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The Young and the Restless Recap: Mar 6 – Mar 10 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: Mar 6 – Mar 10 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: Mar 6 – Mar 10 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11131


What you missed on The Young and the Restless….

Jill, still furious with Katherine for keeping Phillip’s love from her, takes down her portrait from the living room. Colin finds a way to get the ring back and encourages Jill to sell it. She can’t believe he still sees this as a money issue, also adding that she can’t forgive him.

At GC Buzz, Jordan and Hilary flirt publicly. Jordan asks Devon if it’s cool if he asks Hilary out on a date. Devon says yes, but warns that she won’t agree to it.  Jordan decides to go for it anyways and Hilary says yes to Devon’s surprise. Mariah wants to cheer him up, so she invites him out to The Underground where there’s going to be an open mic night. Surprise, surprise – Jordan takes Hilary to The Underground for their date where he tries to pry into why her past relationship went wrong. Hilary brushes off the question, and notices Devon come in. While Jordan and Hilary are trying to ignore him, Devon can’t help but stare- they’re clearly having fun. Lily walks in and fumes at the sight of Hilary happy and dating already. She approaches Jordan at the bar, “Have you actually lost your mind?” she asks. As she rants, Jordan can’t help but notice he’s never seen this side of her. It’s all just a little too much, and soon Jordan says maybe they should leave. Hilary says she needs to settle some unfinished business with Devon first. Devon enters his home to see Hilary waiting for him – she wants to know what his decision is and she’s not leaving until he gets it. He admits that he doesn’t know what he wants – he loves her and he hates her. They kiss… passionately. Soon, they’re getting dressed again after their goodbye romp. They talk, and then make a decision together. This has to end. Devon signs the divorce papers. Later at GC Buzz, Michael presses Hilary about the settlement. She admits she’s relieved she doesn’t have to keep up the act around not wanting anything from Devon. Michael calls Devon to GC Buzz and she lays it on him – she wants GC Buzz.

Abby tells Ashley that she can’t deny what’s going on with Ravi, and that it’s time put her foot down. Ashley calls Ravi into her office and tells him that their friendship is just that. Ravi shuts the door to her office and asks why it can’t be anything more. She tells him about life experience, maturity, etc., but he has a rebuttal for all her excuses. He wonders why she cares so much about what other people think.

Billy tells Reed that his mom is really proud of him, and Reed appreciates the change of heart. Zoey approaches Reed and asks why he hasn’t returned her messages. He says he didn’t know she was trying to contact him and tells her that he’s playing that night at the Underground. Zoey asks if she can come. Later when Reed starts to perform, Zoey and her friends are giggling non-stop at a picture on her phone. From Reed’s perspective, it looks like they’re laughing at him. Reed looks insecure on stage, and then storms off mid-song.

Meanwhile, Victoria’s worried about what’s going on in Japan with Cane and Mr. Sato. Why hasn’t she heard back? In Japan, Juliet (Cane’s new assistant) is going over Japanese etiquette, stressing that her tips are very important. They meet with a very hesitant Mr. Sato, who doesn’t believe in men’s cosmetics. Through strong negotiation, Cane gets him to agree to partner with Brash & Sassy as their Asian distributor. Everything is great….until Cane gives Mr. Sato a “bro hug” before saying goodbye. Juliet scolds him – how disrespectful! She warned him that close touching isn’t culturally appropriate under these circumstances. He may have blown the deal, but Juliet says she’ll see what she can do. She manages to get Cane a second meeting where he apologizes profusely. Mr. Sato gives him another chance.

As Victoria paces at the office, Billy encourages her to go to Reed’s show. The first thing she does on arrival is confront Zoey, but Reed interrupts wondering what’s going on. When they’re alone, Reed asks Zoey if she posted a meme of his epic fail yet. She says she wasn’t laughing at him, and seals her apology with a kiss. Reed gets back on stage, just as Victoria gets the phone call from Cane that he closed the deal. Reed sees her get up during his performance. She encourages Juliet and Cane to celebrate on her bill. Cane and Juliet go sightseeing, and later drink a lot of alcohol, but it’s Cane that gets drunk. Juliet reveals that it’s her ambition to be the Division Manager for Asia and Cane says he’ll put in a good word for her as he continues drinking. Soon he’s slurring his words and can barely stand. She helps to carry him to his room.

There’s a Wedding Expo going on at The Club where Brash & Sassy have a booth to promote their new line. Billy goes to check on Lily, the spokesmodel, in one of the rooms at the club that’s serving as a dressing room. Before he enters the room, he sees a man who says he’s lost. Billy points him in the direction of the expo downstairs. Lily anxiously asks him if he’s heard from Cane, but he hasn’t. Meanwhile the man is still lurking outside the room. Later on, Victoria visits the room in a frenzy and Lily’s surprised to hear that Cane’s been done with his meetings but didn’t call her. When Lily’s alone in the room, the strange man comes back and aggressively asks for a selfie. To get him to leave, she takes the selfie, but he’s holding onto her in a way that makes her uncomfortable. Jordan comes up and questions the guy – Lily rushes over to him relieved. He puts his arm around her protectively. The man leaves.

Scott comes home and embraces his mother, telling her about his story. Scott asks for his driver who took care of him while he was kidnapped. Lauren becomes overbearing, encouraging him to rest. Lauren suggests that going to these dangerous places for work isn’t the best idea. After preparing him a feast, Lauren discovers Scott’s gone. He’s gone to Victor’s to ask him what he wants in return the $10 million dollars he put up for his recuse. Victor says he believes in Scott’s work, and even says he’s a fan of his work. Scott asks him to save someone else, but Victor says that the mission to rescue his driver is already in progress. Later, Scott gets fired from his job for being a security risk. He tells Lauren he’s staying.

Chloe confronts Kevin about what he’s been doing in the Middle East. She says he’s more confident, fearless…She’s clearly turned on by all of this. She loves this new Kevin who lives dangerously.

Chelsea and Nick are freely a couple now. He tells her he wants to buy a lake house to get out of his father’s influence. He wants to do it for Christian, and says he’ll always look out for Connor too. Chelsea is reminded of her secret, and she comes close to spilling it, but Nick interrupts her. She gives up. Nick says he sees Chelsea in his future. Nick goes to Victor’s office and tells him that he and Chelsea are taking things one day at a time. At Chelsea’s house, Chloe can tell right away that she slept with Nick, but she can also tell that something’s wrong. Adam’s secret is gnawing away at her. Victor shows up to remind her that she needs to take the secret to the grave with her. But what if she can’t? Victor says she should think carefully about the consequences. It would be bad for everyone involved.

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