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The Young and the Restless Recap: January 23-27 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: January 23-27 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: January 23-27 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11094


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

Dylan’s still missing, and Paul is scouring the Miami warehouse where Dylan was last seen, looking for any clue that will point him towards his son’s whereabouts. It’s obvious that Paul’s frustrated and afraid, and his emotions are deeply intertwined with this investigation. Fisk is captured, and Paul demands to see him for questioning. It doesn’t take long for things to get physical. Regardless, Fisk isn’t giving up any information. “Maybe my associates know. They’ve been known to exterminate rats,” Fisk says.

Back in Genoa City, Sharon is startled as Dylan walks through the door. They reunite in an embrace, as they tell each other how much they missed each other. Noticing that he’s hurt, Sharon insists on going to the hospital, but Dylan doesn’t want to be seen by anyone – not even Mariah or Faith. He tells her that the Miami criminals won’t stop until they find him, and that their family isn’t safe as long as he’s around. He tells her he has to leave to hide out, and in a testament of her love for him, Sharon says she’s coming too- even if that means leaving Mariah and Faith behind for a while. After hearing the news about Dylan’s whereabouts, Paul arrives at Sharon’s house and confirms that the only solution is for Dylan to leave- for good. Sharon goes over to Nicki’s house and tells her to come over to the house right away. When Sharon and Nicki get back to Sharon’s house, Dylan says that he’s leaving by himself and he’s not coming back. Nicki and Sharon are heartbroken as they say their tearful goodbyes. Paul pressures Sharon into a cover story that would lead the public to believe that Dylan left Sharon because of the Christian/Sully drama. She reluctantly agrees.

Lily gets a big surprise – she’s going to be Brash & Sassy’s new Men’s Ambassador! But she’s not the only one surprised by the news. Cane was once again left out of the decision-making between Jill and Billy, and had no idea that his wife would be the face of a Brash & Sassy line. He congratulates his wife, but Lily and Jill notice his grave mood. When he’s alone with Billy, Cane furiously demands to know why he was left out of a huge decision again, but Billy brushes it off, saying that they had to make a decision quickly and didn’t have time to get Cane’s opinion. Later when Lily and Cane are out to dinner, she presses him to find out why he’s so miserable despite her exciting new job. He finally caves and admits that he doesn’t want her going back to the modelling world.

Meanwhile, Devon is staying firm on his decision to leave Hilary. Even with all her begging and pleading, she’s forced to pack her things and leave.

Victoria takes a chance and leaves Reed to babysit Johnny and Katy when the babysitter has to leave abruptly for a family emergency. When she comes home with Billy, Reed is on the couch making out with a girl named Zoey. Victoria flips out, yelling at Reed and harshly dismissing Zoey. In the middle of their argument, Reed blurts out that he’s already had the sex talk with Billy. Billy looks away in guilt. Victoria and Billy have a conversation alone where she admits that her fear with Reed stems from the mistakes she made with sex when she was a teenager. She also delivers a low blow, saying that with Billy’s laid-back attitude, she doesn’t think she’ll be able to trust him with Johnny and Katy when they’re older. Their talk turns into a full-blown argument, and she eventually kicks him out, spewing insults as he leaves. Reed comes downstairs to beg his mom to cut Billy some slack, and ends up telling her that she’s a cold, mean person. Reed’s stinging words leaves Victoria in a sour mood, and when Nikki comes over shortly after, she asks her if she thinks what Reed said was true. Nikki tries to comfort her, making sure to remind Victoria of all the trouble she used to make as a teenager.

Lauren starts putting the pieces together about the Fenmore’s drama and realizes that Gloria is probably the worst mother-in-law ever. At the Club, she calls Gloria over to have a drink where she toasts to Gloria’s backstabbing ways. Gloria denies that she was ever involved in sabotaging Lauren’s pursuit for an investor.

Phyllis confronts Jack in his office, where Jack admits he was working with Gloria the whole time. Phyllis warns him that Lauren won’t sign the merger contract now that the truth has come out. Jack tells her to stop being a hypocrite- Phyllis of all people shouldn’t be talking about trustworthiness.

Later, Lauren tells Phyllis she has another investor interested, but doesn’t want to jinx it by saying anything. We soon find out it’s Eric Forrester, which is a pleasant surprise. (Watch their Facebook Live interview here!)  Lauren visits Jack in his office, to negotiate a new deal now that she has Eric as leverage, and finally lands on a deal where Lauren remains the majority stakeholder. Lauren apologizes to Eric – she’s going with Jack. On her way out, she tells Jack to never underestimate her again. Ashley doesn’t miss the opportunity to rub the loss in Jack’s face, uncovering that all of this was just about his ego the whole time.

Jack and Gloria meet and she asks him to hold up on his end of the deal (aka she wants a job). He says that he doesn’t have the power to do that as long as Lauren is majority stakeholder. They have a few drinks, and before you know it, they’re playing drinking games and Gloria accidentally falls into his arms.

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