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The Young and the Restless Recap: May 29 – June 2 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: May 29 – June 2 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: May 29 – June 2 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11187


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

Last week ended with Victor’s dark conversation with Dr. Harris, giving him the go-ahead to use the “nuclear option” on Chloe now that Nick and Chelsea suspect he’s hiding her. Chloe overhears Dr. Harris on the phone and starts to think of a plan. She pretends to knock something over, and when he goes to reach for it, Chloe raises a pair of scissors above his head. She breaks down in tears, unable to follow through, and soon her whimpering gives her away. The doctor whips around to see what she was about to do, as Chloe tearfully apologizes. Dr. Harris gets a call from Nick to come over and talk to him. In the meantime, Chelsea sneaks over to his house to look for Chloe, who she’s certain is hiding out there. As she creeps around the house, she gasps when she sees Chloe’s body lifeless on the floor, surrounded by pills. She screams for Chloe to wake up as she shakes her body, then calls Nick to tell him what happened. When the doctor arrives back at his house, he pronounces her dead and calls the authorities. He and Chelsea play the blame game as to who’s at fault, but the doctor has some good points. If Nick hadn’t lured him out of his house, he would have been able to watch her. Chelsea starts to unravel, and blames herself for her death. Meanwhile, Nick calls his father to threaten that he’s not afraid to tell Chelsea about his involvement in all of this.

With a heavy heart, Chelsea breaks the news to Kevin who immediately blames Chelsea and Nick for hunting her down. If she wasn’t so scared, she wouldn’t have killed herself! Kevin is devastated, falling into the arms of his mother who holds him in a tight embrace.

On the day of the funeral, Kevin walks up to Chloe’s casket and remembers the good times with her. Friends and family arrive to pay their respects – even Gloria and Esther put on a peaceful act for Kevin’s sake. As Father Todd speaks, Chelsea and Nick walk in, which changes the energy of the whole room. Kevin furiously approaches them – why are they here? They’re the ones who killed Chloe!

Abby’s secret is weighing on her, and she’s decided it’s time to come clean to Victor about what she’s doing behind his back. She admits to him that she launched the startup incubator even though he didn’t want her to, and stole funds from the company to do it. Victor surprises her by saying that he’s impressed by all of this, and wants to support her vision. However, she left out the important fact that she partnered with Victor’s rival, Jack Abbott. Kevin barges into Victor’s office in a frenzy, begging him to tell him everything about Chloe’s death. Victor urges him to let it go for the sake of Bella and assures him that the doctor looking after Chloe was a good man. Scott observes, and thinks Victor’s words are unusually kind.

After hearing the news about Chloe, Billy realizes just how short life can be, and asks Phyllis to move in with him. Of course, she says yes. He still feels bad about Juliet getting fired, so he sits down with her at the coffee house to give his regards. Juliet has no hard feelings for anyone at Brash and Sassy. Actually, she’s going to make her own luck from here on out. Imagine Billy’s confusion when Victoria gets a knock at her office door. She’s been served. Juliet’s suing them for sexual harassment…

Ashley takes Ravi’s advice and makes a gesture to make peace with her mother. She organizes a dinner at her house and invites Dina, Abby, Jack, and Traci. At first, it’s awkward, but soon they get the ball rolling, and even have a moment of laughter. Afterwards, in an out-of-character moment, Dina starts to sing a song that she used to sing to them as children. Jack joins in, but Ashley and Traci have no recollection of this song. When everyone leaves, Traci opens up to Ashley about her concerns for Dina – there’s something very off about their mother. Ashley starts to wonder what the deal is with Graham – who is he, and why is he always around Dina? At the Club, she asks him these questions very bluntly. He says he’s her protector and advisor in both business and personal matters. Back in Dina’s room, Graham tells Dina they’re leaving right now – they never planned to stay in Genoa City this long. Dina protests that she was hoping to stay a while longer. Graham aggressively grabs Dina by the arm…they’re leaving NOW! As Ashley walks by the room, she hears yelling. She goes inside to find out what’s going on, but Dina and Graham say everything is fine.

Phyllis walks up to Dina at the Club, and introduces herself….but Dina knows very well who she is. Phyllis says being married to Jack were some of the happiest days of her life. Oh? Dina wonders, if that’s the case, then why did she cheat on him with his brother? It doesn’t take long for Dina to put Phyllis squarely in her place.

Devon and Neil present their Mergeron board candidates to Dina, but she’s not at all impressed that they didn’t choose her close colleagues. Neil points out that she needs to trust them to make the right decisions now that they own Mergeron. Later, Devon congratulates Hilary on her successful interview with Julie Chen, but somehow Hilary turns their conversation to him and Mariah hooking up on his Penthouse stairs. Wait, how did she know that? Hilary tries to cover by saying Mariah told her, but Devon puts things together…she must have been in the condo that night. She breaks, and admits that she was there. Devon seems to accept her explanation, and in the end, they both wish each other the best in their new relationships. It’s easy to see, that they’re lying through their teeth.

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