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The Young and the Restless Recap: April 24 – April 28 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: April 24 – April 28 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: April 24 – April 28 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11164


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

The paternity results are in, and the father is…..

Kevin. This is exactly what Kevin was hoping for, but he can’t help but wonder…is he even cut out to be a good father? Michael and Lauren reassure him that he’ll be a great dad, and they’ll always be there for him to help out. Billy’s disappointed by the news, but he’s relieved that Kevin is Bella’s father because that’s what’s best for everyone.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy walks in unusually late, right in the middle of their staff meeting. Even though Victoria raved about him in the meeting, she wants to know what’s going on with him. He tells her about the letter he got from Chloe about potentially being Bella’s father, and right before he’s about to tell her that he’s dating Phyllis again, she gets a call from her mom to come to the ranch right away. They’ll have to stick a pin in this talk until next time. Meanwhile, Phyllis is daydreaming about telling Jack about her relationship with Billy, but she can’t get the guts to do it. She does the next best thing – books a reservation at The Top of the Tower so that she and Billy can go public.

At the ranch, Nikki furiously waves around a poster of a new research facility named in her honour. Victor made a sizeable donation to MS research in her name as a way to make amends. Nick and Victoria know it’s a ploy to win them back, but it gives Nikki an idea. To fix things with Billy, Victoria should tell a little white lie that Nikki’s MS is flaring up, which is why she’s been so distant with him. It’s perfect. Victoria meets up with Billy and tells him the lie, and Billy buys it. Now, he feels bad and can’t bring himself to tell her about Phyllis. At least, not yet. Instead, he says they shouldn’t pursue anything romantically right now, and should keep things the way they are. Victoria is disappointed, but thinks it’s a smart idea.

After their run-in at the warehouse, Abby and Jack sit down to discuss why they both wanted to buy the same building. She tries to brush off his questions, but he’s not buying the building off her without knowing exactly why she wanted it in the first place. She tells him about her plans to create a start-up incubator behind Victor’s back, which impresses him. Jack wants to invest in her idea, but Abby knows that would raise hell with Victor.

At Brash & Sassy, the team is getting ready for a photoshoot with Jordan. Juliet starts to pick out the wardrobe, when she notices her camisole from Japan on the rack. Cane angrily confronts her about why she’s even holding it. She doesn’t even know how it got there. The camisole grabs Lily’s attention – she wants to wear it! Juliet and Cane exchange looks, but they can’t say anything. As Lily models in it, Cane is disgusted to see his wife wearing the camisole from the night he cheated on her. He leaves the shoot, prompting Juliet to follow him and tell him to get it together. As they argue, Lily interrupts, wanting to know why they’re speaking so roughly with one another. They make up a lie about having a business argument. Lily thinks they need to chill.

In Ashley’s office, Ravi gets the courage to ask Ashley out on a date at The Top of The Tower. She says yes. At the same time, Victoria announces to her Brash & Sassy team that she’s also taking everyone to The Top of the Tower to show her appreciation for them. Billy looks conflicted – he knows he has plans to go there with Phyllis already, but with Victoria there it’s going to be really awkward, so he cancels with Phyllis to go with the team. Phyllis invites herself to go along with Ravi and Ashley, who couldn’t be more annoyed.

Seems like The Top of the Tower is a popular spot tonight – Nikki and Jack are having dinner there too. Nikki wants to get out of Victor’s shadow and asks for Jack’s help with business ideas. She invites him to the ranch to discuss it further, where she plays the piano for him and toys with the idea of playing for charity. They sit down and have a good time reminiscing on their past marriage….then in walks Victor. Nikki looks uncomfortable, but Jack can’t help but tease Victor about his jealousy and assures him there’s nothing going on between him and his “favourite ex-wife.” When Jack leaves, Nikki kicks him out and tells him he needs to stay in the guesthouse. He blows up- “I don’t need any of you!”

Nick finds out that Victor invested half a million dollars into Chelsea’s business, which raises questions with Chelsea when he looks upset about it. He says he’s just worried that Victor might be trying to get something out of the deal. The doorbell rings, and to Nick’s surprise he sees that Chelsea hired masseuses to give them a romantic massage. Chelsea introduces him to his masseuse Helga, who gives him a massage that’s more painful than relaxing.

It’s going to be a dramatic night at The Top of the Tower. Phyllis glares at Billy and Victoria from across the room. Lily glares at Hilary, who accompanied Jordan as his date. Cane glares at Juliet, who chose to sit beside him. A conversation starts about setting Juliet up with the computer whiz Ravi, who’s having dinner nearby with Ashley. Lily gets excited, and takes Juliet over to set up a coffee date. Ravi is polite with Juliet, but she’s kind of interrupting his date with Ashley. Ashley thinks it’s cute, and urges him to go on a date with Juliet. Back at the table, Juliet tells Jordan that Cane gets wild when he’s drunk, which Jordan finds surprising. Later on that night, Jordan tells Hilary what Juliet said about Cane’s wild side. Never one to miss a juicy story, Hilary puts two and two together…Juliet must have found that out when she travelled with Cane to Japan. She wonders what happened between the two of them.

As Hilary comes out of the bathroom, she sees Lily sitting in Jordan’s lap. She had tripped on fallen, and Jordan was there to catch her. Hilary fumes in the corner as they laugh and joke at Lily’s clumsiness. When she catches Lily alone, she warns her, “Careful Lily, hands off.” Now that their divorce is final, Devon catches Jordan alone and warns him that Hilary seems great now, but she has another side that he needs to be careful of. Jordan brushes him off – he knows what he’s signed up for. Devon gives up and wanders off to Mariah, kissing her sweetly. Hilary watches vengefully from the corner. Later, when Jordan drops Hilary off at the Club, she looks longingly at her wedding ring when he’s out of sight.

Phyllis sends Billy a text to meet her by the coatroom where they embrace and assure each other that they’ll be able to be a free couple soon. He’s planning to tell Victoria about their relationship when Nikki’s MS gets better. Cane listens outside, surprised to find out that Billy’s been playing with Victoria’s heart.

Back at the Brash & Sassy office, Victoria mentions that Billy was quiet on the car ride home – is everything okay? He says he just wanted to rush back to finish some work. She asks him if he’d like to come home and say goodnight to the kids, which seems to be code for something else. Billy hesitates before saying yes.

At home, Cane tells Lily what he heard by the coatroom, but Lily begs him to drop it. She doesn’t want him to get involved in work drama that has nothing to do with him, even if it gives him ammo against Billy. It takes a while, but Cane agrees.

After dinner, Ashley meets up with Jack and gives him hell for still having Gloria around. He gets so caught up in the argument that he slips up and tells the truth. He and Gloria are friends….with benefits. Ashley can’t hide her shock. After all, Gloria was once Jack’s stepmother. Jack leaves to go back to the office where he sees Phyllis. He chats about his time with Nikki, but Phyllis can’t get over the fact that he said Nikki was in great spirits. Didn’t Victoria say she was sick with MS? Jack says she looked terrific. Phyllis starts to think….somebody’s lying.

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