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The Young and the Restless Recap: March 27 – March 31 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: March 27 – March 31 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: March 27 – March 31 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11143


What you missed on The Young and the Restless…

Nick’s eagerness to find Adam’s killer has him calling up his Newman connections for a favour. He finds out that Chloe’s cell phone pinged on a phone tower only half a mile away from the cabin the night of the explosion. Chelsea doesn’t believe any of this and begs him to stop. She’s angry and defensive, insisting that if they go to Paul, Kevin will find out about all of this. Nick says he’ll stop investigating for her sake, but a dark look crosses his face as he gets in the elevator to leave. The next day, Nick goes to Chelsea’s studio to apologize, but deep down he knows he can’t. When he leaves, he snoops around Chloe’s car and places a tracking device on it. As Chloe and Chelsea work together at her studio, Chelsea expresses how happy she is that they cleared the air about the tracking device they found in Connor’s toy. She asks if there’s anything else Chloe would like to share about the night of Adam’s death. Chloe says no. Chelsea can’t hold back her disbelief and blurts out that they found out her cell phone was half a mile from the cabin that night. Chloe turns it around on her – who gave her that info? Are they credible? Does Chelsea not trust her? Chelsea backtracks and starts apologizing. Later, Chloe takes her backpack with the tranquilizer gun and throws it in a dumpster. When she leaves, Nick sneaks up and retrieves the bag.

Kevin and Chloe meet their mothers at the coffeehouse to tell them the news. Esther is ecstatic. Gloria, not so much. Esther suggests the Chancellor mansion for the wedding, and Kevin and Chloe agree that it’s a great idea. When Chloe leaves, Gloria hisses at Kevin about Chloe’s past, warning him that this won’t end well. Before everyone leaves, Chloe emotionally apologizes for any heartache she caused Kevin in the past and wishes that Gloria liked her. As far as Gloria is concerned, she can keep wishing. Afterwards, Gloria pays a visit to GC Buzz and asks for the Clarissa interview to be destroyed. Hilary tells her to buzz off. Then, Gloria approaches Mariah about Kevin’s engagement, and tells her she needs to stop it from happening.

With no one else to confide in, Nick shows up to Sharon’s doorstep, asking if she can get in touch with Dylan. She explains that it’s not possible, but wants to know what it’s about. Nick explains his theories about Adam’s death, which reminds Sharon about what Chloe said recently in the coffee shop. Chloe was afraid her past would come back to haunt her. Sharon thinks Nick should see Paul about this, but Nick is afraid that he’ll end up exposing his father for busting Adam out of prison. Nick shows up at Paul’s office anyways and asks him what it would take to re-open the investigation on Adam’s death. Paul says he’ll need proof and a motive, and senses that Nick can name the person he suspects is behind it. Nick won’t say who it is yet, but wants Paul to trust that he has a name.

Unexpectedly, Chloe tells Kevin she wants to move their wedding plans so they can get married tomorrow. Kevin thinks there’s way too much to do before then, but Chloe is insistent. Kevin agrees to it, and soon they’re spreading the news to their loved ones. When Chelsea hears about it, she’s confused. Her wedding dress isn’t even done yet! But, with some persuasion, she gets on-board with the idea. In the coffee shop, Sharon overhears Kevin telling Michael about the wedding tomorrow and offers her congrats. Soon, she’s calling Nick about it, but he’s not picking up.

Kevin gets a message that the place he wanted in Tahiti to honeymoon in has just become available. Michael urges him to talk to Paul about getting time off. When Kevin sees Paul about getting vacation time, Paul half-jokingly half seriously asks Kevin if he plans on coming back after the honeymoon.

Chelsea bumps into Nick at the Club and tells him about the rush wedding. Nick wonders why there’s a rush all of a sudden, but in an odd turn of events, he offers to throw Chloe her bachelorette party at The Underground. He slips away to make a phone call where he tells someone to meet him at The Underground.

Devon’s out for a jog and bumps into Jordan. He makes a dig at him for moving in on his wife so quickly after their divorce. Soon, Devon’s emotional side takes over and he opens up to Jordan about how he feels about her moving on. From there, Jordan goes to the photoshoot Hilary booked to help rebrand GC Buzz now that she’s the sole owner. One thing leads to another, and soon they’re hooking up in the GC Buzz offices. After their hook up, Jordan points and shoots his camera at a naked Hilary. He says the photos will be private as he proceeds to shoot. When he’s done, she asks for the memory card and to keep this a secret.

Mariah goes to The Underground with Devon, where she can’t stop gloating about his billionaire status. Tessa recognizes Mariah as “Face-Plant Mariah” from GC Buzz, and marvels at how famous everyone is in Genoa City. Noah calls Tessa to the stage. She reluctantly goes up and performs an original song, impressing the crowd. Now, Devon is thinking about starting a music label, and he thinks Tessa could be his first talent. Sharon comments on Mariah and Devon – she’s completely surprised. Mariah says not to worry, she would know if she was the rebound chick.

Victor meets with Chloe and brings up her “happily ever after.” He threatens that he could tell Kevin that she really came back to Genoa City to frame Adam’s murder. She threatens him right back- she knows his secrets and she’s not afraid to use them.

Nikki raves about Reed’s new music teacher Tessa, but Victor isn’t impressed that a stranger was brought into their house. He wants to do a background check on her just in case, but Nikki thinks that’s too much. He reveals that he’s having Scott write his autobiography. Soon, Scott comes over to finalize the deal. Nikki is skeptical- she can hardly hide her nerves as the two of them shake hands, agreeing to full disclosure.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon gets annoyed at Scott for the A- she got on her essay with his help. Now, her prof his going to think that she’s super smart and will be disappointed with the work she does on her own. Scott reassures her that she’s a smart woman, and that he’s there if she ever needs help. Scott also tells Sharon that he’s writing Victor’s autobiography. Sharon over pours his drink, distracted by the thought of it. Later, she sees Dylan’s apron behind the counter and breaks down crying as she brings Scott his drink. Scott says that he knows all about loss and that she should lean on the friends she already has, as he pulls her in to lean on his shoulder.

Abby meets with Ashley and tells her she took her advice about starting her project without Victor’s approval to impress him. She found start-ups and a place to house them as they grow their businesses. Ashley’s concerned that it might not work, but Abby is sure it will. Abby mentions her awkward presentation with Victoria in the room, and that Victoria mentioned that Jack was careless at Jabot. Ashley presses her for more details but Abby doesn’t know more than that.

Neil meets with Jack, and fills him in about Ashley’s job offer that he turned down. He turned it down because he and Devon are starting a new business that he’s excited about. Jack wishes him luck as he leaves, but Neil’s news makes him nervous. Ashley barges in yelling about Victoria’s blackmail, and Jack yells about Ashley hiding the job offer from him. Soon, Ashley quiets as it dawns on her that Neil and Devon could be a real threat.

Scott targets Abby as his first interview for Victor’s book. He asks about what it’s like to be the youngest, and the child who’s outside of the Newman family. Abby speaks carefully to make her father look good, but confesses that she feels like an outsider in the family. Later, she gets Victor to sign some papers as she distracts him with talk about Scott. He signs. She makes a phone call outside his office that she has the funds to move forward with her project.

After her interview at Brash & Sassy, Juliet thinks she has the job in the bag. Victoria, however, doesn’t think she has the experience, so she decides to go with someone else. It’s too bad, but Cane volunteers to break the news to her. At the Club, Juliet is giddy with excitement about her new position, but then Cane breaks it to her. She’s disappointed, then tells Cane he doesn’t have to worry about their secret. Cane doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Juliet goes on to say that they had sex in Japan, but she never said anything because he didn’t. Lily walks up to them and Cane ushers Juliet away. Lily asks why it was so awkward when she came up to them, but Cane says it was because he had to tell her she didn’t get the job. Lily later goes up to Juliet and tells her that Cane “told her” and that they share everything in their relationship. Juliet immediately thinks Cane told her that they slept together, and assures Lily that she didn’t force Cane to do anything. Lily is confused and makes it clear she’s talking about the position she didn’t get. Victoria calls and wants to meet Juliet to offer her another position she thinks she would be perfect for, but this one is in Genoa City. An excited Juliet takes the job, while Cane’s expression tells that he knows he’s in big trouble.

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