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The Young and the Restless Recap: April 3 – April 7 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: April 3 – April 7 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: April 3 – April 7 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11149


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

Last week ended with Nick making a phone call to a mysterious accomplice to meet him at The Underground. It’s Sharon – Nick’s only confidante in the effort to uncover Adam’s killer. Sharon’s confused as to why Nick is all of a sudden throwing a bachelorette party for Chloe when he was just investigating her for murder. His plan is to get a drunk confession out of her. Sharon resists at first, but after he shows her the dart gun and wrench he found in Chloe’s bag, she’s willing to play her part. The bridal party arrives ready to get turnt up for the night, and Nick greets them with a special concoction – the “Brid-mo-politan” – and pours Chloe a drink. Sharon pours her another after she downs the first. Chloe keeps drinking as Esther urges her to slow down. After a while, Sharon suggests they go for a walk, and leads Chloe into a room. A drunken Chloe collapses on the couch, and Nick comes in to take Sharon’s place. He brings out the dart gun and tries to get her to talk, but Chloe is smart even in her drunken haze, and doesn’t admit to anything. The next day, Chloe tells Chelsea that Nick was questioning her about Adam. Chelsea is livid and confronts Nick for being so deceitful behind her back. He shows her the dart gun and wrench, but she’s not buying it and tells him not to bother coming to the wedding. He fears he went too far and ruined their relationship. Meanwhile, Chloe tells her daughter Bella that they might go on vacation after the wedding “forever and ever.” The day of the wedding, Chelsea helps Chloe get ready and goes looking for a safety pin when she’s alone in the room. To her horror, she finds Adam’s wedding ring buried in a drawer, and suddenly everything makes sense….

Family and friends have arrived at the Chancellor mansion, ready to watch Kevin and Chloe joined in matrimony. Chloe is as excited as can be, but Chelsea is at a loss for words. Chloe thinks it’s because she’s happy for her, but truly Chelsea is chilled to the bone that her best friend really murdered her husband. At the ceremony, the Priest asks for Chelsea to hand Chloe Kevin’s wedding ring. Instead, Chelsea hands her Adam’s wedding ring. Chloe freezes and gives Chelsea a horrified look. Chelsea’s face says it all- she knows. Chloe drops the ring and runs upstairs. Chelsea goes after her. Up in the room, Chelsea screams at Chloe for betraying her, slapping her coldly in her face and dragging her down to the floor. Kevin and the Priest go upstairs to see what’s wrong, and find Chelsea seemingly lifeless on the floor. Chelsea comes to, clutching a spot on her head where Chloe knocked her out – “I found out the truth, Kevin,” she says. Kevin reads a letter that Chloe left on the dresser. She’s running away and never coming back. Kevin breaks down in tears as his brother comforts him. Downstairs, Chelsea explains that Chloe killed Adam, but the wedding guests are finding that hard to believe. Paul appears and admits that he knew about this from Nick, and asks if anyone knows where she could have gone.

Chloe’s tearfully driving off in a car. Where to? No one knows. Nick’s driving to the wedding to get Chelsea back, but then sees that Chloe’s tracking device shows that she’s not even at her own wedding. He makes a detour to follow her. He ends up at an airplane hangar, where he sees her pacing. A figure emerges from the shadows. A look of disappointment crosses his face as he sees it’s his father. Victor and Chloe enter the hangar where Chloe frantically begs Victor to get her on a plane. Victor says he wants no part in this. Chloe says if he doesn’t do this, she’ll tell the police about how they worked together. She lies and says she kept a diary of all the events. That’s all it takes for Victor to make a phone call to get her on a plane. Nick is sneaking up to the door, but shows himself too late – Chloe’s gone. He turns to his father and tells him the truth – he just helped Adam’s killer get away.

As all the drama is going on at the Chancellor mansion, Mariah becomes conflicted. She knows this is a juicy story that will come out eventually, and she has the inside scoop. But, Kevin is her friend. Scott overhears her discussing it with Devon, and angrily approaches her about betraying her friend. Devon reminds her that Scott is writing a biography on Victor, and may want the inside scoop for himself. They go to GC Buzz, where Mariah tries to be discreet about the story. But, of course, Hilary can smell a juicy story from a mile away. It doesn’t take long for her to figure out what’s going on. Chelsea barges in – she wants to go on camera right now. Before the interview, Hilary asks for a photo of Chloe they can use. As Chelsea scrolls through her phone to find one, she pauses on a photo of Chloe and Bella before saying she doesn’t have any photos of her. When the interview starts, Chelsea freezes. When she starts to speak, her tone is soft and heartfelt as she begs Chloe to come home and turn herself in.

Billy is back from his trip from Toronto where he was successful in getting their pro hockey league partner back in their good graces. He brings up the kiss, but Victoria changes the subject. Finally, she says she thinks they were just caught up in the moment. Billy proposes they have a family day and ditch work, which Victoria actually agrees to.

Ashley shows Ravi a photo of them on the GC Buzz website, where they’re being touted as a hot new couple. Ravi thinks they should have it taken down, but Ashley doesn’t mind. She thinks he looked handsome and sophisticated that night. Ravi can’t help but smile. She says she’s going to get them tickets to an opera so they can enjoy another one together. Later on, Phyllis is in shock at Ravi’s appearance at the opera. Why does he choose to look like a nerd when he can look like that? She wants to take him shopping because she’s sure a new look will get Ashley’s attention. In his new suit and contact lenses, Ravi walks into Ashley’s office trying to get her attention. She’s so busy, she doesn’t even look up from her computer. Defeated, Ravi walks out of her office, just as Ashley looks up.

At the Club, Abby changes her tune about Ravi after seeing the GC Buzz photo. Since when was he so hot? This could be a good look for her mom. Ashley insists there’s nothing between them. Phyllis stomps into Ashley’s office later and warns her about the mixed signals she’s giving Ravi. Ashley surprises Ravi in his office and tells him he looked great in the new clothes. She got them tickets to the MET in New York.

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