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The Young and the Restless Recap: May 8 – May 12 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: May 8 – May 12 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: May 8 – May 12 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11175


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

At Chelsea’s Penthouse, two old friends reunite. Jordan and Chelsea are happy to see each other, and take the opportunity to get their stories straight. They’re going to tell everyone that they met in the fashion industry, and they’ll keep it a secret that they know each other from their past shady ways. She needs a favour from him – can he get in touch with his old contacts who makes fake passports? She thinks they can lead her to the person who’s helping Chloe. He doesn’t want to, but eventually agrees. When he leaves, Nick arrives. Chelsea goes off about Chloe and her plans to track her down. Nick isn’t eager to help her out, but it makes Chelsea wonder why….what is he hiding?

It’s a full-on catfight at GC Buzz, as Mariah and Hilary tear at each other’s hair and clothes until they eventually get tired and Hilary drags herself out of there. She goes straight to Devon’s place, where she yells at him for letting Mariah wear her clothes. On her way out the door, she brags about all the great sex she’s having with Jordan, then turns around to see Jordan standing there with a disappointed look on his face. It’s obvious that she’s trying to make Devon jealous and can’t let go of their past relationship. Hilary tries to apologize, and even tries to seduce him into forgiveness. “I’m not as dumb as you think I am,” he says as he walks off.

Devon shows up to Sharon’s door, ready to take Mariah out. This is the first time he and Sharon have been able to talk about the relationship between him and Mariah, so they chat about his past with Hilary and she assures him that Mariah is different. Meanwhile, Neil and Michael are questioning Dina’s terms regarding the sale of Mergeron, and message Devon to come over right away. Devon brings Mariah, who insists on staying as they talk things out. They debate Dina’s unpredictable nature and Michael points out that he doesn’t think she’ll take a backseat once the sale is final. Neil and Devon think she won’t have any real control when it’s all said and done.

Later on, Hilary and Jordan have a heart-to-heart. She admits the divorce has been hard which is why she’s been acting out and even admits to sneaking into Devon’s apartment. Jordan is pleased to hear some honesty for once, and they make up. He invites her to come on his trip to LA with the Brash and Sassy team, which she can use to network for GC Buzz. She excitedly agrees. Mariah gets excited too, but Hilary shuts her down. Mariah’s not invited.

At Newman, Abby sits across from Scott and harshly lays down the law for the new employee. Everything he does at Newman goes through her first. Scott gets up and barks at her that he doesn’t work for her, putting her squarely in her place. “I’ve seen working conditions that would make the blond jump off your head,” he says as he leers at her. Abby has no comeback, so he walks out. Soon, Ashley finds out that Victor hired a babysitter for Abby and goes to see him about it. Victor gets Scott to reassure her, and Ashley is pleased with what he has to say, but warns Scott that he’ll have to answer to her if he’s up to anything. When Abby hears about her helicopter parenting, she gets angry with her mother for making her look weak, but then backs down when she realizes she’s lucky to even have a mom who cares, unlike Ashley. Abby becomes curious and calls Madam Mergeron about the sale of her company. Dina perks up when she hears that Victor Newman is interested, and then coldly laughs at the attempt before hanging up. Abby soon finds out that Devon was the successful bidder, and goes over to his place to talk to him. She asks about her grandmother and whether or not Dina asked about her family….Devon apologetically tells her she didn’t and that she’s a pretty harsh person. Meanwhile, Ashley walks into her house to see her mother Dina standing there.

At the office, Billy pitches an out-of-the-box idea to Victoria – why don’t they shoot some TV ads for their new campaign in Los Angeles? Victoria’s all for the idea and gives him the green light. Lily chirps excitedly about the trip, but Cane isn’t feeling it, explaining that he can’t believe Billy’s still around. Victoria runs into Phyllis at the elevator and they trade polite, underhanded insults at each other. Victoria gets the last word when she says she’ll be going on a trip with Billy in sunny LA.

When Victoria comes home to see Billy hanging out with the kids, she proposes they extend their LA trip to take the kids on a vacation. Billy focuses on work and says they won’t have time for all that, but Victoria goes ahead and books the trip anyways behind his back. At the office, Billy speeds up the timeline on their trip- the commercial director had to change her schedule so they need to leave right away. Looks like the Brash and Sassy team are heading out sooner than expected…

Scott visits Sharon at her place, and catches her up on his new job at Newman. She’s understands why he’s not excited about it, and encourages him to be the free spirit that he is. It’s just what he wants to hear, and he leans in to kiss her. She interrupts the kiss to tell him that she’s not actually divorced yet, but he likes that they’re taking things slow.

After realizing that Tessa is homeless, Nikki surprises her by asking her to move into the Ranch. Victor walks in with a dark look on his face. “You’re inviting this woman to live in my house?” Nikki shoots back that he can’t control what she does. He says he’ll let her continue her charade a bit longer. Tessa is amazed at her new digs and says it’s like living in a dream.

At The Underground, Tessa gets ready to perform with Reed. As they perform, someone heckles them, complaining about their boring, slow song. The guy drunkenly approaches Tessa after the performance and starts to touch her. She attacks him with ease – she’s clearly used to protecting herself. Noah comes up to them and threatens that he’ll call the police, but he also takes note that Tessa barely needed his help – she destroyed the guy. Noah goes to Nikki’s place looking for Tessa and tells Nikki about the attack. Nikki becomes pensive as Noah tells her that Tessa fought the guy off by herself. When they’re alone, Nikki tells Tessa she knows that she was living out of her car, which sets Tessa off. Is that why she’s been so nice to her? She’s not interested in her handouts, and it’s time for her to leave the Ranch. Nikki goes after her, and talks her out of leaving. Tessa doesn’t believe people do nice things for no reason.

The team arrives in LA, ready to get to work. Lily jumps up and down excitedly when she sees her Dare billboard from the rooftop of the hotel. Cane proposes that he lead the behind-the-scenes footage, which Victoria agrees to. He soon finds a cameraman who will do the job, but he requests that instead of focusing on the shoot, the cameraman shadows Billy for the duration of the trip. When Billy gets on the phone with Phyllis, Victoria sneaks up behind him tells him that she got them a table with a great view. Of course, she knew Phyllis was listening…and Phyllis heard her loud and clear.

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