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The Young and the Restless Recap: Feb 27 -Mar 3 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: Feb 27 -Mar 3 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: Feb 27 -Mar 3 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11127


What you missed on The Young and the Restless….

Colin’s luck takes a turn for the better when he goes to find his clothes that Billy donated. Among the donated items, he finds Katherine’s old music box which contains a letter marked “Jill,” and a hidden key for a safety deposit box at City Trust and Savings. Without telling Jill, Colin goes to open the deposit box and finds a ring with a huge rock. He pockets it and calls an appraiser to take a look at it. The ring is rare and valued at lot of money – it’s the solution to all his problems. It doesn’t take long to find a buyer. He later tells Billy that Jill’s going to get all of her money back, and he’s staying in Genoa City. Colin brings a cheque to Jill’s attorney to pay her back for what he stole. At Jill’s place, Esther screams when she sees a letter in the mail from Katherine. Jill reads it. The letter alludes to a gift left for Jill, and reveals the shocking truth that she was the one Phillip always loved. Jill is heartbroken and angry at Katherine for keeping the truth from her. But what is the thing she keeps talking about in the letter that was left for her? Murphy comes over unexpectedly, and Jill grills him about the letter. He says he didn’t send the letter and he doesn’t know what thing was left for her, but there was a key for a safety deposit box. Later, Jill’s attorney hands her a cheque for the money Colin owed. She knows exactly where it came from. Later, when Colin comes over, she threatens to rip up the cheque but he stops her. He’ll get the ring back. But, it’s too little too late. Jill furiously kicks him out and officially breaks things off with him.

While Ashley is threatening to take over Jabot again, Ravi and Phyllis walk into Jack’s office to announce that the app is a hit. Jack confirms that this translates into millions of dollars in sales. Ashley immediately takes the shine off of Phyllis and credits herself for the success because she executed the idea first with Jabot. She ends the conversation by asking Ravi to go out on the town with her, and of course, he happily agrees. Jack congratulates Phyllis on the app. She acknowledges that he seems to be over their conflict….he must be seeing someone else.

Ashley and Ravi are out for drinks when Abby walks in, surprised to see them together. Ashley pressures her to join. Colin approaches their table and tells Ashley that Jill is just about ready to make good on the offer for Fenmore’s. Ashley says the offer is off the table and goes to talk to him privately, making sure to let him know that Fenmore’s had millions of dollars come in that day. When Abby is alone with Ravi, she lets him know that Ravi isn’t the one for her mom.

Nikki tries to get Victor’s attention about her new women’s shelter, but he’s barely paying attention. He’s reading a book about him called “Ruthless” to Nikki’s disbelief. She calls it trash because it’s filled with lies and terrible attacks on his character. Victor says he’s not afraid of facing the truth about his past and he’s interested in writing the story of his life from his point of view. Nikki gets worried. All this talk about his legacy is getting very morbid, but he assures her that everything is okay.

Lauren’s a mess, distraught over her son’s kidnapping. She and Michael agree it’s time to look for help from family to get the ransom money. When they approach Jill, she sincerely tells them that she wishes she could help but her money was stolen. Lauren and Michael go to Victor’s house next in an act of desperation. When they ask him to loan them the money, Victor is skeptical. Victor agrees, but it doesn’t take long until he takes over the negotiations with the kidnappers. He comes up with a plan to send Kevin into Syria to do the exchange. Michael can’t believe of all people, he chose his brother to do something so crazy, but Kevin is willing and ready. Eventually, Kevin finds Scott in Syria and sends a video back home to let everyone know that Scott’s safe. When they’re ready to leave, Scott mentions that he wants to separate and go his own way. Kevin thinks he must be joking. Scott looks uneasy and hesitantly follows Kevin out of the holding cell.

Victoria has a change of heart about Cane, telling him that she wants to make him head of their Asia division. She introduces him to his new assistant – a cute brunette named Juliet. After hearing about it, Billy isn’t too pleased, but later congratulates Victoria for being a brilliant strategist. Now Cane can be out of her hair and feel validated at work. It doesn’t take long for Cane to notice Victoria’s motives, but when Billy tries to take an opportunity to work in Tokyo, Cane puts his foot down. He’s keeping the role. When he tells Lily about the trip, she’s disappointed at first, but then seductively sends him off with a strip tease. Meanwhile, Victoria admits to Billy that her son is really good at the guitar. She and Billy get a call from the Johnny’s school – he got in trouble for pushing a girl down after she tried to kiss him. Billy and Vic try to talk to him about boys and girls liking each other, but they end up arguing instead.

Chloe can’t help but make fun of Chelsea as she nervously gets ready for her date with Nick. Meanwhile, Nick is talking to Nikki about his “thing” he has with Chelsea, assuring her that Faith was actually pushing them to be together at one point. When Nick arrives for the date, Chloe opens the door and doesn’t miss the opportunity to tell him about the pressure of a third date. Date three should mean something. At the Ranch, Faith asks Nikki if there are any family photos that she can look at from when she was little. Nikki notices that Faith likes the ones with her mom and dad together. As Nikki naps, Faith calls her dad in a panic – she can’t get her grandma to wake up! Nick frantically comes home from his date, but Nikki is fine. Faith might have thought her plan to interrupt Nick’s date worked, but Nikki and her father know deep down why she did it. Nick goes to Chelsea’s place to apologize, and as he’s explaining the Faith situation, Chelsea dives at him for a kiss. She says she’s not afraid of being with him anymore. They both remove their wedding rings and move upstairs. They make love, and the next morning they agree that this “thing” between them is now official. Later on, Sharon announces that she’s going back to college, but before her and Faith visit the campus, they make a stop at Chelsea’s to apologize about ruining her date.

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