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The Young and the Restless Recap: June 19 – June 23 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: June 19 – June 23 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: June 19 – June 23 *Spoiler Alert*



What you missed on The Young and the Restless

It’s deposition time. Victoria takes the hot seat first – at first she’s cool and collected while answering Leslie’s questions, but by the end, she snaps. She gets up and yells viciously in Juliet’s face, demanding that she stop lying. After taking a breather, Leslie calls Lily to testify. Everyone’s surprised, even Michael, because Lily was never part of this case. Leslie got last minute approval to question Lily by the judge, so Lily takes her place in the hot seat. Through her questioning, Leslie exposes Cane’s dishonesty – Lily had no idea that Juliet had a big part in closing the Asia deal. When it’s Cane’s turn to testify, he starts to yell about being wrongfully accused. It doesn’t take long for Leslie to quiet him down. She plays footage from the hotel of Juliet going in and out of his room. Clearly they spent the night together. Lily glares at Cane and storms out of the room. Cane follows her and desperately tries to apologize about lying, insisting the whole way that nothing happened in the room. Lily hears him out, but she’s not convinced…when she’s left alone, she cries uncontrollably from the heartbreak. Despite the piling evidence, Victoria digs her feet into the sand and tells Michael she’s going to fight this until the very end.

We left off with Dina angry at Graham for seemingly having eyes for Ashley, but Graham reminds her of their special relationship and his commitment to her, which is enough for Dina to forgive him. She only worries that one day he’ll fall for a younger, more beautiful woman. Graham says, no way. After failing to get his sister Ashley to seduce Graham away from Dina, Jack approaches Gloria with the idea. Gloria snorts. “I’m trying to decide….should I kiss you or slap you?” She’s not doing it. Meanwhile Ashley gets computer whiz Ravi to research Graham’s background. Turns out he used to be an actor, then met Dina and has been working in her company ever since. Elsewhere, Graham calls Dina’s attorney and informs him that she won’t be making any changes to her will, and she’s ready to sign it. Ashley gets a call from Dina to meet her, and when Ashley shows up, she’s signing some documents in her room. Graham insists it’s Mergeron legal documents, but could there be a chance it was really Dina’s will? Later, Graham walks into the sauna and sees Gloria there. There seems to be sexual tension in the air as the two chat. He seems to think that Gloria is being paid to get inside information about Dina and Mergeron, but Gloria assures him that’s not the case. They get to know each other better, and Graham soon reaches out to touch Gloria’s hand when she opens up about being a bad mother. Afterward at the Club, Jack finds out Gloria was hanging out with Graham, and pushes her to seduce him. Gloria says usually she would be up for these shenanigans but not this time- she genuinely thinks Graham is an honest person.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki is having a mental and physical breakdown over the concert she has to do for Victor’s charity benefit. Reaching her edge, she wanders over to the liquor sitting on a countertop, inhaling the smell. Sharon walks in behind her, looking for some of Faith’s belongings, and sees her sniffing the bottle. Sharon offers her help, but Nikki insists she doesn’t need a therapist. Increasingly, Sharon is becoming suspicious that there’s something very off with the Newmans. Alone, Nikki practices the piano, but this time her hand seizes up. Her MS is back, and soon she’s writhing in pain on the floor, calling weakly for help. Tessa finds her on the floor and insists on calling 911, but Nikki barely whispers that she doesn’t want that, afraid of the embarrassment that could follow. Her doctor advises her to take it easy, so Nikki goes to the spa. As she’s trying to relax, all she can hear is Victor’s voice bellowing, “I told you, you are nothing without me!” Her hands start to tremble until she can no longer stay in the sauna and limps out to call Jack. She needs to see him now. They meet at the park café, where Jack pushes her to call off the concert. Nikki refuses and leaves – she’s a nervous wreck. Victor watches from the shadows, and emerges to tell Jack to stay the hell away from his wife. At home, Victor finds a letter. Nikki has left to clear her head for a while.

Nick goes to the ranch to find his mother, but instead, he has an unpleasant run-in with Victor. After an argument about Adam’s death, Scott walks in to talk business with Victor. Nick finds out that Scott’s been working for Victor in an executive role. Nick leaves the house and lingers to think outside. Could it be that Nick feels that Scott is taking what would be his spot at Newman if he hadn’t left? These days, Nick’s finding comfort speaking with Sharon about his problems, so he goes to her place right after to vent. Scott walks in the door, and the two men eye each other. When they kiss, Nick smirks. Alone, Nick tells Sharon that he thinks she and Scott are moving kind of fast, but Sharon disagrees. She pushes him to tell her what’s going on with the Newmans, and surprisingly, Nick breaks his pledge to secrecy and tells Sharon about Victor’s involvement in Adam’s escape from prison. She promises not to tell anyone. He must be in the mood for honesty, because from there he goes to Chelsea’s place where he confesses that he loves her.

Tessa meets with Devon to sign her life away to his music company. She feels better about staying in town now that she knows Zack wants nothing to do with her. Sharon tries to hide her disappointment when she hears Tessa will be staying in town, but then offers some advice to her when Tessa mentions her insecurities about pursuing music. Sharon tells her to believe in herself and she’ll have nothing to worry about. Tessa looks uncertain. Clearly that’s something she struggles with. At Crimson Lights, Sharon gets nosy with Zack, trying to find out who he knows and what he’s doing in Genoa City. It doesn’t take long for Zack to catch on to what she’s doing – when he meets with Abby, he finds a table where Sharon can’t spy on them. After some hesitation from Zack, he and Abby makes a “date” to go to the benefit concert together. Abby assures him the “date” is strictly business.

After witnessing Hilary’s girl fight with Lily, Jordan goes to see his old friend Chelsea for advice. Chelsea thinks Hilary is ambitious and high energy, but warns him that her show will always come first. Chelsea notices that Jordan is pretty protective around Lily… Is he sure they’re just friends? Jordan denies having any interest in Lily. Despite his denial, Jordan goes to Lily’s place afterwards to check up on her. He thinks that Cane doesn’t deserve a woman like Lily and if he had a wife like her, there would be no guessing about whether or not he cheated. He asks her what she’s going to decide: is she going to put her faith in Cane or has she had enough? The next day, Cane bumps into Hilary on a morning run and warns her to stay out of his business. Hilary plays clueless, but later calls Juliet to volunteer to be her witness if she still needs one. At home, Lily talks to her brother about everything, but as a protective brother, he’s not convinced that Cane didn’t do anything in the hotel room. When Devon’s alone with Cane, Devon warns him that if any more secrets come out, they’re going to have a serious problem.

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