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The Young and the Restless Recap: Feb 20 -Feb 24 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: Feb 20 -Feb 24 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: Feb 20 -Feb 24 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11122


What you missed on The Young and the Restless….

Jill’s still in no shape to go home after her Colin-induced heart attack. Billy remains by her bedside, eventually telling her that he and Esther had the locks changed on Jill’s doors, and Colin’s things are packed up. Jill gets upset when she hears this. What gives Billy the right to make the decision to kick Colin out for good? She demands to see Colin, to which Billy protests that Colin is a con artist who doesn’t deserve to see her. As she lays in the hospital bed, Jill has memories of Katherine and their arguments about Colin. Colin comes to see her and tries to fight for their relationship. He brings up his ill feelings toward Katherine. “You should be dancing on her grave,” he says. Jill’s hospital machines start beeping as she becomes short of breath. She’s insistent that Colin is bad for her health. The nurse kicks Colin out of the room. When Jill returns home on strict doctor’s orders, Jack pays her a visit with well wishes and a gift in hand. He affirms that he’s still willing to sell Fenmore’s to her, but he does know about the money ordeal. Later, Colin comes over and concedes that he’s always wanted to be a provider for Jill, which is why he invested her money. She tells him that she never viewed him as less than her, but he says that he’s always felt that way. When she’s alone, Jill talks to a portrait of Katherine, telling her she’s not going to give up. Colin bumps into a homeless man who’s wearing his coat. Colin tells the homeless man that the truth is, he’s no better than him.

In an attempt to save his marriage, Colin goes to Jack’s office to help finish the Fenmore’s deal. Jack scoffs – he’s in no position to speak on Jill’s behalf and declines to discuss it with him further. Michael visits the Jabot offices looking for Jack, but doesn’t miss the opportunity to question his mother about her job before his meeting. He senses that she’s blackmailing him. When Michael finally meets with Jack, he tells him about Lauren’s situation as Gloria tries to eavesdrop from outside. When Michael leaves, Gloria demands Jack tell her what’s going on with Lauren, and threatens him with their secret. Jack gives in. She teases him by leaning in to give him a massage. He’s annoyed at first, but the massage is too good. Michael peers in from a crack in the door- what the hell is going on? He re-enters, bluntly bringing up what he just saw, but Jack and Gloria are quick with a cover story. Jack simply hurt his shoulders skiing. Later, Jack commends Gloria for her quick cover up, and they agree that they have to be discreet with their “arrangement.” At the Club, Nikki is confused when she sees Jack follow Gloria upstairs.

At Jabot, the women are catfighting again. Phyllis and Ashley quarrel because Phyllis feels she treats Ravi like property. Ashley ends up confessing to Ravi that she fought with Phyllis because she doesn’t like seeing him with her. He offers to stop socializing with her, but Ashley doesn’t feel that’s necessary. When they’re alone, Phyllis tells Ravi that Ashley has no right to speak to him the way she does, and that he deserves better. He seems to agree. Right before the launch of the Fenmore’s app, Ravi freaks out because he knows the app will crash when it launches. Phyllis recommends postponing the launch, but adds that she feels so helpless when it comes to helping Lauren with her problems. Ravi opens up by telling a touching personal story about helping his Uncle, and by the end of it, they resolve that they’re going to help Lauren by launching the app on time. Somewhere in their conversation, Ravi mentions that he thinks the workplace drama is childish, which Phyllis takes note of.

GC Buzz is buzzing with anticipation for a big interview with Lily and Victoria for the Dare cologne launch. Devon announces he’ll be more involved at GC Buzz now that he’s recovered. Hilary reminds him that he still hasn’t signed the divorce papers and that a divorce without a settlement won’t leave her destitute. She’s a fighter. Hilary congratulates Lily on becoming brand ambassador, hinting that her mother-in-law and Cane were reasons why she got the job. Hilary’s attention turns to Jordan, who photographs Lily’s every move. Her senses tell her that there’s a juicy story there. The interview starts and Lily and Victoria are live. Hilary moves the conversation off of the cologne and onto Cane and Jordan. She gets them to come up on stage and before we know it, their shirts are off as Lily and Victoria tense up in discomfort. Lily and the hosts spray perfume on them, and the segment turns out to be a lot of fun. Victoria isn’t the happiest about Cane being in the segment. Billy presses that Cane can’t get away with hijacking her interview. He uses Colin as an example of what can happen if someone gets away with their bad behavior. Devon congratulates the team, and Hilary teases that Jordan’s abs had a lot to do with it. Devon can’t hide his jealousy. Devon admits to Hilary that he’s not completely over her, and he realized it after seeing her flirt with Jordan.

Nick tells Victoria that Reed killed it at open mic night. She gets upset because she specifically told him he couldn’t perform at The Underground. Mariah announces that Reed was a huge hit on GC Buzz online. People start to recognize Reed from the performance- he even has a “groupie.” Vic gives Reed a hard time when he comes home, banning him from going out on school nights, which are the only nights he can perform. He storms off after insulting her parenting skills. Billy shows Victoria the video – he’s pretty good. Later, Nikki takes up for Reed, saying he should be able to follow his passion. Victoria tells her about the X-rated site Reed paid for with her credit card, but Nikki can’t help but laugh. Nikki reminds her that Victoria posed nude for a magazine and that Nikki and Victor had go to the ends of the earth to cover her tracks.  Victoria softens and asks Reed if he’s interested in taking music lessons again.

Nikki brings an idea to Sharon. She wants to open a shelter for struggling women in dire straits and she feels that Sharon would be a great fit to work with these women considering her circumstances. After Sharon gets past the mild insult, they make a truce to stop the fighting. Sharon tells Chelsea that she’s quitting her job and that she’s managing Crimson Lights now. Noah mentions the Christian situation to Sharon and wonders why she keeps taking up for Dylan, who left her high and dry. He also tells her that he and Marissa broke up. They start talking about dating & being happy outside of a relationship, but soon he wants to know why Nikki said that Dylan didn’t have a choice but to leave. She immediately tells him her secret.

Lauren gets a phone call. “We have your son. 10 million dollars, or he dies,” the voice says on the line. Lauren panics and immediately wants to pay the ransom. Paul thinks it’s a terrible idea because it will further their extortion plot. He advises that they see if there are any updates from the State Department or journalists, but don’t pay the money. Paul asks Michael to talk her out of the ransom idea. Michael says whatever Lauren says goes.

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