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The Young and the Restless Recap: April 17 – April 21 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: April 17 – April 21 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: April 17 – April 21 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11157


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

With Newman now in Abby’s hands, Victor leaves a letter for Nikki saying that she’ll be pleased to know that he’s gone out of town. Shortly after she reads it, Tessa shows up at her door. Nikki generously offers her a position as her assistant at the foundation gala and Tessa gladly accepts, happy for the extra cash. Soon, Nick’s at the door to pick up the rest of Faith’s things. He notices that Nikki is getting close to Tessa and wonders if Nikki should be so trusting with someone she barely knows. Victor had once warned her of the same thing, but Nikki brushes it off just the same. When she’s alone, she remembers old times with the ‘good’ Victor as she stares at a framed photo. Thinking of his deception ignites an anger in her so fierce that she smashes the picture frame in frustration. Meanwhile, Tessa is on the phone with someone at Crimson Lights, telling them how rich Nikki’s family is, and now she gets to work in the house.

At the ranch, Nick shows up with Christian, hoping Nikki could babysit. Tessa is there and lets him know Nikki’s out, but she doesn’t mind watching Christian. Nick agrees. When he comes back, Tessa offers to babysit anytime.

In New York, Ashley meets her sister Traci at a restaurant and updates her on the presentation she did with Ravi. She’s raving about how great he is, which makes Traci wonder if there’s something more going on between them. She encourages her to break some rules and give Ravi a chance.  Before the opera, Benjamin shows up to apologize and ask Ashley for another date, but Ashley declines because she already has plans with Ravi. He scoffs that she would choose Ravi over him. After the opera, Ravi escorts Ashley to her room. After months of built-up romantic tension, they end up kissing at her door. The next day, they drink at a restaurant and Ashley laughs that he shouldn’t make things awkward. Benjamin shows up again and wants to know why she would choose a geeky tech dude over him. Ravi puts him in his place, calling him a “pompous ass” as Ashley smirks.

At the Top of the Tower, Jack raises a toast to Abby who’s now CEO of Newman Enterprises. Abby doesn’t understand why everyone is bad talking Victor- even Victoria was doing it. Victoria? Jack starts to think….something’s off about that family.

Reed tells Zoey that his mom took away his car, but he feels like it’s about something more than just the car. Zoey calls her a witch, and tells him a story about a teen who got emancipated from their parents. Reed thinks that’s a bit extreme for him, but Zoey thinks his mom is way too strict. She gets to do whatever she wants with her parents – she even gets the house to herself some weekends. Later, Zoey and Kendall chat at Crimson Lights. When Zoey leaves, Kendall slyly takes her phone and texts Reed to meet at the movies for a date. When Reed shows up, Kendall appears saying that Zoey couldn’t make it and gave her the tickets instead. Reed is confused at first, but goes along with it. Kendall makes her move during the movie, kissing him during a romantic scene. Soon, they’re making out. They agree not to tell Zoey about this.

Victoria storms into Victor’s office to return Reed’s car keys, so Abby takes the opportunity to gloat about her new job as CEO of Newman. Victoria’s not impressed, saying Abby needs years more experience to properly take on the role.  At Brash & Sassy, Billy pushes Victoria about what’s going on with her and Victor. He pushes her to the point where she says it’s insane to keep dating him after everything they’ve been through. Crushed, he goes to Crimson Lights and opens up to Phyllis about how Victoria treats him. Phyllis advises that life is too short to waste time on someone who doesn’t see his worth. Later, Billy goes to Phyllis’s place to give her the cell phone she accidentally left behind. After discussing their past relationship, Billy kisses her. They end up sleeping together for the first time since their torrid affair – it turns out that they both missed each other very much. Billy feels that he’s over Victoria and it’s time to move on. After confessing to her mother that she still has strong feelings for Billy, Victoria gives Billy a heartfelt apology and offers to take him to dinner. Billy accepts her apology, but lets her know there needs to be boundaries here and declines her offer for a date. The rejection looks like a punch to the gut for Victoria.

Juliet presents a marketing proposal to everyone at Brash & Sassy. Victoria likes the idea, but Billy thinks it’s stupid. Victoria can feel the chill in his voice, which is very different from when he was pursuing her.  When she brings it up, he says she’s just mad he’s not backing up everything she says anymore. Vic offers to go out for drinks with Juliet to get to know her. Juliet mentions that when she gets a few drinks in her, she can’t control what comes out of her mouth. Cane looks sick with fear, afraid she’ll spill their secret. At The Top of the Tower, it’s Victoria who gets drunk, going on and on about the guy who’s driving her insane (aka Billy). When she gets home, Reed notices that she’s drunk. “Oh my god, you’re wasted!”

Phyllis is surprised to see Jack show up at her door. Jack feels like something’s off at Newman and they need to capitalize on it. If they strike now, he feels that Victor’s family won’t be backing him up. The offer is tempting, but Phyllis backs out – she can’t go down this path again. Her phone starts to ring, and as she goes looking for it, the doorbell rings. It’s Billy. Jack asks if he should get the door, but Phyllis gets it instead and panics when she sees Billy. She pretends it’s an annoying neighbor and quickly shuts the door in his face. When Jack leaves, Billy comes to her door again. That was close. They talk about how much they missed each other and kiss again. Meanwhile, Jack goes to The Underground to question Nick and Chelsea under the guise of concern for them after the Adam debacle. His conversations lead him to believe that the Newman family is not as united as they seem.

Abby meets with a realtor (played by guest star Erika Girardi) to see what’s the hold up with the building she’s buying for her start up incubator. She seems frazzled and becomes hesitant, clearly worried that she’s doing all of this behind Victor’s back. She gives the realtor the go ahead to keep going with the project. Afterwards, the realtor takes a meeting with Jack who’s interested in the building, but she informs him that there’s already a buyer. Abby gets cold feet and meets with the realtor again about selling the building. No problem! She already has a buyer. Jack walks out of the building, intrigued to see Abby standing there.

Scott and Phyllis agree that they should stay friends. He decides to ask Sharon on a date instead, and Sharon agrees. At the movies, Kevin and Mariah spot them – they can’t believe these two are together. Kevin’s a little surprised that Scott moved on so quickly from Phyllis.  As nice as the date is, Scott cuts it short to meet with Nikki at the ranch about Victor’s book. She tells him that the book needs to die immediately, but the more she argues, the more curious Scott becomes about what she’s hiding. She’s even willing to cut him a cheque, but Scott says it’s not about the money – he owes Victor his life for rescuing him. Nikki responds, “Victor may rule the world, but I rule this family.”

At home, Kevin gets a letter in the mail from Chloe. It’s a shocker – she says Bella might be his child. At the same time, Billy receives a letter from Chloe saying the same thing – she stole his sample from the fertility clinic. Whoa. Kevin goes to Michael about the letter he received….he’s not sure he wants to go to Paul about it. Michael becomes furious- this is evidence! Kevin ends up in Paul’s office, and soon after, Billy’s there waving his letter around too. Now, everyone’s confused.

Meanwhile, something fishy is going on with Scott. Christine hops into Scott’s car, trying to lure him back into working with Special Agent Maxwell – the same agent he was gathering intel for in Syria. He says Special Agent Maxwell can go to hell.

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