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The Young and the Restless Recap: Mar 13 – Mar 17 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: Mar 13 – Mar 17 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: Mar 13 – Mar 17 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11134


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

It’s a grand affair at the opera, where Nikki has organized a fundraiser with a few wealthy donors. At the Club, Ravi overhears Ashley complaining to Jack on the phone about having to attend by herself. Ravi volunteers to be her date. Meanwhile, as Michael and Lauren get ready to leave for the opera, Lauren frets over leaving Scott by himself. She calls Phyllis to come over and keep an eye on him. In the opera booth, Ashley notices Neil’s date – a journalist who’s written a damning article on the Abbots. She disapproves, telling Neil that he’s one of Genoa City’s most eligible bachelors and that his date is beneath him. Neil says that his date is just for appearances. Ravi walks in looking dapper as ever. As the opera goes on, Michael and Victor are finding it hard to pay attention, but Ravi is enthralled. He seems to be admiring the opera and Ashley at the same time.

After the opera, Ravi speaks up when one of Nikki’s wealthy guests criticizes the show. Ashley gets nervous for him and tries to move the conversation elsewhere, but Ravi is persistent.  He impresses them to the point where they invite him to speak with them more on the topic. Nikki is impressed with Ravi and makes a comment to Ashley, saying that he’s not her type but they make a cute couple.

Phyllis works on Fenmore’s while keeping an eye on Scott. He can’t stop thinking about his driver who’s still in Syria, but he has to trust Victor. Phyllis helps him fix his laptop and encourages him to start a blog instead of working for someone. She even offers to help him set it up.

Lily quickly catches Neil up on the creepy stalker situation before trying to call Cane. They play phone tag until Cane calls her groggy, shirtless, and hungover. He says he celebrated a little too much yesterday but he’s excited to see his family when he gets home. After the call, he finds Juliet’s earring in his bed. What happened last night? When he meets with Juliet, she thanks him for finding the earring but all she did was put him to bed and leave. She makes sure to remind him to put in a good word for her about the Division Manager position. Juliet gives him a hug goodbye, but a sly smile appears on her face as she clutches the earring.

Back in Genoa City, Lily’s stalker is peeking inside her home and snapping pics. Jordan catches him in the act and drags him to Lily’s door. She’s terrified and upset that he would follow her home and take photos of her. The stalker says he won’t keep the photos, but Jordan stomps on his phone just to make sure. The police shows up and take him away. Jordan offers to sleep on her couch to make her feel better, so Lily sets him up with a blanket. Cane comes back from Tokyo and calls for Lily as soon as he gets in. Instead, he’s greeted by his father. Colin says he came in and saw a strange man sleeping on the couch. Cane has a feeling it was Jordan, and is oddly cool about it. Lily and Cane embrace, and she tells him about being in court and what happened while he was gone. Cane says he’ll install some cameras for better security. Lily leaves the room while Cane unpacks, finding a woman’s night clothes in his bag.

Billy and Ashley have lunch at The Top of the Tower. They catch up- he tells her about Brash & Sassy’s potential venture into pro sports, and she disapproves of the Asia assignment being given to Cane.

When Jack returns from his trip, he’s greeted by Gloria. She hopes he doesn’t mind that she took some liberties while he was gone, showing him some business statistics highlighting areas where Jabot is weak. He’s impressed.

At the office, Ashley and Ravi bump into each other, He thanks her for the invitation and speaks emotionally about the love story at the opera. He soon stops, embarrassed. He asks for forgiveness because she told him they shouldn’t cross the friendship line. Ashley can’t help but remember Nikki’s words about them being a cute couple.

Jack says he has interesting news for Ashley – Brash and Sassy is venturing into sports and they are too. Of course, she already knows this from Billy. She erupts in anger, accusing him of wanting to use Jabot’s valuable resources on a vendetta against his brother.

Ashley approaches Neil and asks if he’ll come back to Jabot. She confesses she doesn’t like some of the decisions that Jack’s been making. She thinks Neil could be a big part of their future.

Reed is annoyed with Victoria for forgetting to sign his driver’s ed form and that she got up during his performance at The Underground. Recall that last week she also forgot to sign Johnny’s field trip form. She apologizes profusely. Billy comes in and delivers his pitch on his idea to partner the men’s line with pro hockey. Victoria ponders before she says she’s sold. Billy calls his potential partner, the pro hockey league, but finds out that his offer has been  turned down because Jabot beat him to the punch. Victoria isn’t worried- they’ll beat Jabot at their own game. Vic and Billy come up with a plan to get the pro hockey league back in their good graces by creating a “sizzle reel.” First, they’ll need that footage from the GC Buzz interview.

The doorbell rings at Jill’s house. It’s Nikki. Jill has questions for her about Katherine and thinks she’s the only one who can answer them. After talking about her heart attack, Nikki says she thinks she has her idea for her new charity. She shows Nikki the ring and explains the meaning behind it, wondering if it looks familiar to her. Nikki says she doesn’t know about the ring. Jill wants to know why she didn’t give it to her when she was alive. Nikki points out that she probably couldn’t face the truth and that she was afraid to lose her… she must have truly loved Jill.

Colin calls Jill and says he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. He comes over to visit Jill to apologize again, telling her that they’ve reached a point of no return. Jill says even though she’s angry with Colin, this all happened at a good time. She shows him her bucket list that she was inspired to make. On the list it says “forgive Colin.” Jill says she’s always known about his conniving ways and she wants to forgive him because she knows what’s best for her. She says she wants him as a travel companion and that she even took him off of all her accounts so there will be no temptation. Colin says he knows he’s not the love of her life, but he can aspire to be the kind of man Phillip was.

Devon doesn’t understand why Hilary would only ask for GC Buzz in their divorce settlement. She says she wants something that’s hers and hers alone. Mariah worries about her job if Hilary becomes the sole owner, but Hilary says not to worry. Mariah isn’t fooled and keeps pressing her. Hilary admits that she needs her to prove to Devon that she’s not going to run the show into the ground. Victoria comes in and asks for the footage from the Brash & Sassy interview, and Mariah goes to look for it. She brings Victoria to a laptop, but she has to leave for a moment to tend to something else. Victoria notices a file that says “Jabot-Clarissa-Harassment.” Vic asks Mariah about the file when she gets back, saying that she’d love to see it, but Mariah shuts her down because that would be against policy. Mariah hands her a flash drive with the Brash & Sassy interview on it. Devon calls Mariah over to talk to her. When she’s gone, Victoria steals the file for herself with the flash drive. Meanwhile, Devon asks Mariah go out to dinner with him.

Hilary meets with Jack in his office to ask for advice about the divorce because apparently he’s the divorce expert. Jack can’t help but disapprove her desire to give up a monetary settlement. She tries to explain herself and gets emotional about needing something that’s hers only. He advises her to play dirty, and to make sure that Devon legally doesn’t have the right to set foot around GC Buzz.

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