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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap July 17 – July 21

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap July 17 – July 21

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap July 17 – July 21

Young and the Restless- Episode 11224


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

Dr. Harris finally gets the guts to call Victor and tell him about Kevin and Chloe’s escape. On the phone call, the doctor calls Chloe by his dead daughter’s name Maggie, clearly still believing that Chloe is his daughter come back to life. Victor doesn’t have time for his foolish fantasy, and demands he destroy his number and never contact him again. As Chloe and Kevin get ready to leave for Oregon, there’s a knock at the motel door. Victor announces himself as their worst nightmare, telling Kevin to open up. Chloe goes to hide, but once Victor is inside the room, he calls her out. Kevin begs him to just let them leave for Oregon so they can disappear for good. Victor agrees, but he never wants to see them again.

At the Abbott cabin, Nikki pulls herself away from her kiss with Jack. She apologizes, explaining that she still hasn’t forgiven Victor for all he’s put the family through. Even though they put on a happy front at the concert, she still sees who he is – the type of man to disown his son. Nikki and Jack sleep in separate rooms, and the next day, Jack is pleased to see Nikki feels much better. The stress from the concert is gone, and so is her MS pain. Jack drops her off at her home and wonders how she’s going to handle Victor when he asks about her night out. She says she’ll be ready for him.

Victor walks in the door at the Ranch. He and Nikki talk, but not at all as harshly as Nikki led Jack to believe. Victor was hoping that they were starting fresh, but obviously not if she spent the night with Jack. It doesn’t matter – he doesn’t care anymore. From now on, he won’t hide the fact that they’re no longer together. He walks out, reminding her that she is the love of his life. Nikki breaks down in tears when he leaves. Shortly afterward, Nick comes over to check if his mother is still angry with him for sabotaging her concert. She sure is, but they talk it out and make up. She assures him, she’s not controlled by Victor and that she’s living her life for herself from now on. That’s probably why she ends up smooching Jack in his office later. Abby watches at the door in horror. When Nikki leaves the office, Abby threatens to tell Victor what she saw, but Jack doesn’t care. “By all means, be my guest,” he says casually.  Jack turns his attention to Cane – Brash and Sassy’s newly fired exec. He presents an idea to Phyllis. If he gets Cane to work at Jabot, he can bring down Brash and Sassy and separate Billy and Victoria for good. Phyllis doesn’t say she likes the idea, but she doesn’t say she doesn’t like it either.

Victor goes to The Underground to thank his grandson Noah for the soundboard that saved the concert. When Nick appears, Noah leaves them to talk. Then, the argument begins. Victor asserts that he’s forgiven Nick time and time again. He lives off of the wealth and power that they accuse him of! Victor repeats that he is no longer his son.

Last week ended with Victoria walking into her house after the party to find Phyllis there with Billy. Surprisingly, Victoria says she has no problem with her meeting the kids, and quickly excuses herself because of the pounding headache she has. Reed tells Billy that she fell at the party and hit her head. Later, Nick comes over ranting about Victor. Victoria gets frustrated with him and nearly falls over. When Nick asks what’s wrong, she says it’s just stress.

Victoria downs some pills as she gives someone hell on the phone – she needs a replacement for Cane asap. Lily and Abby come into the office to get some things off their chest. Lily speaks with Billy outside of the office, telling him that she’d like to work more modelling jobs outside of her Brash and Sassy contract. She needs to help out more financially at home, and working with the agent she met in L.A. would make a big difference. Billy gives her the okay. Privately, Abby tells Victoria about the kiss she saw between Nikki and Jack. Victoria is shocked, but when Abby tries to get her to persuade Nikki to get back with Victor, Victoria harshly tells her that this is a family matter that doesn’t involve her. Later, as Victoria and Billy talk in the office, Victoria’s ears start ringing loudly and Billy’s voice gets muffled. Something is clearly wrong.

Reed and Mattie meet up at Crimson Lights to vent about their families. Mattie accidently blurts out that she thinks the kids at school are messed up with their half siblings and baby daddy fathers. Reed looks hurt – his family isn’t as traditional as hers. He accepts Mattie’s apology. Charlie comes up to them and almost gets into a fist fight with Reed over his mom firing their dad. Mattie breaks it up, but maybe Charlie is right and Reed needs to stay away. Reed goes after her, not so willing to let her go. They make up. Charlie watches furiously as their hands touch as they grip a coffee mug.

Juliet approaches Cane at the bar in an attempt to ease the tension between them. He doesn’t really want to talk, considering the lawsuit ruined his life. Cane says he’ll pay child support. Juliet asks if a father’s love is part of the deal, but he can’t see past the fact that she wrongly accused him of sexual assault. Later, Cane sits down with Devon who gives it to him for hurting his sister. Cane brings up Devon’s involvement in infidelities as a reminder that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It probably wasn’t the best idea because next, Cane asks for a job. Devon’s body language signals that he’s not open to the idea, but says he’ll talk it over with Neil. When he brings it up to Neil, it’s a no from him. Cane is a compulsive liar. At home, Cane tries to make things better with Lily by pulling her in for a kiss. They kiss, and when he tries to go further with her, she stops him. She can’t have sex with him when there’s a woman out there carrying his child! She walks out on him. It doesn’t look like things will get better any time soon.

Cane meets with Jack in his office the next day – it doesn’t take long for Jack to insinuate that he wants to use Cane for inside information on the competition. First, Cane needs a job. Jack needs to run it by some people first.

The night after the party, Mariah wakes up embarrassed for how she blubbered about her insecurities with Tessa the night before. Tessa strokes Mariah’s hair as she tells her she’s incredible. They share a moment, looking deep in each other’s eyes. Devon comes to the door and Tessa leaves them to talk. Mariah nervously opens up about how she’s been feeling second place to Hilary. Devon confesses that Mariah’s helped him through his dark times, and she means a lot to him.  They hug it out.

Meanwhile, Howard and Hilary look over the parking lot footage where they captured the Newman men in a scandalous brawl. Hilary is hesitant to share the footage, but Howard is all for it. Hilary gets off the phone with Victor – he’s given her permission to use all the footage! Mariah warns her to be careful. She thinks he’s setting her up.

Victoria, Nikki, and Nick sit down to watch The Hilary Hour for coverage of Nikki’s concert. Imagine their surprise when they see footage from Nick and Victor’s fight in the parking lot instead. When the segment ends, Mariah thinks that Victor’s going to be furious when he sees it. Hilary lets out an evil cackle when Victor texts her a thumbs up. Guess not. The Newmans think Victor will be upset too, but little do they know that he set the whole thing up. Nick turns his anger from Victor to Hilary.

Jack knocks on Dina’s door to apologize for leaving her at the party. She gives him hell for it, and in a rare moment, he actually looks scared to face his mother’s wrath. When Nikki comes up, Jack mentions that Dina is familiar with infidelity. She slaps him right in the face. That’s when they cool down, and apologize for being so rough with one another. Afterward, Dina restructures her portfolio on the phone with someone. It sounds like a bad decision because the person on the other end of the phone fights her on it. In the end, Dina gets her wishes.

At the benefit after-party, Ravi noticed something strange. Dina kept referring to Jack as Graham. Ravi tells Ashley what he noticed, and she makes it a point that she’ll be observing her behaviour. Of course, Ashley passes this bit of information to Jack, who also thinks it’s strange that Dina slapped him in the face. Maybe something is up with her.

At the Club, Graham and Gloria have a secret lunch date. Gloria wants to know if Dina knows about their little rendezvous. Graham says they don’t share everything. “Dina knows I’m not a monk,” he says. “And I’m not a nun,” Gloria quips.

As Sharon answers calls on the crisis hotline at the police station, she tenses when she gets a phone call from a young woman named Crystal who says she’s being forced into sex. Sharon tries to get her help, but the young woman hangs up before she can get more information. When she brings the issue to Paul and Scott, Scott mentions the sex ring case that Christine has been trying to get him on. Paul looks surprised, but assures them that the police will handle it. But, Sharon can’t stop thinking about that phone call…

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