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The Young and the Restless Recap: June 5 – June 9 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: June 5 – June 9 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: June 5 – June 9 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11194


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

Funeral-crashers Nick and Chelsea face the wrath of Kevin as he lunges toward them, angry as hell that the people who hunted Chloe down would show up at her funeral. Michael holds him back, as Father Todd covers Bella’s eyes to shield her from the confrontation. Chelsea tries to plead her case, but it’s clear they’re not wanted there, so they leave. After the service, Kevin says his final goodbye to Chloe’s coffin. Slowly, the lid of the coffin raises. Kevin drops to the floor in complete shock – Chloe’s alive! She shakes his body awake. “This is not a dream,” she says. “Listen to me carefully and do everything that I say.” When Kevin comes to, she gives him an address on a piece of paper. Meet her there. When Kevin leaves, Dr. Harris comes to collect the body under the guise of being the cremator.  Chloe feels safe enough to come out of the coffin, sighing in relief that her body is working again. Whatever pills he gave her to fake her death made her feel like she was actually dead! Victor was right – this was the only way people would stop looking for her. They go back to Louisiana, where Chloe anxiously awaits Kevin…

At Michael’s place where everyone from the service is gathered, Kevin is in a stupor. His whole world has changed in an instant. He shares with everyone that he’s going to take some time off, and they all think it’s a good idea. One by one, he goes around the room to tell each person how much they mean to him. They’re unaware that these are his final goodbyes. Later, Kevin gets his hands on a gun from the police station and heads to Louisiana to meet up with Chloe.

As Chloe and Dr. Harris watch a movie at his house, they hear a noise outside. Dr. Harris goes to check it out, giving Kevin enough time to sneak inside. Chloe glows with happiness to see Kevin there, but their happy moment is interrupted by Dr. Harris. Who are you?? He wonders. Chloe explains, but Dr. Harris thinks she’s ruined the entire plan. He goes to call Victor, but Kevin stops him, wondering who he’s calling. Chloe’s eyes bulge as Kevin gets close to finding out that Victor has been helping her this whole time….

Victoria calls Cane into her office to tell him about Juliet’s lawsuit, and tells him to look her in the eye and swear that he didn’t sexually harass Juliet. Cane says absolutely nothing happened between them. Now Cane can feel the walls closing in. He harshly approaches Hilary at the Club’s bar…this lawsuit has her fingerprints all over it. Hilary plays dumb. What lawsuit? Meanwhile, Victoria calls in the big guns – Michael Baldwin- to make this case go away. As Michael listens, he seems skeptical. He’s confused by Juliet’s intentions here. Cane goes home to tell Lily what’s going on before she hears it from someone else. He paints Juliet as a liar who wants to get back at the company, because absolutely nothing happened between them when they were in Tokyo. Lily hears him out, and immediately takes his side. As a matter of fact, this whole thing stinks of Hilary. Lily goes to find her at the Club to give her a piece of her mind. Jordan watches the women spew venom at each other, and when he’s left alone with Lily, he opens up about what he’s observed between Cane and Juliet. He’s seen them at times when they didn’t really get along, and Lily has to agree. She’s walked in on them during heated arguments too…

At the park café, Mattie listens to Reed play his guitar as she does her homework. They chat for a bit until Reed gets the courage to ask her to come to the Underground where he’ll be playing. Mattie seems hesitant, and makes the excuse that she has a lot of homework to do. Ouch. At home, Mattie anxiously makes plans to see Reed that night which is amusing to Lily, who’s not used to seeing her so worked up over a boy. When she shows up at the bar, Reed is surprised to see her. She plays it cool, saying his performance was “not bad.” When Reed asks her out to a movie, Mattie says yes and mysteriously takes off without leaving a number for him to reach her.

Noah’s still on a mission to keep Tessa in Genoa City, and recruits Mariah to help persuade her to stay. Not even Devon’s record deal seems to entice Tessa to unpack her bags. There’s at least one person who wants her to hit the road – Sharon. She knows Noah is the type to want to save her from her insecurities and troubles, and that she’ll end up breaking his heart. Her newest theory is that Tessa is using Noah to stay on good terms with her meal ticket Nikki Newman.

Meanwhile, Scott’s finally ready to stand up to Victor and quit his job at Newman Enterprises. He meets with Victor in his office, confronting him about the proposal he submitted for the acquisition of a digital media company. Victor completely ignored it, and hasn’t even mentioned it since it he gave it to him. He feels like he’s not getting serious work, and that’s why he’s quitting. Victor makes a call and rescinds his offer for the company Scott proposed. Wait, what? Scott starts to backpedal – he put his foot in his mouth. “Stuck so tight, you’re going to choke on it,” Victor says. Scott apologizes, and Victor accepts, making him head of the digital media company and responsible for the bottom line. Scott has one condition – since this company will be a news source, he wants to be able to report on the Newmans if needed from an objective point of view. Victor says that’s no problem.

Abby has a check-in meeting with Zack to see how his start-up is going in her incubator. As they talk business, Zack seems to be flirting with her. Dina notices Zack’s googly-eyes when she walks into the Club, later telling Abby that mixing business and pleasure makes things more fun.

At the Abbott house, Ashley voices her concerns to Jack about Dina. She tells him how she saw Graham aggressively grab her wrist, and she thinks he’s controlling her. Jack thinks they need to get to the bottom of this. As Ashley distracts Graham at the house, Jack takes the opportunity to find out what’s going on from Dina. As he presses her to tell her if there’s something wrong, Dina fidgets and can’t bring herself to look him in the eye. Instead of telling him anything, she tells him goodbye. She’s leaving, and that’s her final decision. At the Abbott house, things are tense as Ashley accuses Graham of staying close to Dina for her inheritance. Graham shoots the argument right back – her only concern for her mother is stemming from worry for her money. What does that say about her? During the conversation, Graham slips and says that Dina’s intention was only to see her family one more time, and now it’s time to leave. One more time? What does he mean by that?

Ashley knocks on Dina’s door to make one last plea for her to stay. Soon, she realizes that Dina is about to leave and intends to do it without saying anything to Abby. All the angry emotions Ashley’s been suppressing bubbles to the surface and she snarls at her mother through her tears. She’s uncaring and selfish, and she feels stupid for caring about her at all.

Abby goes to see Jack at his mansion with an urgent matter- she needs him to dissolve their partnership because Victor cannot find out they’ve been working together on the incubator. Jack puts up a fight, but then he gives in. After hearing from Jack that Dina’s leaving, Abby goes to speak to her. Abby’s kindheartedness hits a chord with her grandmother, who ultimately changes her mind. Downstairs, Graham announces to Ashley and Victor that Dina’s decided to stay. Victor warns Ashley…”You better watch your mother’s bank accounts.” He doesn’t trust Graham at all.

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