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The Young and the Restless Recap: January 30-Feb 3 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: January 30-Feb 3 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: January 30-Feb 3 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11107


What you missed on The Young and the Restless….

Jack rolls over in bed, groggy and hungover from the night before, to find Gloria lying there next to him. They’re both mortified. What happened last night? Jack unravels thinking about how they got there, and soon they make a promise never to tell anyone about their night together.

Colin walks into the Club to find Jill, and they kiss to reunite. He’s back from vacation just in time for Jill to vent about the all drama he missed. She quickly catches him up on the issues in Lily and Cane’s relationship, which Colin certainly takes note of.

Later, Jill confronts Jack about Fenmore’s, reminding him that she owns half of Lauren’s share of the company. Jack says negotiations are over, but Jill isn’t so sure. From there, Jill marches up to Lauren’s door demanding to know why she’s been left out of the negotiations. Lauren argues that she’s been doing all the heavy lifting and doesn’t need her approval. “Oh honey, the hell you don’t,” Jill says, pulling out her legal documents. They get so caught up in their argument that Lauren misses her meeting with Jack, where she would be signing the merger contracts. Jill is ready to sell Brash & Sassy to Cane, Billy, and Victoria to buy Jack out of Fenmore’s. When Colin notices how consumed Jill has become with this plot, he privately offers his support to Lauren, and tells Jill they should go on a cruise instead of getting caught up in the drama. Jill agrees, but she’s coming back to take what’s hers.

Lauren finally sits down with Jack and signs the contracts. Tensions build between Phyllis and Ashley when Jack assigns Ravi to work with Phyllis. Ravi makes it clear to Ashley that he wants to make her a priority. They go out for drinks to talk it over, but the talk turns from business to Ashley’s love life rather quickly.

Lily breaks the news to her brother – she won’t be able to be Club Manager anymore now that she’s Brash & Sassy’s Men’s Ambassador. Devon praises his sister and happily accepts. Cane dampens the mood when he tells Lily that his father Colin is back in town. Later, Cane runs into his father at the Chancellor mansion. Having been filled in by Jill about Lily’s modelling contract, Colin knows exactly what buttons to push to get Cane riled up. Colin suggests that Lily’s new role is going to cause trouble in their relationship and that Cane’s threatened that she’ll be the breadwinner of the family. He reminds Cane that they both have something in common- they both married up.

After all the tears and fighting, Hilary shows up to GC Buzz expecting to be fired by her soon-to-be ex-husband. Devon informs her that she’s still under contract and that she still works at GC Buzz. To top things off, Mariah is her new co-host and he expects them to play nice. Right before Mariah and Hilary are to go on air, Hilary tells Roz that she’s adding a last minute change to the segment and warns her not to tell Mariah about it. In the middle of their segment, Hilary interrupts to confess that she tripped Mariah and tells the viewers that she wants to take ownership for her actions. Mariah and Devon are surprised by the confession, but neither of them are buying it. They presume that she’s just doing it to suck up to Devon, and they’re probably right. Later on, Hilary slaps Devon with divorce papers that, surprisingly, don’t include a settlement. Devon knows there’s only one way to find out if she’s sincere about walking away without a settlement – he arranges to have a cheque made to Hilary in the amount of 250 million dollars.

Sharon shares the news with Mariah about Dylan’s departure, making sure to use the cover story that she agreed on with Paul. Everyone is supposed to think Dylan left Sharon because of the baby drama. Mariah doesn’t take it well, but breaking the news to her is easier than it will be for Faith. Sharon sits down with Faith, as a solemn Victor and Nikki sit close by for support. Faith breaks down when she hears Dylan left and starts blaming Sharon. “Everything is your fault!” she yells as she runs upstairs. Nikki goes after her, and does her best to explain. She makes sure to let Faith know that her stinging words made her mom feel worse about the situation. Faith comes home and apologizes.

After the merger news hit newsstands, Gloria gets antsy about getting a job from Jack. Gloria walks into Jack’s office and suggests he clear his schedule. She is adamant- “I will not be ignored,” she says. She brings up the night they swore never to speak of, as Ashley walks in and wonders what all the fuss is about. Jack quickly covers with a lie.

Gloria comes up with a devious plan. Next thing we know, Gloria’s being interviewed by Mariah at GC Buzz with her identity hidden. She tells a fictitious, damning story about Jack sexually harassing her at Jabot. Later at the Club, Gloria excitedly urges Jack to watch today’s GC Buzz. Jack watches in horror, and right when Gloria is about to reveal his name on TV, GC Buzz cuts out due to “technical difficulties.” Eventually Jack offers her a job, but the details aren’t set in stone.

“Technical difficulties” = Hilary cut the broadcast to protect her close friend Jack. She’s furious at Mariah for wanting to air such a story.

Meanwhile, Cane is getting excited about buying out Brash and Sassy from under Billy, and Billy and Phyllis fall into temptation, getting into a steamy makeout session in an elevator.

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