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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap August 14 – August 18

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap August 14 – August 18

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Recap August 14 – August 18



What you missed on The Young and the Restless

Cane looks disapprovingly at her daughter making out with Victoria’s son before he cuts in by slamming the house door. Reed takes his cue and leaves in a hurry. Cane makes sure his daughter knows he doesn’t want “that boy” in the house, and by the sounds of it, he doesn’t want her around him period. Mattie throws all of his bad choices back at him, clearly having no intention of listening to him. Reed goes to Billy for advice on easing the tensions with Mattie’s father, but Billy tells him it will blow over. Reed reminds him that things did not “blow over” with him and Victor. Good point. Meanwhile, Cane introduces himself to Benjamin Hochman at the Club, and it doesn’t take long for him to offer his “services” to take down Brash & Sassy. Later, Cane observes Ben kiss Victoria’s hand when he sees her. As Ben tries to wine and dine Victoria, she gets a call from Billy who wants to know how she’s doing with securing a loan for B&S. She says she’s handling it. He gets frustrated when he hears Hochman’s voice in the background, which amuses Victor when he walks into the B&S office. Billy tells him about Victoria’s potential bad decision partnering with Hochman, and how much trouble the company is in. Oddly, the two team up to find Victoria to talk her out of it. Victor has no problem lending her money if she needs it. When they arrive, she’s mulling over the terms of their loan agreement, which seems to be pretty one-sided. One thing’s for sure – she’s not borrowing money from her father. She’ll have to think about Ben’s offer though. Back at the B&S office, Jack knocks on the door. He announces smugly that he’s raising their rent. Victoria needs a loan ASAP.

Dina seems to be getting along well at Jabot now that she’s in charge of Special Projects. She’s already finished half of her first assignment, which she hands over to Jack. But, Jack notices something strange about Dina’s work….it’s riddled with mistakes. How on earth did she run Mergeron with calculations like this? Gloria takes note, and promptly gives Graham a call to tell him that Dina’s not on her A-game. She makes sure to emphasize that he owes her for the intel. Dina bumps into Billy in the hallway and the two have a lovely exchange. She’s charmed as Billy gives her a tour of Brash & Sassy, and later praises his name in Jack’s office. The idea of his mother taking kindly to Billy makes Jack turn red in the face. Right before he’s about to tell her about the mistakes in her report, Dina brings it up and gives him a corrected version. She doesn’t tell him that Graham tipped her off about it, or that he corrected them for her.

After months of built-up tension, Ashley and Ravi finally give into temptation at the Abbott cabin. The next day, Ravi asks if Ashley regrets it, but she assures him that she doesn’t. At work, it will be business as usual.

Ben takes his interview with Cane in his GCAC suite, where he’s intrigued enough to take Cane’s number. Cane writes it on a piece of paper. Victoria comes in later to hand him the signed loan agreement when she sees Cane’s handwriting. What’s going on here? She storms out and yells at him for using her. Hilary emerges from the shadows with cellphone in hand, recording the whole thing. She watches as they hurl insults at each other about Victoria’s failing company and their performance in bed. Yes, ratings gold! Hilary hurries over to GC Buzz with the breaking news.

Victoria continues to vent in Neil’s HWG office, which persuades Neil to offer her the loan she needs. His only request is that Lily gets to go back to work on the Dare campaign. Done. She signs away.

Hilary goes on air with her dirt on Victoria as Genoa City watches. Victoria can’t believe what she’s watching – she’s so embarrassed. Meanwhile, Cane is somewhere smirking. Victoria marches over to Hilary’s office to give her hell for it, but Hilary defends her decision. Also, now that the internet has a hold of it, she can’t take it down. Victoria warns that Hilary doesn’t want to make an enemy out of her, which Hilary actually takes to heart. Later, Mariah notices Hilary looking down, and finds out she truly didn’t think the segment would upset Victoria so much.

Victoria feels it’s time to see a doctor about her dizzy spells after experiencing them multiple times since she last visited his office. He runs some tests and tells her he can’t tell her when she’ll stop experiencing these symptoms, but urges her to take it easy on the stress. From there, she calls Cane in to her office and thanks him for leaving his number with Ben. Because of that note, it saved her from making a huge mistake. In Jack’s office, Billy presents the money for the rent and later tells Phyllis he’s done paying for his sins from the affair. It’s his turn to punish Jack.

At Lily’s house, Jordan tries to persuade her to come to New York with him to find modelling work. She turns it down because of her kids, but wonders what will happen with him and Hilary when he leaves, mentioning that he’s too good for her. Jordan can’t pass up this opportunity, so he pulls her in for a kiss. After their kiss, Lily thinks it was a mistake – she’s still married! Jordan admits he’s been thinking about kissing her for a while. Soon, they get called into the B&S office. They’re going to be working on the Dare campaign again! What a relief for Lily.

Mariah moves into Sharon’s place, which is kind of awkward for her considering they’re both crushing on each other. Eventually, Tessa opens up about what’s going on with her, telling Mariah about her sister. She cries thinking about the fact that she couldn’t protect her. Her plan was to make enough money to get her away from their awful family. Sharon and Scott get to work trying to get Crystal out of the sex ring…unofficially, of course. Christine still thinks they should let the police do their job. Scott pretends to be a client and calls up a massage ad. When he meets with a girl, he questions her about Crystal. The girl only speaks Russian, and conveniently, Scott does too. He finds out Crystal was a ‘bad girl’ and she’s being punished by the woman in charge, but she’s not being hurt. Sharon comes home and rants about how shameful it is that Crystal’s family and friends couldn’t look out for her. Tessa looks hurt.

Abby makes the decision to move into Nick’s house after getting Nick’s blessing. Nikki is shocked when she goes to visit Nick and sees Abby unpacking there. How could Victor go this far? Meanwhile, Chelsea and Nick are moving in together and they’re already hitting some rough patches. After Chelsea goes off on Nick for moving one of Connor’s drawings, it’s clear that this is going to take some getting used to. As Zach helps Abby move into her new place, she overhears one of his phone calls. He turned down an interview with a huge blogger, and when she asks about it, he says that he’s just being cautious. Strange behavior, but Abby looks past it.

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