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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap August 7 – August 11

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap August 7 – August 11

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap August 7 – August 11


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

Ben Hochman’s not very good at keeping a secret. Poolside, Phyllis and Jack discuss Victoria’s little sleepover with the hunky billionaire, which gives them the perfect opportunity to get what they want. Jack already sent a bouquet of flowers to Victoria with Ben’s name on it to push the romance between the two, and Phyllis is practically salivating at the idea of getting Victoria out of the picture and Billy all to herself. Billy can’t help sticking his nose in Victoria’s business, clearly bothered that Ben sent her a bouquet of flowers after their date. Victoria is vague when describing her time with Ben, careful not to let on that she jumped him after such a short time. After dismissing Billy, she texts Ben to see him right away. Ben takes credit for the flowers he didn’t send, and asks Vic on another date. She agrees even though she led Billy to believe Ben didn’t have a chance. When she speaks to her mom about Benjamin, Victoria is hopeful – she felt safe with him on their last date, opening up about things she usually doesn’t talk about. Later, Jack tells Ben that he sent the flowers on his behalf and lures him into exploiting Victoria by getting inside information on Brash and Sassy. At first, Ben is opposed to it, but the business shark in him can’t resist the idea of getting possibly acquiring B&S and a nice paycheque from Jack. They shake on it. Poor Victoria – she never has luck in the love department. On their second date at The Underground, Victoria is peppy and adventurous. Ben is taken aback by her new attitude. Victoria even wants to dance! Ashley sees them together and eyes them, unimpressed. Recall that Ashley had once gone on a date with Benjamin, where he was so rude that she walked out. She pulls Victoria aside to give her a warning….Benjamin can be quite a jerk. Victoria calls her uptight and saunters off to join Ben again. The next day, Billy has a run-in with Hochman at the GCAC and gives him a hard time about being rejected by Victoria. Imagine his surprise when he hears that not only did they go on a second date, but Victoria told him personal details about their past relationship. Angry, Billy confronts Victoria about it, but Victoria calls him out for overreacting. He made his choice with Phyllis, now he needs to live with it.

After being cut off from the Newman accounts and turned down for his bids on properties for The Underground, Nick senses Victor’s making power moves in their feud, and promptly fires the Newman financial advisor from managing his money. Getting rid of Victor’s ties to his money must have worked because he gets a call that he just got their first location for their expansion of The Underground! Elsewhere, Victor speaks to the Newman financial advisor…Nick must know what he has planned for him. At Chelsea’s place, Nick tells her “it’s smooth sailing from here.” Based on Victor’s mood, it will be anything but. Nick finds this out the hard way when he comes home to an empty house. Victor’s kicking him off his property, effective immediately. Later, at Chelsea’s place, Nick proposes they move in together.

Devon walks up to Mariah and Tessa by the pool, confused as to why they’re holding hands. Also, why do they seem so nervous? Tessa admits the studio session she has later is freaking her out. With Neil, Devon confides that Mariah said ‘I love you,’ and it’s not something he’s ready to say back to her. Neil advises him to just be honest with her. Devon pulls Mariah aside to tell her the truth. He doesn’t love her yet, but he’s committed to her. Mariah thinks it’s sweet, and they kiss. Tessa soon gets an alarming phone call from Crystal, who we learn is her sister. She says she’s in big trouble and needs help before the line cuts out. It turns Tessa’s world upside-down. At the studio, Tessa is a nervous wreck, messing up her lyrics and constantly checking her phone. Noah gives her a pep talk to cheer her up, and it works. She finally gets the song right, but she still can’t stop thinking about her sister…

Sharon also gets a call from Crystal who sounds terrified. She’s in a dingy motel with a sleezy “client,” who’s clearly paying her for sex. After getting the address, Sharon comes to her aide, trying to persuade Crystal to leave with her. It’s too late – her pimp barges in the door demanding to know who Sharon is. Crystal covers by saying it’s the client’s wife who wants in on the fun. The pimp grabs Crystal and tells Sharon to get lost. Christine and Scott show up, and Christine is not happy to hear that Sharon went off on her own to rescue this girl. Now, she’s really overstepping the lines of her job description at the crisis hotline. Sharon goes home to tell Mariah and Tessa what went down, but the news hits Tessa the hardest when she hears Crystal’s name and realizes her sister is in this brutal sex ring. The next day, Tessa goes to Zach for help, wondering if he can use his contacts from his old life to help Crystal. Zach says he’s done with that life, but wishes her luck. He asks if she went to the police. She didn’t have to because they already know. When Tessa leaves, Zach calls a mysterious woman…”It’s time to take everything to the next level. You know what to do,” he says.

The day of the dating app launch, Abby squeals that the app is getting an unreal amount of downloads. Victor is proud of her. She asks Zach how he got so many people to sign up. Just some smart marketing, he says. The Newman execs have a photoshoot with Jordan, where Abby and Scott giggle and tease each other through the whole thing. Even Victor looks amused. Jordan comments on their chemistry, which is undeniable in the photos he took. Scott says they were just fooling around. After the shoot, Victor tells Abby he would like her to move in on the ranch where Nick used to live. She looks torn…moving into Nick’s place will surely cause tensions with the other Newmans.

At the Club, Ashley argues with Graham about Dina’s state of mind. Ashley is surprised to hear her magnate of a mother went to the local mall to spend the day. Graham is equally surprised to find out she bought a juicer. What for? Dina gets emotional as she tells him that maybe she misses having a home. In Jack’s office, Ashley shuts down Jack’s idea to hire their mother to keep her busy– she feels it would be disrespectful to their father’s company and legacy. Jack goes ahead and offers Dina a job anyway, which she’s excited to accept. Graham definitely doesn’t agree with her decision, insistent that this is Jack’s manipulative way of tearing them apart. Dina thinks he’s being ridiculous. Ashley excuses herself from these Dina talks, and turns her attention to Ravi. They’re going to take a trip to the Abbott cabin! We all know what tends to happens there…

It doesn’t take long for Dina to drive everyone insane on her first day. Dina snarks at Gloria about how exactly she takes her coffee. “I’m not serving her anything with a splash of anything…except for maybe arsenic,” Gloria hisses to Jack. Now, add Nikki to the mix and the Jabot floor has become a hotbed for drama. Dina, Ashley, Gloria and Nikki take turns sniping at one another. Dina makes it very clear she doesn’t approve of Nikki dating her son.

Abby arrives at Lily’s door, looking to catch up over wine. It’s just what Lily needed – they even have a few laughs. It gets serious when Lily breaks down over never getting the chance to carry Cane’s children, and now this random woman is taking her dream. (Recall that Lily’s twins were carried by a surrogate). At Crimson Lights, Zach approaches Cane about buying the car that Cane is selling to replace the kids’ tuition he used. He learns that Zach runs a company and gives him his card in the case he’s hiring. Lily calls Walgrove to inquire about an extension on the tuition and finds out that it was already paid by Cane.

After having a civil talk with Cane, Juliet gushes to Hilary about their mending relationship. Hilary scoffs…is she really stupid enough to think she and Cane could be together? Later at the pool, Juliet accidentally sits down beside Lily and politely tells her she’ll move. Before she leaves, she blurts out that Cane was “affected” by the ultrasound photo he saw, and she knows he moved out. Charlie goes to check on his mom after seeing the tense conversation. He assures her not to worry…he and Mattie want nothing to do with her baby. Meanwhile, Mattie’s at home in an intense makeout session with Victoria’s son Reed. Cane walks in to see his daughter kissing the son of the woman who’s making his life a living hell.

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