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The Young and the Restless Recap: April 10 – April 14 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: April 10 – April 14 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless Recap: April 10 – April 14 *Spoiler Alert*

The Young and the Restless- Episode 11100


What you missed on The Young and the Restless

At the Ranch, Nikki waits for Victor to return so they can continue their romantic night. As she worries about his whereabouts, Paul shows up at her door. The sight of him so late at night terrifies her, but Paul assures her he’s only there to find out where Victor is. There’s reason to believe Adam’s death wasn’t an accident. Nikki can’t believe it.

At the airplane hangar, Nick is furious with his father for helping Adam’s killer escape. He explains the story leading up to this moment, persuading Victor to call the pilot to turn Chloe’s plane around. Nick toys with the idea of turning his father into the police, making Victor ask why Nick hates him so much. Nick calls a family meeting at the Ranch where Victoria, Nikki, and Victor gather to hear Victor confess that he framed Adam for murder and helped him escape from prison, which led up to his death . Nikki yells that his son’s blood is on his hands. The whole family leaves, angry and disappointed. Victor sits down, sick with regret, and in a rare moment, he looks defeated.

Nick is ready to go see Paul about this, but Nikki stops him. Victor will pay the consequences, but they need to think about how this will affect the three of them. The Newman name will be tarnished. Victoria agrees – Mr. Sato will pull out of the Asian Brash & Sassy deal if he finds out what Victor’s done. If Victor goes down, so will they. They make a promise to never speak of this to anyone, not even Abby who’s Abbott connections could threaten their secret.

In a rage, Nikki goes to Victor’s office and tells him she’s not forgiving him this time. His time as the head of the Newman family is over. She declares that in public, they will be a loving family, but behind closed doors, he’s no longer a Newman. At the Ranch, Victor confronts Nikki for what she said at the office. As they fight, Faith comes downstairs, and suddenly things are really awkward. She says that she’s doing a school essay on Victor because she admires him so much. Nikki suggests she write it on someone else, but Faith has made up her mind. When she leaves, Victor is angry with Nikki for trying to turn Faith on him and says she can’t do that with his grandchildren. Nikki responds by uninviting him to Reed’s birthday party. Later, when Reed is over, she tells him that Victor can’t make it which makes Reed clearly disappointed. Victor straps on his boxing gloves and takes his anger out on a punching bag in the stables. Faith shows up and softens his mood. Nick comes in and wants to speak with his father alone. He says he’s taking Faith home for good. Victor tells Nick that he should hit him if he thinks he deserves to suffer. Nick gives him a swift blow to the jaw just as Faith comes back in. She screams. “Why did you hit grandpa?” She asks. Victor covers that Nick was practicing the right hook he showed him. Later, Faith cries as she leaves the Ranch. Victor sheds a few tears as he tells Nick he’ll regret this.

Victor meets with Abby to discuss the fact that he’s appointing her acting CEO in his absence. Abby is ecstatic – this is the opportunity she’s been waiting for.

Victoria and Billy have dinner after their family outing to celebrate their success. Victoria seems to be warming up to the idea of Billy and her. Meanwhile, Reed invites Zoey and her friend Kendall to his birthday party. When Zoey leaves, Kendall apologizes for laughing during his performance and wants to make it up to him. Her uncle is a music exec and she wants to send him Reed’s music. On Reed’s birthday, he passes his driver’s test and heads to Crimson Lights. When he hears Kendall on the phone with Zoey, he asks to speak with her. Kendall scowls in the background as they flirt on the phone.

At the birthday party, Billy can tell that Victoria’s hiding something and asks if she’s mad at him that he could have possibly known about Chloe’s plan. Vic tells him nothing’s wrong. Meanwhile, everyone can tell something’s off about Nikki – she tenses at the mention of Victor’s name and keeps having to make odd excuses as to why he’s not there. Reed wants to drive Kendall and Zoey to a concert, but Victoria says that the concert is too far of a drive and that he’s inexperienced. Kendall approaches Victoria to tell her she made the right call. She tells Billy that Reed should date someone like Kendall.

Noah suggests that he and Tessa hang out outside of the bar. Someone walks up to Victoria with a gift delivery for Reed. The gift is outside….it’s a car! Reed is beyond excited. Victoria and Nikki are pissed that Victor would use Reed’s gift to get back at them for uninviting him. At the house, Victoria painfully takes Reed’s car away. He storms off crying as Billy questions what this is really about. Later, Nikki goes off on Victor about how low it was to use Reed. Victor says that wasn’t his intention at all. He tells her about Faith moving out, and she says it’s for the best.

Jack sees Ravi in his new suit for the first time. He’s impressed and starts to treat him differently, offering to invite him to upcoming finance meetings to discuss the business impact of the app. He also finds out about the trip Ravi is taking to New York with his sister, which he later tells Ashley is inappropriate. In New York, Ravi and Ashley give an impressive presentation, then go out to celebrate at a fancy restaurant. Ravi suggests they go to a greasy NY spot for dumplings instead. Ashley’s up for it, but then she’s stopped by the handsome and wealthy businessman Benjamin Hochman, who asks her out for dinner. Ashley says yes, ditching Ravi.  At dinner, Hochman tells Ashley about Gloria and how she botched the Fenmore’s deal in the sauna. As they’re at the table, Ben keeps picking up his phone to take a call or text. Ashley gets annoyed until she finally texts him to cancel her order before walking off. She goes back to join Ravi.

In Jack’s office, Gloria breaks down crying about Kevin’s heartbreak. She leans on Jack’s shoulders….then Phyllis walks in. She can see exactly what’s going on here. Gloria teases that their long-standing feud was just foreplay.

Lauren chats with Phyllis about her love life, proposing that she date her son Scott. Phyllis doesn’t like the idea, comparing Lauren’s matchmaking ways to that of Jill. The next day, Phyllis knocks on Lauren’s door looking for her, but it’s Scott who opens the door….wet and shirtless. Phyllis comes in, a little uncomfortable, trying to avoid looking at his body. They discuss Lauren trying to match them, and then talks turn to Victor. He wants her to open up about him because there’s clearly a hatred there, but Phyllis takes a gulp of Scotch instead. Soon they’re drunk and laughing non-stop. Before you know it, they’re making out and Scott is ripping off Phyllis’s clothes. Kevin walks in, shocked. Embarrassed, they get dressed, and Scott sees Phyllis out. She mentions that maybe Lauren wasn’t wrong about them.

Phyllis goes to Crimson Lights and interrupts Sharon and Jack’s conversation about Victor. Sharon has sympathy for Victor, Phyllis and Jack definitely do not. They speculate that Victor is warping Faith’s mind while she’s living with him, but Sharon disagrees. Phyllis is happy that her and Jack are taking steps to be friends- at least they can band together against Victor. She tells Jack that Scott told her Victor is planning on leaving Newman to Abby.

At Devon’s place, Mariah and Devon get hot and heavy, but when he suggests they go upstairs, she stops. She wants to make sure that when they sleep together, Hilary’s “not in the bed.” Devon understands that she’s on both of their minds and agrees they need a Hilary cleanse.

Lily and Juliet are having fun working together as Cane watches uncomfortably. Juliet planned for Lily to go to Philadelphia for a hockey event, which seems to make Cane uneasy. Jordan can tell something’s off about him, and assumes he’s afraid of stalkers scaring Lily again. He assures Cane that he’ll keep Lily close in Philly, which doesn’t seem to make him feel better. Cane questions Juliet about the trip…why did she plan for Lily to leave now? She says it makes business sense and that she’s not up to anything. Cane says he’ll try to forget what happened between them in Japan

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