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The Young and the Restless Recap: Mar 20 – Mar 24 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: Mar 20 – Mar 24 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: Mar 20 – Mar 24 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11138


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

Cane tries to remember what he can about that night he got drunk, but all he can remember is being brought to his room. Cane facetimes Juliet. He asks her about the night clothes he found in his bag, and Juliet confesses that she was too drunk to get to her room that night so she slept in his room. What??? Cane can’t believe she would do that. She says that she was too embarrassed to say anything and asks if she can still get a recommendation for the job she wants. At Brash & Sassy, Victoria tells Cane that she already picked her candidates for the Division Manager position, but she’ll add Juliet to the list. No promises, though. Later, Lily sees a text from Juliet on Cane’s phone about wanting to talk to him. She tries to coyly ask Cane about it, but he can’t help but tease her about her jealousy. Afterwards, Jordan finds Juliet’s night clothes in the trash and asks Lily about it. Lily is sure it fell off of a rack or something.

As Nick and Chelsea chat at Chelsea’s penthouse about whether they should go out, Michael comes to the door. He delivers Constance’s estate to Nick, which was meant for Sage. They speculate whether the money is cursed but Nick disagrees, then offers it to Chelsea. He wants her to have it for Connor’s education. Chelsea keeps refusing, speculating that the money could be cursed, but finally takes it. All of this is putting her in a bad mood, and bringing up sad memories of Adam. Nick persuades her to go to The Underground even though she doesn’t feel up to it.

At The Underground, Scott asks Kevin what’s going on between him and Chloe. Kevin gives him the run-down of their history together. Scott listens intently – you can almost see the wheels in his investigative mind turning. Chloe meets up with them and immediately starts flirting with Scott playfully. Kevin coughs to remind her that he’s there. She drags Scott out onto the dancefloor as Kevin looks on. Soon, they’re slow dancing and a drunk Chloe is rambling on about her past. She mentions taking control over her life six months ago. Scott is confused as to what she means by that. Nick comes in with Chelsea and Chloe excitedly embraces her best friend. Chelsea soon says she wants to go home because she’s feeling down. In the car home, drunk Chloe compliments Kevin on what a good guy he is. He asks if she’s come around when it comes to their relationship. She tells him yes…all the way around. Meanwhile, at The Underground, Scott and Nick get to talking, and Scott tells him what Chloe said – that some life-changing event happened six months ago. Now, Nick is wondering what she meant too…. That night, Chloe wakes up in a sweat from a terrifying dream about the explosion that killed Adam.

Nick can’t stop thinking about what Scott said, and meets with his mother to talk about it. He doesn’t think the explosion that killed Adam was an accident. Nikki thinks the idea is absurd, but she starts thinking too. What if it’s true? Nick gets a message from Chelsea to meet up.

Before Nick arrives, Chelsea updates Chloe about Sage’s inheritance money that was gifted to her. Chloe starts freaking out about it. She insists that the money is cursed and she needs to give it back. During their conversation, Chelsea mentions the cabin where Adam died. Chloe slips up and starts describing the view from the cabin. Chelsea notices the slip up….how did Chloe know about the view? Chloe stutters that Chelsea told her about it one time. Chelsea can’t remember if she did, so she doesn’t press her any further. Nick comes over, and you can tell by his vibe that he’s not a fan of Chloe. Nick picks up Connor’s toy dinosaur on the couch when Chloe leaves. He finds a device inside and he and Chelsea recognize it as a tracking device. They go back and forth with ideas about why it could be there, but Nick’s gut is telling him it was Chloe because she hated Adam.

Nick and Chelsea are ready to confront Chloe when she walks in but – surprise!- she just got engaged to Kevin. This is awkward… Chelsea is happy for her, but looks to Nick for help with this. Nick asks Chloe about the device. At first, Chloe is confused and defensive, then she breaks. Yes, she did it because she didn’t want to lose Chelsea, who she feared would run off with Adam. Chelsea believes her, but Nick still thinks something’s off about her. Later, Chelsea remembers the hidden passageway and Nick remembers that Chloe knew about it. Nick thinks that Chloe followed her to the cabin using the tracking device. Chelsea can’t believe that he thinks she’s behind the explosion and tells him to just stop.

Meanwhile, Chloe finds a shoebox under her bed with the tranquilizer gun she used on Adam, and stuffs it in a backpack.

Nosey Gloria overhears Jack’s heated argument with Ashley about getting back at Billy. She reminds Jack about Billy’s affair with his wife, and Jack admits he’s after revenge. Gloria volunteers to do some research and surprises him by having a full report ready that outlines ways to improve Jabot. Jack is impressed by the quality and detail. He gives her the go ahead to keep the project rolling on the improvements she pointed out.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria tells Billy about the file she stole from GC Buzz. Billy commends her for her digital espionage. When they watch it, they see Gloria on the tape revealing that Jack sexually harassed her at Jabot. They’re shocked. They finally have the ammunition they need to take down Jack. Billy walks into Jack’s office, turns to Gloria, and refers to her as Clarissa. Gloria and Jack’s eyes widen because they know what this means. Jack storms into Brash & Sassy, demanding to know what Victoria wants in return for the tape. That’s easy – back down from the pro hockey deal. Jack agrees, but Vic’s not done. She wants him to apologize to Billy for his behavior. Jack gives a somewhat apology, but Billy is impressed by Victoria for how she stood up for him.

Later, Billy goes back to Jack’s office. He wants a truce – they could be brothers again. He says this hatred makes him just like Victor. Jack tells him to get out, and spews insults at him as he leaves. Jack is in a sour mood, which means he’s in no mood for Ashley when she criticizes him about having Gloria working at Jabot. He turns it around on her, telling her what’s going on with her and Ravi is inappropriate and needs to end. Ashley can’t believe his hypocrisy.

Billy tells Victoria they need to have a conversation about how she defended him. They share a steamy kiss before Billy catches his flight for Toronto to meet with their pro hockey league contact.

Reed’s not feeling his new strict music teacher. Nikki thinks he’s stuck up too, so when she hears a beautiful voice on the coffee house patio, she immediately asks the woman if she would be willing to give Reed music lessons. The woman’s name is Tessa, and she agrees. Reed meets her and they click- she’s much better than his old teacher. Privately, Tessa tells someone on the phone about Reed’s family connections.

Victoria walks into Newman to see Abby, who immediately questions why she’s there. She tries to block Victoria from seeing Victor because she has an important meeting with him. Victor says Victoria can sit in. As Victoria fills Victor in on her triumph over Jack, Abby’s blood is boiling. When Abby presents her new ideas to Victor, Victoria shuts her down with objections. Victor tells Abby to take Victoria’s opinions into consideration. Victor’s next meeting is with Scott, who he wants to be his co-writer for his biography. Scott agrees, but he needs Victor’s complete honesty about everything in his life.

Abby rants to her mom about how she really thinks Victor is ready to retire….Ashley is genuinely surprised. This is huge. Ashley says she should act on her ideas even if Victor doesn’t like it to prove how strong she is.

Devon takes Mariah to the Top of the Tower, and Mariah suddenly notices how insanely rich Devon is. She wants to know what’s going on here….is this a date? Devon shoots the question back at her. Mariah says they’re just friends. She’s a little afraid of Hilary, she admits. She suggests they get out of there and go somewhere less fancy. Mariah and Devon walk into The Underground, and of course Hilary and Jordan are already there looking over. Hilary says they should leave Devon and Mariah alone to their “work talk,” and soon it won’t even be Devon’s work to talk about after she gets GC Buzz. At some point in the night, Mariah lets go of all inhibition, and pulls Devon in for a kiss, as Hilary gives her a death stare.

The next day, Neil tells Devon about Ashley’s offer to work at Jabot. Devon tells him that there’s only so far he can go when he’s staff and not family. He gets an idea – he wants to start a business venture with Neil. Later, at GC Buzz, Devon walks in on Hilary and Mariah bickering about him. He calls Mariah over and tells Hilary that he and Mariah will be seeing a lot more of each other and there shouldn’t be an issue.

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