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The Young and the Restless Recap: Feb 6-Feb 10 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: Feb 6-Feb 10 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: Feb 6-Feb 10 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11112


What you missed on The Young and the Restless….

Sharon’s doing her best to deal with life without Dylan, but her sadness is wearing on her. At work, Chelsea offers her time off, but Sharon refuses. As Chelsea continues to ask more and more questions about Dylan, Sharon eventually has enough and snaps on her. Later, she goes to see Faith at Victor and Nikki’s house. Faith is eager to come back home and keep her mother company, but Sharon doesn’t want her to. This isn’t her mess to fix. At Sharon’s house, Paul walks in on Sharon packing up a few of Dylan’s things. She wants to send them to him. Paul says absolutely not; there can be no contact between Dylan and anyone in Genoa City. However, there is something that Dylan wants Sharon to have – the deed to Crimson Lights. Sharon goes over to Crimson Lights as the new owner, and in walks Nikki Newman. They bicker and Sharon ends it by pouring milk all over Nikki’s head. Shortly after, Lily walks in to see Sharon cleaning up the milk on the floor, and Sharon fills her in on what happened. Lily barely blinks after hearing the story – she knows very well what it’s like to have an overbearing mother-in-law- and is happy to help clean up the mess. From there, Sharon goes to Victor’s house to find Faith, and in a shocking twist, Victor offers Sharon his help. They have a heartfelt moment where they remember the times when Victor always had her back. Sharon says if he really wants to help, then he needs to help her get in contact with Dylan.

Hilary presses Jack to get revenge on Gloria, but Jack responds by asking her to get Gloria a job at GC Buzz. Hilary says hell no. Hilary gets a letter at GC Buzz – it’s Devon’s cheque for 250 million dollars. Hilary confronts Devon at the club and goes off on him for treating her like a gold digger. She rips up the cheque – “I’m not for sale, Devon. I never was,” she says as she throws the pieces in the air and walks off. Michael aggressively approaches Hilary, pushing her to take the cheque and be done. When she says no, he offers an alternative – sign a legal doc that says she won’t come after Devon’s money in the future. Hilary confronts Devon again about this saying she’s offended because she already said verbally that she’s not after his money. But it still begs the question, why won’t Hilary just sign the papers to prove her point?

Jack finds out about the job opening at the Club now that Lily’s leaving, and shares the news with Gloria. Gloria says she’s not interested. Jack gives in and makes her his secretary at Jabot- a cushy job in “corporate America” just like she wants. Ashley is shocked to see Gloria answering phones outside of his office and blows up on Jack. What is going on around here? Later, Ashley barges in on Gloria in Jack’s office with her feet up on his desk watching GC Buzz. Ashley is fierce, slaps the laptop closed and pushes her feet off the desk. “Don’t get too comfortable around here.” She threatens that she’s taking more control of the company. Ashley walks into Ravi’s office to see it decked out in Valentine’s Day decorations. She scoffs because she hates Valentine’s Day. After hearing this, Ravi throws away the gift he had for her. In Jack’s office, Ashley officially announces to Jack that she’s taking over the company. She’s adamant that she wants him to get his act together.

Jack comes off the elevator to see flowers on Gloria’s desk. She announces that they’re for Phyllis. Jack tries to slyly find out from Phyllis who they’re from – he seems jealous. Phyllis tells him she’s not interested in the person they’re from. Phyllis gives her online date, Troy, a call and thanks him for the flowers. Ravi overhears. They decide to go out to eat before working on the app. Ashley watches as they leave, and Gloria suggests it’s a first date. Ashley seems annoyed, but why exactly?

Chelsea and Nick are chilling at home as he scrolls through photos of Christian and Connor. He notices they both have dimples in the same place. Chelsea fears he might catch onto the fact that Christian is really Adam’s child, and deletes the pic “by accident.” Later, Nick meets her at her studio where Chelsea is oddly wearing a wedding dress. She struggles to get out of the dress and asks Nick for help unzipping it. He unzips it, baring her naked back. She turns around and they have a moment. Nick asks her to dinner and she reminds him that it’s Valentine’s Day. They both agree it’s not a good day.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria drops a bomb – she wants to buy the company on her own. Cane and Billy don’t like the idea, but Billy says he wouldn’t mind working for her. Cane is bitter about this and thinks they’re manipulating him while Billy is trying to get back in to Victoria’s bed. When they’re alone, Victoria asks Billy directly – is this true? He insinuates that it is. Billy ends up trying to make a move on Victoria, but she pulls away. Some time later, Cane comes up with an idea to shoot Lily with a new photographer, and Billy encourages him to set it up. Bad idea. Lily and the new photographer, Jordan, know each other from her past modelling days. They’re very friendly with each other, borderline flirtatious. Cane looks on as their chemistry unfolds. Billy is clearly enjoying this.

Cane goes to talk to Jill about Victoria’s plan to buy Brash & Sassy by herself. Jill isn’t happy about it. She’s willing to give him time to come up with the cash to buy the whole thing. Jill confronts Victoria on the buy-in- she’s angry and rooting for Cane. Victoria fires back with a big, fat cheque. Jill takes the cheque knowing that Cane can’t match it.

Victor surprises Abby in his office. He gives her advice and compliments her work. She compliments him back, saying that she likes his new encouraging demeanor. Later, Abby walks in on Victoria and Victor talking about her Brash & Sassy power move. Abby’s obviously jealous and suggests that Victoria is trying to be heir again. Victor sits by the sidelines, amused.

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