but he loves you, his fans, so much that he spent the extra time taping some shows for you to enjoy this week! He even had his buddy at The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, help out. And in this case, “help out” means “do my job for me”.

Trevor Noah kicked off this outrageous status-quo shake-up by asking Stephen about his live broadcasts. Since most of his shows are taped about six hours before they air, special episodes are given a live broadcast treatment. And the concern? Something normal happening.

So his major worry isn’t the off-the-wall absurd thing Donald Trump is going to do. It’s the idea that he won’t do anything at all, and Stephen will be left with a rather boring episode that would boil down to coverage of what is essentially a man who paid someone to write his civics homework for him. But Stephen keeps the faith, and this time it’s not the good forever-Catholic boy in him. It’s the cynical comedic pundit in him, staying the course and knowing that Trump will always do something depraved.

When he’s not doing a live show, of course, there’s a ton of prep that needs to go into it. That involves on being up-to-the-minute on all the news that is going on. And since many viewers tune in to The Late Show to get a humourous spin (or at least a less depressing spin) on the news, Stephen has to make sure that he’s got the goods to give.


When The Late Show first started almost four years ago, it was a bit of a rough start – as Trevor Noah points out during this interview (and Stephen of course dishes back, because nobody knows getting through rough starts like Trevor Noah). But Stephen fought through it. And now? Now that Stephen’s squeaked ahead of his concerningly enthusiastic NBC counterpart, he owes it all to pushing through it all and his amazing team (and Trump, buuuut he’d never say it).


And how did he thank his team? The same way every sales office manager thanks their associates for moving the most aluminum siding, how every teacher thanks their class for being the quietest when lining up for recess, how Walter White thanks his roof for just being there: he throws a pizza party!


Stephen was a great guest on his own show. While not the first time he’s been interviewed by an imposter from The Daily Show (Jon Stewart similarly interviewed Colbert in November), hopefully it won’t be the last.

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