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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap July 10 – July 14

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap July 10 – July 14

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap July 10 – July 14



What you missed on The Young and the Restless

Victor summons Hilary into his office. It’s rare to see these two together, but surprisingly, they’re not conspiring or up to no good. He simply asks her to cover Nikki’s concert. Hilary’s honoured that he would think to ask her and quickly accepts.

Meanwhile, at the Ashby house, things are tense as they wait for Juliet’s paternity results. Soon, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Juliet with the paternity papers that say Cane’s the father. Lily and Cane are crushed, but Juliet tries to give them relief by saying that she’ll be raising the child on her own. When she leaves, Lily demands that Cane go and beg to be involved in the child’s life. He can’t be a deadbeat dad. They can’t hide this from the kids forever, so they make plans to break news to them that they’re going to have a new brother or sister. When the kids find out, they’re disgusted in their father, and walk out.

At the concert venue, Abby is in a frenzy getting everything together for the show. Nick offers to help get the venue prepared for the safety inspection when he sees how stressed Abby is. After all, he does have experience with this from The Underground. When it comes time for the inspection, the soundboard goes up in smoke, and the inspector is not impressed. The show cannot go on in these conditions.

The night of the concert, Nikki comes down the stairs at the ranch in her Chelsea 2.0 creations, greeted by Victor and her daughter Victoria. Victor has a surprise for her. Hilary appears at the door for an interview with the woman of the hour, but Nikki’s not pleased to be under this kind of pressure. Hilary digs for a love story between the two, and soon everyone becomes awkward under the burden of their secret that they’re not a happy family. Meanwhile, at Chelsea’s place, Nick assures her there will be no concert happening tonight because he messed with the soundboards. Eventually the whole night will be cancelled.

At the venue, the inspector isn’t letting up about the soundboard fire hazard, and unfortunately, Victor tells his family that the concert will have to be cancelled because of it. Nikki is genuinely upset by the news – she worked so hard for this! Nick and Tessa try to explain that maybe this is for the best because she’s in no condition to play. As the guests arrive, it’s complete chaos backstage as everyone scurries around in confusion, but Victor becomes adamant that the show will go on. “The difference between you and me- I’m not a quitter.” Victor snarls at Nick. He snaps at Abby too for being so irresponsible and causing this whole mess. She looks like she’s about to cry as she watches him storm off. Noah approaches her right in the nick of time – he’s experienced with sound equipment and he can probably fix this. He goes to The Underground to get something to fix it and assures Abby he’ll be right back.

As Victor entertains the guests, he spots Sharon and Scott, who break the news that they’re dating. Victor certainly doesn’t approve of his new protégé dating the likes of Sharon, so when he speaks to Victoria shortly after, he suggests Scott would make a good match for her. “No, don’t even think about it,” Victoria snaps before she turns around and walks away. Backstage, a mysterious guest shows up looking for Nikki. It’s a woman living with MS, who gives her an MS Ribbon and tells her how much this concert inspires her to conquer her illness. Nikki is moved. Immediately, her demeanor changes from nervous to determined, embracing what she’s about to do. Noah and the new sound crew arrive to the venue. Yes! They’re getting the soundboard up and running and now the concert can commence. Abby tells her father that all Nick needed to do was switch out the soundboard, but no worries, because Noah did it and saved the day. Victor is sure to remember Nick’s “mistake.” The concert is back on and soon it’s time for Nikki to take the stage. She and Victor have a sweet moment, ending with Nikki giving him a kiss. It moves Victor to tears. Right before she goes on, her arm seizes up. Tessa wants to call Victor to cancel the concert, but Nikki stops her. When Nikki goes out, she freezes. Everyone sits in silence as they wait for her to play. You can literally hear crickets chirping. When she starts to play, the sound is magnificent, and the crowd is enamored. She finishes to thunderous applause. When she gets backstage, she collapses on a couch in absolute pain. Victor notices and realizes she’s having an MS flare-up. They have an honest conversation, and make up from the past hurt and angst in their marriage. Everyone is happy for Nikki, except for Nick who’s still harbouring anger towards his father for putting on this concert in the first place. Victor asks the new sound technician what happened with the soundboard earlier. She says someone spilled soda on it…..Victor starts to put the pieces together.

At the after-party, drama ensues from every direction. Abby and Victoria can’t stop picking on each other, and eventually Abby throws a drink in her half-sister’s face, causing her to fall and hit her head.  Mariah notices that Devon can’t take his eyes off of Hilary, and becomes insecure as they flirt openly. Ravi finds it odd that Dina seems confused, referring to Jack as Graham. But the drama really goes down in the parking lot.  Hilary and Howard have their cameras ready- they hide out and record the whole thing. As Nick approaches his car to leave, Victor slams his car door shut telling him that they have unfinished business. Victor knows how he sabotaged his mother’s concert, and delivers a swift blow to Nick’s face. The two get into a physical fight until Nikki comes down wondering what’s going on. Victor demands that Nick tell her what he did, so he does. Nikki is so disappointed. Victor announces that Nick is no longer his son, and goes back to join the party. Nick takes off too, leaving Nikki alone and near tears. Her family is so broken. Jack appears and she asks him to get her out of there. He takes her to the Abbott cabin, where Nikki finds comfort in his arms, and eventually kisses him.

At the motel, Chloe confesses to Kevin that Victor has been helping her this whole time – he was actually the one who arranged her release from the mental hospital. Also, she was the mystery woman in the security video. Kevin understands and soon gets hard at work to create a new identity for Chloe. He believes they can beat Victor. Once he gets all the fake documents together, he gets on one knee and “proposes” to Chloe again as a gesture, knowing that they can never be truly married.

Billy and Phyllis are alone at Victoria’s place. The kids really aren’t feeling her at first, but eventually they warm up to Billy’s new girl. When the kids fall asleep, Victoria comes in from the party to see Phyllis in her house. Awkward.

At Crimson Lights, a bunch of people gather for night cap. Hilary advises Devon to do damage control with Mariah who went home early because she was “tired.” Devon was flirting with Hilary all night, and it probably made Mariah upset. She’s right. Mariah breaks down in Tessa’s arms at Sharon’s place because she knows she’ll always come second to Hilary, Devon’s true love.

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