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The Young and the Restless Recap: June 26 – June 30 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: June 26 – June 30 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: June 26 – June 30 *Spoiler Alert*



What you missed on The Young and the Restless

Jill marks her return to Genoa City by hopping out of her shiny, red sports car looking refreshed as ever. After reuniting with her son Billy in the parking lot, her smile drops when Phyllis joins.  She disapproves of their new relationship, and she’s not afraid to let Phyllis know. At Brash & Sassy, Jill wants to know why everyone seems so somber, and soon finds out about the lawsuit that’s looming over the office. Her advice? Victoria needs to settle right away. As soon as the jury sees the hotel footage, it’s game over. She also has some special advice for Victoria – fight for Billy now, or she’s going to lose him to Phyllis for good. At the Club, Jill runs her mouth to Jack about the lawsuit going on. She doesn’t see this ending well. Jack takes note. Later, as Jill catches up with Devon, Dina approaches the table to say hello. John Abbott’s ex-wives trade insults until Dina brings up Jill’s infidelities. “Your fangs are still full of venom,” Jill growls. Eventually, they get on to having a civil conversation.

As Jordan and Lily chat at the bar, Juliet walks up. Her tone is apologetic and kind, wanting nothing but to offer the truth. Lily gets agitated and starts to yell at her, then takes it a step further by grabbing money from out of her purse and throwing it at her. “Is this what you want?” As she humiliates her, Juliet appears light-headed and quickly falls unconscious to the floor. Later on at the hospital, Lily paces, feeling terrible about herself. Soon Cane arrives, and they wait to hear if Juliet is okay. When Juliet comes out, she’s resentful and doesn’t understand why they stuck around because they clearly don’t care about her. Then, she drops a bomb. She’s pregnant. Cane’s face drops, and Lily notices. Now, Lily demands the truth! Cane weakly admits that yes, he did have sex with Juliet. Lily starts to hyperventilate and leaves in the elevator. She goes home and cries in the arms of her dad – she’s heartbroken. Meanwhile, Cane understands that it’s time to tell Victoria to settle. When he tells her, Victoria is furious that he lied to her, and now it’s going to cost them big. She calls Michael to get the settlement prepared because they have no choice now. At home, it’s awkward as Cane and Lily try to figure this mess out. It doesn’t help that the kids come home and pick up on the vibe.

Elsewhere, Juliet spills the news to Hilary that she’s pregnant, but Hilary seems more surprised to hear that Lily was with Jordan…again. She advises Juliet to call Leslie as soon as she can. Devon overhears the conversation – Juliet’s pregnant?? This is going to kill Lily. Hilary suggests they talk in her suite upstairs at the Club. He hesitates before following her up. In the suite, he vents about Lily and asks her to keep the story off the air if she still cares about him. She assures him, she’ll always care…but was that an answer? When Devon leaves, they both pause on either side of the door…there’s clearly lingering feelings there. Alone, Hilary plays footage on her laptop of Juliet saying that Cane didn’t coerce her into sex for a job. She takes out the flash drive when she hears a knock at the door. It’s Juliet, and she’s ecastic! She’s getting her settlement soon and her money problems are gone. As they hug, Hilary toys with the flash drive she’s holding in her hand.

Victor calls upon Tessa to give up any information about Nikki’s whereabouts. Tessa assures him that she doesn’t know anything about where she went or why she left. Then, he asks her to open up for Nikki at her concert, to which Tessa agrees. The encounter with Victor leaves her shaken – the man scares the crap out of her. When she talks to Mariah about it later, Mariah says she’s right to be wary of Victor. Tessa plays her first single for Noah and Mariah, but Noah’s not feeling it, saying that he knows she’s capable of making a song with more feeling. They have a heart-to-heart and Noah tells her he’s going to back out of her business from now on because he has a bad habit of being too involved in the lives of the women he’s dating. He has no expectations where she’s concerned. Tessa looks hurt.

Phyllis sits outside of Jack’s office, eyeing Gloria fiercely until she gives in and asks her what she wants. Phyllis wants her to talk to Jack about Chelsea’s line partnering with Fenmore’s. Gloria’s not keen on helping her because she doesn’t like cheating Phyllis. Phyllis plays to her ambitions, knowing that Gloria doesn’t want to be a receptionist forever, she suggests that bringing an idea to Jack that will rake in lots of money will help her career. Fine. Gloria agrees, but when she brings the idea to Jack, he has other ideas. He’s focused on hiring Juliet.

Dina sits down with Jack and Ashley to tell them some important news. She’s signed her will, and the bulk of her estate will go to Graham. They’re shocked that their mother would give her fortunes to this man, but Dina assures them that Graham is very loyal and he’ll be by her side for the rest of her life. “All you’re doing is making sure he hopes it’s a short one,” Ashley quips. Dina is firm with her decision, and says they’ll just have to deal with it. Later on, Jack questions Gloria to see if she’s still interested in Graham. She’s indifferent. Then, he mentions Graham’s hefty inheritance. Gloria’s eyes light right up.

Neil and Devon are sponsoring a 4th of July party – everyone’s decked out in swimwear and American flags. Jordan tries to talk to Hilary as she lounges, but she keeps him away by snarling about how he’s been treating her. He apologizes, saying her mean side was tough for him to handle, but he wants to work things out. It’s not easy, but eventually Hilary gives in, and soon they’re cuddling together at the party. Devon watches from afar.

Before heading to the party, Nick and Sharon touch base at the coffee shop. He still doesn’t approve of Scott, but at least he’s happy she’s kept him away from Faith for now. He mentions that Scott is becoming buddy buddy with his father, and Sharon wonders if that bothers him. Scott approaches, and the two men face off. It’s clear Nick doesn’t like Scott at all, and Chelsea notices too as she comes up to them. At the 4th of July party, Chelsea asks Nick why he’s so concerned about who Sharon dates, but Nick avoids the question altogether.

Paul is the first to question why no one’s heard from Kevin since he left to clear his head after Chloe’s death. Scott tries to assure him that Kevin just needs time. Meanwhile, at Dr. Harris’s house, Kevin’s desperately trying to pick the front door’s lock from the inside. He’s ready to leave now. Chloe tries to talk him out of it because she understands why they have to hide out. When Kevin tells Dr. Harris that he’s leaving to get Bella, the doctor lets him leave. Alone with Dr. Harris, Chloe notices from his photo albums that she looks just like his daughter who passed away. Dr. Harris noticed this from the moment he saw her. Actually, he’s been waiting for Kevin to leave for a while now, and prepared accordingly for his departure. He tells her that Kevin’s not coming back. On the road, Kevin hears a loud popping noise coming from his car.

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