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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap July 3 – July 7

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap July 3 – July 7

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap July 3 – July 7



What you missed on The Young and the Restless….

Neil and Devon’s 4th of July party is still in full-swing. Abby takes note of Devon’s new relationship with Mariah when she sees them kiss, and saunters over to give him her opinion. She’s not shy about telling Devon that something’s off…she doesn’t see him and Mariah as a couple. Devon brushes it off. Later, Scott bumps into Abby and gets a good look at her in her American-themed bikini. He wonders out loud if he should be reciting the Star Spangled-Banner. His comment adds to the complicated romantic tension building between the two. Poolside, Hilary grills Chelsea about how she knew Jordan before he came to Genoa City. Chelsea stutters through her answer as Hilary plays with her like a cat toying with a mouse. Hilary eventually lets the issue go, and Chelsea runs off. During the party, Devon doesn’t take his eyes off Hilary, and soon he pulls Jordan aside to ask how they got back together so soon. Devon doesn’t seem to be making any effort to hide his jealousy. Elsewhere, Chelsea tries to force a conversation between Scott and Nick, but Nick is still cold as ice, warning Scott not to hurt anyone he cares about, referring to Victor and Sharon. Tessa confides in Mariah about Noah blowing her off, but Mariah tries to explain that the reason Noah wants to back off is not because he doesn’t care about her, but because he cares too much. She confronts her brother about it, pushing him to pay more attention to Tessa’s emotions. He pulls Tessa aside to explain, and they make up. As the party ends, Nick and Abby seethe in the background as they watch Scott. They both don’t like him, and they’ll both be keeping an eye on him.

Things are getting weird at Dr. Harris’s house as he falls into the fantasy that Chloe is really his dead daughter Maggie. He doesn’t even call her Chloe anymore. She demands that he tell her what he did to Kevin’s car, but instead he gives her a gift to make her feel better. It’s a dress for her graduation, and he urges her to try it on before the ceremony. Huh? Chloe plays along with the doctor’s fantasy, even going so far as to call him “dad.” As she models the dress for him, she eyes the open safe where a gun is being kept. She tries to distract him by encouraging him to get his diploma so they can both hang their diplomas on the wall, but the doctor isn’t duped so easily. He slams the safe shut before he goes anywhere. The next day, Chloe begs to go see her “mother’s” grave, but again Dr. Harris isn’t so easily fooled. There’s no way they’re going outside, so Chloe moves to plan B. She asks to do the graduation ceremony again, and as he reaches for her diploma, Chloe smashes a wine bottle over his head. She runs for the door, but the doctor grabs her before she can make it out.

After hearing the loud popping noise come from his car, Kevin goes to check it out. Everything looks fine. He gets back in the car and turns on the engine, except this time smoke pours out of the hood. It’s going to blow! Kevin tries to run as far away as he can, but it’s too late. The car blows up, sending him flying and landing unconscious. But, he’s not dead. When he wakes up, he stumbles back to Dr. Harris’s house where Chloe is drugged out on the couch. He and Dr. Harris battle for the gun in the safe until a shot goes off. Kevin manages to get the doctor tied up and carries Chloe out to the car. When Chloe wakes up, Kevin tells her the plan – he’s going to go get Bella while she hides out. Back at home, his family and friends are worried sick about him. He announces that he’s going to move to Oregan with Bella for a new start. They fight him on it, but his mind is made up. His final goodbyes are heart wrenching.

Fun Fact:  Wondering why Christian LeBlanc’s voice sounded off last week? He took to Twitter to explain…Christian LeBlanc voice change due to extremely bad laryngitis


It’s time for Juliet to receive her big, fat cheque, but before Victoria hands it over, she has one condition. Nothing about this lawsuit gets out to anyone, or else she’s coming for every dime she paid her plus interest. Juliet agrees.

At the Ashby house, Lily and Cane try to maintain their family life despite their mounting marital issues. When Cane leaves the living room, she sneaks his phone out of his bag. When he leaves the house, she can’t bring herself to open it and look through his texts. She calls Jordan over to talk it out, and again Jordan repeats the sentiment that if Lily was his wife, she wouldn’t have to worry about cheating. He offers to go through the phone, and when he does, he doesn’t find anything incriminating. Juliet and Cane were just work buddies. At Brash & Sassy, Victoria does the inevitable. She fires Cane, hitting him with an icy low blow. “Go home and repair the damage done to your family. That’s your new full-time job now,” she says. No amount of begging will change her mind. Cane breaks the news to Lily, who’s not surprised, and then to the kids who are more supportive. Lily goes to Brash & Sassy to see that her job as Brand Ambassador isn’t in jeopardy, and Victoria assures her it isn’t. Victoria mentions that Cane’s things will be sent by messenger unless Lily would like to take them. Lily passes, telling her to let the messenger take them. Billy and Victoria exchange a look….there’s clearly trouble at home.

Later, Victoria gasps when she looks at their quarterly financial report…the company is in big trouble. After the scrapped commercial and the lawsuit, she has to figure out how she’s going to keep them afloat.

At the pool, Mattie and Reed get to know each other more. They find out that both their parents work at Brash and Sassy, which his pretty cool. She’s amazed that his mom is Victoria Newman, and Reed knows all about Cane, who’s his mom’s protégé at work. When Mattie leaves, Reed spots his mom by the pool and tells her all about his crush Mattie, Cane’s daughter. Victoria becomes sullen….Cane was the employee she had to fire today. Reed is shocked to hear that his mom just fired Mattie’s father.

Juliet goes to see Hilary to talk things out, and admits that she feels so guilty for lying about Cane sexually harassing her. She also mentions that she wants Cane to be involved in their child’s life. What? Hilary knows how this situation is going to go – Cane’s not going to want anything to do with that baby. Juliet is more naive, praising Cane for being a family man who will do the right thing. Hilary thinks the way she’s talking about Cane is a little much…does she have feelings for him? Juliet says they were good friends and hopes they can get back to that. Cane comes to the door and smirks when he sees Hilary. When Hilary leaves, Cane’s tone turns dark and condescending. He thinks this pregnancy is fake- one big ol’ trap. As a matter of fact, they’re going to get a paternity test right now.

The concert is right around the corner, and still Nikki is nowhere to be found. Nick questions Tessa, trying to find out where she could have gone. Tessa slips up and says that she might not be able to do the concert because she simply can’t. Nick presses her until she admits that Nikki had an MS flare-up and she was in a lot of pain before she left. At the ranch, Nikki arrives home and immediately goes to sit at the piano. Her hands shake above the keys.

Nick goes to the concert venue to confront his father about forcing his mother into this. As they argue, Nikki shows up, bright and cheery as ever. Victor gives Nick a smug look. Alone, Nick tells her he knows about the MS flare-up, but Nikki assures him she’s taken care of it by de-stressing at a spa in Colorado. She wants to do this concert because it’s a goal she wants to accomplish. Nick thinks she’s brainwashed by Victor. Later, Victor surprises her with the beautiful Chelsea 2.0 pieces he bought for her for the concert. She gasps at how magnificent they are. However, the dress is too long. Victor calls Chelsea to come over and hem it right away. As Chelsea works on the dress, she notices that Nikki’s in severe pain.

Despite swearing secrecy to Tessa, Nick tells Victor that Nikki is in a lot of physical pain and that he needs to cancel the concert. Victor goes to see Nikki and asks her directly…would she like to cancel the concert? They can have a fundraiser party instead. Nikki marvels at his graciousness, but insists that the show must go on.

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