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The Young and the Restless Recap: Feb 13 -Feb 17 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: Feb 13 -Feb 17 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: Feb 13 -Feb 17 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young + the Restless- Episode 11115


What you missed on The Young and the Restless….

Jill is this close to executing her plan, and buying Brash & Sassy from Jack. She presents Victoria’s cheque to Jack, but he’s not impressed. He declines and counters with a higher number, having full confidence that she’ll come up with the extra funds. Panicked, Jill calls her financial advisor and tells him to free up her personal accounts so that she can match Jack’s number. There’s one little problem – there’s no money in her personal accounts. Jill fumes; how could this happen? Colin calls to her from upstairs, and suddenly it all makes sense. When she sees him, she gives him a swift slap in the face. In a rare moment, we see Jill hurt and vulnerable. He confesses that he “borrowed” her money and that he can’t get it back right now. Angry and betrayed, Jill throws Colin out of the house, shirtless. Esther calls Billy because she notices that Jill looks sick and in pain. They take her to the hospital and find out that Jill had a heart attack. If Esther and Billy didn’t act so quickly, she could have died. Colin shows up to the hospital room, but Billy furiously kicks him out. As Jill lays on her hospital bed sedated, Billy opens up to her. He tells her that he needs her and promises to be a better son.

Lily’s excited about having dinner with Cane to celebrate Valentine’s Day and their 5th Anniversary, except as they’re having dinner, all he can do is rant about  Brash & Sassy. Soon he knocks over a glass from the table and it’s the last straw for Lily. She blows up, asking him if Brash & Sassy is more important than their anniversary. Cane doesn’t answer. She tells him to go – she’ll find her own way home. Later, she opens up to Jordan – the new photographer- saying that she thinks modelling with Brash & Sassy might make Cane uncomfortable if he quits. Jordan comforts her, encouraging her to stay. Cane later apologizes for his behaviour with Lily, and also tells her about Jill’s condition. Lily tells him about her concerns about staying on at Brash & Sassy, and Cane tells her she doesn’t have to worry.

When they’re alone at Brash & Sassy, Billy tries to get close to Victoria, asking her if she wants to get dinner with him.  He brings up last Valentine’s Day- the day he proposed. Victoria turns down his offer to get dinner, as well as  his offer to drive her home. Before they can even get out the door, they get into yet another argument. He calls her stone cold, and says that Reed is right about her. He leaves her sad and upset on Valentine’s Day. At The Underground, Billy complains to Nick that he thinks Victoria’s out of line with Reed and Brash & Sassy, but Nick defends his sister. After Billy hears the news about his mother, he softens his stance on Victoria, emotionally pleading her to get her heart checked for the sake of him and the kids.

Nick and Chelsea have plans to spend time together this Valentine’s Day, but his bartender at The Underground calls in sick. Chelsea steps up and says she’ll fill in. Who knew she could bartend? Soon she has a crowd, and everyone gathers, including Ravi and Phyllis. A guy hits on her at the bar, and she tries to turn him off by talking about being a mom in a low, sexy voice. Nick notices as soon as she says, “I have stamina.” He tells her later that he was impressed by her skills. When the night is over, they flirt and then eventually kiss. Nick asks her if she wants to go to the Newman family dinner coming up, and Chelsea reluctantly accepts his invitation. Before the family gathering begins, Faith, Nikki, and Victor walk in as Chelsea and Nick are having a romantic moment. Faith’s mood changes immediately, and everyone eventually notices. Victor has a talk with her and says they will figure out the Nick and Chelsea situation together. At the dinner, Victor bluntly asks Chelsea if she’s dating Nick. Caught off guard, she fumbles through her answer. He encourages her to go ahead with it, and they acknowledge the secret they’re keeping from Nick about Christian. He asks her not to mention anything to Nick.

When Victoria arrives at the family dinner, she harshly teases Abby that she might come after her job at Newman. Abby reminds her that she already apologized for her dig at her at Victor’s office, but Victoria doesn’t let up. Victor raises a toast to his smart and accomplished daughter who’s doing amazing work, and asks Victoria to stand. Abby’s bitter expression says it all. Victor acknowledges Abby’s great work at Newman as a side note before turning his attention to Victoria again. Abby later approaches Nick for advice because she keeps hearing that Victor is unpredictable and doesn’t give credit where it’s due. Nick says he can’t really comfort her about that, but reminds her that she’s the one at Newman, not Victoria.

After dinner, it seems like everyone moves on to The Underground where it’s open mic night. Mariah takes Sharon there to cheer her up, but also wonders of seeing Nick and Chelsea will bother her. Sharon says it’s not a problem and awkwardly approaches Nick and Chelsea, pointing out the obvious fact that they’re together. Alone, Nick and Sharon catch up, which turns into remembering good times with Cassie.

After meeting Reed, Mariah talks him out of drinking the alcohol he keeps eyeing. A sober Reed takes the stage and impresses the audience. Mariah records it on her phone.

Lauren keeps getting missed calls from her son Scott, but can’t get a connection. Recall that her son is a news reporter who travels through war zones for work. She starts to worry if he’s okay. Paul comes over and tells Lauren that there’s a chance that Scott may be missing and asks if she’s heard from him lately. He had last been seen after a news interview, and he hasn’t been seen since. Michael reveals that he tried to contact him and went to Paul when he couldn’t reach him. Lauren breaks down, coming up with all kinds of theories of what could have happened. She says she’s getting on the next plane to go find her son. Michael berates her – there’s no way she’s going to the Middle East. Paul gets a call. The State Department believes that Scott is alive but won’t release information about exactly where he is. He says it’s possible he’s being held against his will. Lauren gets an international call. She hears Scott’s voice, but the call cuts out.

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