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The Young and the Restless Recap: May 15 – May 19 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: May 15 – May 19 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: May 15 – May 19 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11177


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

Ashley stands in her home face-to-face with Dina Mergeron. Dina is friendly, prying into her daughter’s dating life like any mother would, but Dina is no ordinary mother. To Ashley, she’s a monster, and she doesn’t make it a secret that she’d like her to leave right away. Ashley coldly reminds her that she didn’t bother showing up when her father John died, so Dina takes her cue and leaves.

At the Club, Gloria unknowingly takes a seat at the bar beside Graham and Dina. Jack walks in, stunned to see his mother there. Gloria perks up when she realizes what’s going on. Jack doesn’t know what to make of the surprise, but accepts Dina’s hug when she opens her arms to him. Dina expresses that she’d like to spend time with him, but when Jack proposes they do it right now, she says she’s tired and will resume their conversation tomorrow. When Gloria tries to introduce herself, Dina leaves her hanging – she’s well aware that Gloria is John Abbott’s ex-wife. When everyone leaves, Jack sits at the bar, lost in thought about his mother’s unexpected appearance. Dina organizes a breakfast for her and Jack in her room, but Jack doesn’t want to eat – he has questions. He confronts Dina about his empty childhood, selling Mergeron without telling them, and her sudden desire to reconnect.

Ashley and Jack tune in to the GC Buzz interview with Dina and Devon. Dina makes a plea to her children by talking about repairing relationships. Ashley is not impressed, but Jack decides he’s going to be civil with her. Ashley can waste her time and energy hating her, but he won’t be doing that.

Phyllis can’t sit around in Genoa City any longer knowing that Victoria is making moves on her man in L.A., so she travels there and sneaks into Billy’s hotel room. When Billy gets back to his room, he sees Phyllis waiting there to seduce him. The next day, the shoot gets underway, and just as instructed, Cane’s hired cameraman follows Billy’s every move for the behind-the-scenes footage. He catches Billy in a conversation with the hockey players, making bets on their game. It’s just what Cane needs….

On the hotel’s rooftop, Hilary spots her idol Julie Chen prepping for her show. Hilary, ever the go-getter, walks up to her and attempts to get her on GC Buzz. Julie declines due to her schedule, but can sense Hilary’s disappointment, so she invites her to her show ‘The Talk.’ Hilary lurks on-set when the show ends, and sneaks up on Julie again to beg for an interview. Julie seems to admire her determination and gives her 5 minutes. (PS: You can watch new episodes of ‘The Talk’ here!)

Afterwards, Victoria makes a deal with Hilary. She can have the behind-the-scenes footage from the commercial if she does an interview with Lily. Hilary can’t bring herself to agree, so her producer does it for her. Lily is the last person she wants to interview. Juliet hurries to get approval from the league to air the BTS footage and grabs Lily for the interview. When they air the footage, everyone sees Billy gambling on-set with the hockey players. Not a good look. Victoria is furious when the hockey league calls and cancels their partnership, and she wants to talk to the cameraman ASAP. But, when he shows up, he covers for Cane. Of course, that protection came with a hefty price tag. Billy decides to go to Toronto right away and fix things with the league., but before he takes off, Victoria bangs on Billy’s hotel room door and gives him a piece of her mind one last time. On her way out, she calls to Phyllis. “You can come out now, Phyllis.” Phyllis comes out of the room where she was hiding. Caught…again.

Scott shows up to Newman in a new suit, ready and willing to do Victor’s bidding. But, when it comes to finding dirt on Abby, he comes up short. “I smell a rat!” Victor says. Get to the bottom of it. Soon, Chelsea appears so she can question Victor about the passports he once gave her and Adam. Maybe the same person who made them, made passports for Chloe too. Victor fakes his effort to find out for her, and soon tells Chelsea his guy had nothing to do with Chloe. Chelsea turns to Scott, who tells her he thinks someone helped Chloe get out of the mental facility when she was released. Chelsea plots her next move. She goes to the facility where Chloe used to stay, and bribes the facility’s director to give up inside information. The woman hints that Chloe was taken to another high-security facility in Louisiana.

Victor isn’t pleased that Chelsea is still on this witch hunt for Chloe, and he demands to know from Nick why he hasn’t made her stop. Nick finds himself in a tough spot and ends up taking Sharon’s advice to make things right with Chelsea. Nick visits Chelsea to apologize, and goes against his father by telling her she should do everything in her power to find Chloe. He later lies to Victor, and says Chelsea ended her search. Victor moves on to the next person he’d like to manipulate – his wife Nikki. He orders Scott to organize a concert where Nikki will perform to raise funds for MS research. When Nikki hears about it, she’s upset because she can’t say no. He says that’s not the only reason why she can’t say no…“No one will ever love you as I do,” he says before leaving.

Meanwhile, Abby is scheming with her Uncle Jack. She acquired her first company for their start up incubator! She meets with Zack, the founder of the dating app company she’s taking on, and hands him the keys to his new office. Tessa spots Zack at Crimson Lights and gets on the phone with someone. She sounds scared to death. “It’s him,” she says. He didn’t see her, and she wants to keep it that way.

Scott and Sharon have been getting closer, so he opens up to her about the double life he used to lead. He once took an intel assignment where he had to investigate a couple. He fell in love with the woman, and couldn’t bring himself to incriminate her with the evidence he found, so he protected her. When the chance came to escape to the Middle East on assignment, he took it. Sharon thinks he’s brave. Maybe, but not brave enough….earlier he turned down a sex trafficking assignment from Christine at the GCPD.

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