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The Young and the Restless Recap: May 22 – May 26 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: May 22 – May 26 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: May 22 – May 26 *Spoiler Alert*


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

Billy walks into the Brash office defeated – not only is his job on the line, but the commercial they made is probably all for nothing. Juliet doesn’t look too good either. It’s killing them not knowing what’s going on in Toronto with Victoria and the hockey league. Alone, Cane reassures Juliet that none of this is her fault and that Billy’s the one to blame. She wishes they could turn things around like in Tokyo, and soon they remember their secret. Hilary approaches the door to find Billy, but instead hears Cane and Juliet talk about their “mistake” in Tokyo. She can’t believe it….her hunch was right. Hilary messages Juliet to meet at her office at GC Buzz. When Juliet arrives, Hilary grills her about her night in Tokyo with Cane. “I cannot believe that you spent the night with him in Tokyo,” she says. Juliet caves – they only had sex one time and it just “happened” after a few drinks. Hilary tries to persuade her to share her story on air, but Juliet warns that Lily can never find out. Hilary could care less – she’s been recording Juliet’s confession this whole time, and immediately puts it on a flash drive with intentions of hand-delivering it to Lily that night. Frantic, Juliet meets with Cane to tell him what happened. Cane blows up, but Juliet talks him down, saying Hilary won’t ruin her lifestyle brand with this kind of gossip. Cane agrees- the stakes are too high for her.

Victoria arrives the next day to deliver the verdict from the hockey league. The deal is still in place, but they demanded the commercial doesn’t go to air, and she fire the person responsible for the embarrassing footage ending up on GC Buzz. Billy tries to hand in his resignation, but Victoria turns it down and fires Juliet instead. Devastated, Juliet goes to the Club’s bar to drown her sorrows away, and soon after, Hilary approaches. After hearing the news, Hilary says drinks are on her, and reminds Juliet that she has more power in this situation than she knows….

Lily’s pretty bummed that the commercial got scrapped, but she tells Cane that she has options now that she’s met with an agent out in LA. Cane is surprised – he had no idea acting was a goal of hers, and encourages her to pursue it. That night, Hilary knocks on the door with a surprise for her. She hands her the flash drive with Juliet’s confession on it, knowing that Lily thinks it’s the commercial footage she requested from Mariah earlier. As Lily kicks her out, Hilary warns her to learn a lesson from LA, and screen the video first before sending it off to her agent. Later, the Ashby family gather in the living room to catch up, and just like the rest of us, Lily wonders when the twins grew up so quickly. She also tells Cane about the flashdrive she got from Hilary. Immediately, he suspects there’s something incriminating on it because Hilary found out he cheated on Lily earlier that day. At work, Cane gets word from Victoria that the league wants every trace of the commercial deleted, so Cane zooms over to his house to destroy that flashdrive, now that he has a reason to do it. Lily’s disappointed because she wanted to watch it, but Cane insists he has to destroy it and smashes it to the ground to get rid of it for good.

Chelsea’s still on her mission to find Chloe and bring her to justice for killing her husband. She travels to the facility in Louisiana where she found out Chloe was moved to. Just as she’s bribing an employee there, Nick appears. He’s joining her mission. A girl at the facility tips them off that Dr. Harris was taking care of Chloe while she was there. Perfect- it’s there next clue. They show up to Dr. Harris’s door and ask him for help finding Chloe using Chelsea’s fake sob story about being Chloe’s sister. The doctor is sympathetic, especially when finds out Chloe murdered a man, but he doesn’t know anything. Afterwards, the doctor gets on the phone with Victor, who makes sure his name is kept out of all this, and that Chloe stays hidden. Chloe comes out from a room in the doctor’s house and starts freaking out about the familiar voices she heard. The doctor assures her those people are gone now. He encourages her to draw to keep her mind off of her worries. Outside, Chelsea’s unsatisfied and decides to go back inside to ask more questions. As the doctor tries to usher them out of the house, Chelsea spots a drawing….it’s a drawing of Chloe’s wedding dress. They leave, but now Chelsea is sure that Chloe is inside. The doctor speaks with Victor again on the phone about Nick and Chelsea’s growing suspicions…”I’ll take care of her,” he says as Chloe listens.

Noah can tell there’s something wrong with Tessa, and pushes her to tell him what’s bothering her. Eventually, she breaks and tells him she saw a guy at the coffee house recently who she used to know. He was nice at first, and now he’s not. That’s about all she’ll say on that subject, but she also gives him notice that she’ll be leaving Genoa City. It’s pretty disappointing for Noah who wants to pursue things further with her, so when Devon approaches Tessa later to sign her to his new streaming service, he couldn’t be happier.

At the coffee house, Zoey gushes excitedly to Kendall about this cute new guy she’s talking to. Kendall asks, “What about Reed?” Zoey explains to her that Reed is just a casual thing. When Reed comes in, he sees her making out with the new guy (who turns out to be Lily’s son Charlie) and pushes him off of her. They get into an argument, but eventually Reed decides that he can have her, and walks off. Later, he returns to the coffee house and bumps into Maddie, Lily’s daughter. They chat nervously until Reed offers to buy her a coffee. He soon finds out that Maddie is a keener who keeps her head in the books. She also goes to Walnut Grove, which is why he hasn’t seen her around.

Abby shows up at Dina’s doorstep, surprised to get her message to meet. Dina wants to get to know her granddaughter and change the idea she might have of her. Abby asks, if that’s the case, how come she waited so long to do it? Dina says she was afraid of Ashley, and that she was selfish. Dina reaches for Abby’s hand, but Abby pulls away, thinking all of this is too little too late. After some cajoling, Dina gets in Abby’s good graces, and they hug it out.

Ravi walks into Ashley’s office and can tell something’s wrong with her. “Can you create an app to make my mother disappear?” Ashley asks. Soon, Dina appears at her door and it doesn’t take her long to start bragging about meeting Abby. Ravi leaves to give them some privacy. That’s when Dina brings up that her and Ashley actually have something in common – they both lied to their children about the paternity of their fathers. That lights a fire in Ashley, who starts to scream “Get her out of here!” Jack comes in and wonders what’s going on as Ashley storms out. She goes to Ravi’s office to vent. He advises that instead of being angry, she should kill Dina with kindness, which will release the anger that’s giving Dina the upperhand.

Jack and Nikki catch up, and she tells him about the benefit concert she’s being forced into. She feels she has to admit that she’s been having marital issues with Victor. Instead of gloating, Jack tells her he loves her and promises he won’t tell anyone about it because she’s like family to him. Phyllis watches as they hug goodbye. When she sees Victor with Scott on a patio,  she walks up to their table and bluntly tells him she just saw his wife in the arms of another man.

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