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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap August 21 – August 25

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap August 21 – August 25

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap August 21 – August 25


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

Victor broods alone at the ranch, thinking about the family members that are no longer in his life. It’s clear that loneliness is creeping in now as he thinks of his granddaughter Faith. At Chelsea’s place, Nick drops the bomb that he was hoping Faith would move in with them after she returns from camp. At first, Chelsea is against the idea because Faith isn’t a fan of hers, but of course, she can’t say no.

Afraid that Nick will turn Faith against him, Victor travels to Faith’s summer camp and speaks to her himself. But, Faith is confused…why come all this way if she’s coming home tomorrow? Victor insists he wants to spend time with her, but also gives her a friendly warning that things have changed at home. She’s sad and disappointed to hear that her dad moved in with Chelsea without telling her. Victor hints that it would be nice if she visited him from time to time. When Faith comes home, she gives her dad the cold shoulder, and pretends Victor didn’t fill her in when her parents break the news to her. When she gets to Chelsea’s place, she’s all attitude with Chelsea and Nick, demanding that to go see her grandfather. Chelsea takes her side until Nick agrees. At the ranch, Victor listens to Faith vent about her new life, but Victor encourages her to get along with everyone. Later, Faith apologizes for being a brat and agrees to go back to Chelsea’s. Alone, Sharon assures Nick she won’t be introducing her to Scott just yet, worried it will all be too much. Meanwhile, Chelsea is venting with Jordan- she feels like the villain now, and had never thought their move-in would be like this. But, she insists she still has no regrets.

Jordan goes to Hilary’s door and finds her in a sexy mood. She tries to seduce him into bed by flirting and stripping for him. She even offers to do another nude shoot for him, but he’s not into it. He breaks up with her, admitting that things haven’t been right between them, and leaves her there half-naked. But, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Hilary is no different. She spits fire at him, warning him that she won’t be there when Lily breaks his heart.

Cane and Juliet talk at the GCAC about the health of their baby. Juliet just found out that the baby has the gene for Cystic Fibrosis, which means that both her and Cane have the gene as well. Cane will need to do a blood test as soon as possible. Cane’s care for their child brings a sly smile to Juliet’s face as she sees he’s becoming more committed. Lily walks in as Cane pulls Juliet in for a hug to comfort her. Surprisingly, Cane and Lily have a civil conversation when Juliet leaves. A bitter Hilary notices from afar and tries to stir the pot when she gets Cane alone by telling him how close Lily and Jordan are getting. Cane doesn’t take the bait, and can tell right away that Jordan must have broken up with her. After Cane, Hilary sets her sights on Devon, who she spots at the GCAC. They sit down and talk, and she intentionally brings up the special times they had. Devon agrees, they did share something special.

Well, Hilary was right about Jordan and Lily- they are getting closer, and soon they’re going on the road together for Brash & Sassy. Charlie shows up to his house, surprised to see Jordan there with his mom. Charlie, Mattie, Lily, and Jordan sit down for dinner as they get to know Lily’s new friend. They actually look like a happy family, laughing and enjoying a meal together. Cane notices when he walks in, and leaves before they can even notice he was there.

At the GCPD, Sharon overhears a conversation between a police officer and two girls who are scandalously dressed. They refuse to make use their phone call because they’re not supposed to be talking to anyone. A shady-looking man comes to post their bail, and Sharon sneaks a pic from her phone. She even follows them out of the police station, snapping pics of the car as they drive off.

Tessa’s going crazy at Sharon’s house worrying about her sister when she gets a text from her telling her that she’s at the Day & Night hotel, and needs help. Tessa doesn’t hesitate to go to the hotel and rescue her sister, leaving Mariah worried when she can’t find her at Sharon’s. At the hotel, Tessa comes face-to-face with a sinister man who seems to be Crystal’s pimp. Tessa is brave in the face of this man, demanding to know where her sister is. The man lets Tessa video call her, and on the call, Crystal assures Tessa everything is okay and to stop looking for her. The man tells Tessa to get lost and forget Crystal even exists. At The Underground, Tessa joins her friends who have been looking for her, but an intuitive Mariah can tell that something’s not right.

As Abby and Dina catch up over a meal, Abby gets the courage to ask a personal question. She wants to know why Dina left John Abbott and the rest of the family. Meanwhile, Jack and Ashley talk about their childhood in Jack’s office, and Jack flashes back to a time when he overheard his parents fighting. John had found out that Dina cheated with Brent Davis, and Dina confessed that she wanted more out of life. Abby also questions Victor about Brent Davis, coming dangerously close to finding out that Brent is her real grandfather, not John Abbot. Meanwhile, at Jabot, Ravi overhears an intense conversation between Dina and Ashley. Ashley is saying that Abby can never know who Ashley’s real father is. When Ravi asks her about the conversation, Ashley lets him know that while he’s a good friend, some things are private.

Phyllis quizzes Billy about how exactly he plans on “punishing” Jack, like he promised to do. But, Billy keeps his plans a secret from Phyllis, saying only that he wasn’t being serious when he said that. In reality, Billy very much wants to get back at Jack, and he wants to use Dina to do it. When Billy sees Dina, he charms her by offering her a ride to the Jabot offices. As Dina gets her purse from her room, Billy takes a photo of her computer password that’s lying openly on her desk. After a few failed attempts to gain access to Jabot’s network, Billy opens up to Victoria about his sneaky plans. She approves and suggests that he use Phyllis’s Jabot laptop to get access. She thanks him for going the extra mile for her, and the two hug as we come to the realization that Billy is willing to double-cross Phyllis for Victoria’s benefit. At Phyllis’s place, Billy runs the shower as he sneaks out to the living room to get into Phyllis’s laptop.

Jack summons Lauren to his office to make a proposition. He has a new line of cosmetics that he would like to test out in Fenmore’s stores. The only catch is that he would like them to replace Brash & Sassy’s shelf space. Lauren chuckles at the idea. If he wants to test out his new products, they’ll have to compete with Brash & Sassy – only then will he see if the products perform. Victoria comes in to speak to Jack later, wondering if the two can become civil competitors for once. They shake on it as Dina smiles at their newfound comradery. Only Victoria knows that at that moment, Billy is at home hacking into Jabot’s network using Dina’s credentials.

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