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The Young and the Restless Recap: January 16-20 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: January 16-20 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: January 16-20 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young the Restless - Episode 11092


Last week on The Young and the Restless

In Miami, Dylan may be in over his head. Alex wants to know why no one has ever heard of him. She questions him about his identity just as Dylan’s burner phone starts ringing. Alex picks it up, and it’s Sharon on the other end. Back at the station, Sharon snuck around Paul’s office and found a hidden phone. She called the only number in the phone, hoping to reach Dylan. After hearing Alex’s voice on the other end, Sharon says “Wrong number,” and hangs up. Dylan says it was his boss, but Alex wants to know why his boss is all of a sudden a woman, and if he’s involved with her. In an attempt to gain her trust back, Dylan sleeps with her, picturing Sharon as he does it. Later, Dylan finally gets to meet with Fisk, who has clear doubts about Dylan’s boss who was once a man, and is now a woman. They do a drug deal and Fisk orders Dylan to be driven to Pier 13. Once he’s in the car, Dylan realizes they’re going off-route and demands to know where he’s being taken. Kevin gets an audio file from Dylan, and hears Fisk’s order for Dylan to go to Pier 13.  Paul calls everything off and sends for help. He fears the worst, and is on his way to Miami.

At the Top of the Tower, Ashley catches Ravi dining with Phyllis who’s clearly trying to recruit him to Fenmore’s. Phyllis and Ashley get into an argument, as Ravi looks on embarrassed. Ashley storms off, and goes back to Ravi’s office to pack up his things. Ravi tries to stop her, saying that he truly wants to be at Jabot, and the he’d like to be forgiven. Ashley gives in, and later she and Jack present Ravi with a contract to keep him locked in at Jabot. After her meeting with Ravi, Phyllis worries she did something illegal by trying to poach Ravi and seeks Michael’s advice. Michael assures her she did nothing wrong.

Shortly after Jack’s meeting with Ravi, Jack gets a call from Gloria who meets him at the Top of the Tower. Earlier, she found out that Lauren was looking to partner with Craig Steele, and relays the information to Jack, who says he’ll handle it from there. She also relays her sly plan to take Craig as a husband. After all, she is broke and unmarried. As Jack thanks her for the information, Phyllis sees them and hides so she won’t be seen. Why would Jack be meeting with Gloria? Later, she confronts Jack, but he denies conspiring with Gloria, insisting that they’re seeing each other romantically. Phyllis doesn’t buy it.  She soon learns that Craig backed out of the Fenmore’s deal and  goes to Jack’s office to confront him again, only this time with Lauren. They argue that this is all his doing, but eventually Lauren gives in, asking for the papers to be drawn up, and making sure to remind him she’ll do what’s best for her company.

Devon has a revelation – he wants to start a family with Hilary. Of course, Hilary is thrilled. Back at GC Buzz, she makes amends with Mariah who will stay on the team despite their differences. Mariah approaches Devon and apologizes for any part she had in his accident, reminding him about the teleprompter situation. When Hilary and Devon get home, Hilary notices that he’s acting weird. Devon explodes, telling her he remembers everything that happened the night of the charity event and that the whole marriage was a mistake. Hilary begs for his forgiveness, but he says he’s finished.

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