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The Young And The Restless: Best Scenes Of The Week

The Young And The Restless: Best Scenes Of The Week

The Young And The Restless: Best Scenes Of The Week


This week, The Young And The Restless had tearjerkers, catfights, raised eyebrows, and we even got to see drunken Noah.  Ashley’s power hunger makes her transition into Newman Enterprises way more entertaining than her constant fights with Jack, and Chelsea’s con-artist ways are making a re-appearance. Here are the best scenes of the week! What do you think was the best scene this week? Let us know in the comments!

5.) Ashley Makes Her Debut At Newman Enterprises

Ashley sure is shaking things up at Newman, and making it a point to step on Victoria’s toes. She’s already made it clear that she wants to be CEO and finds every excuse to overstep her boundaries, including doing a photoshoot at Victoria’s CEO desk….

4.) Hilary Meets Devon’s New Prospect, Simone

A mysterious new character emerged on Y&R – her name is Simone and by the looks of it, she’s feisty. She clearly had an effect on Hilary when they met, and did you catch that hint of jealousy in her eyes?  There’s the potential for drama there, and with the right personality, she might be able to go head-to head with Hilary.

3.) JT and Traci Remember Colleen

A trip down memory lane is always cherished on Y&R, so it was nice to see JT and Traci emotionally remember Colleen on her birthday.  It brought back memories of JT and Colleen’s special relationship, and Beth Maitland (Traci) tugged on our heartstrings with this touching scene which she’s done quite well this week. Even still, it would have been great to see some footage of Colleen and JT during this episode!

2.) Traci Realizes She’s ‘The Forgotten Daughter’

We’ve all noticed that Dina forgets Traci more than she forgets Jack and Ashley, but for the most part Traci was being a good sport about it. Dina’s last video call was the straw that broke the camel’s back, when she dismissed Traci as the help and acknowledged her only two children Jack and Ashley (according to her).  Traci let the truth set it in – Dina will never remember her. Beth Maitland delivers a moving performance.

1.) Phyllis Plays Chelsea Perfectly

Even though Phyllis knew that Chelsea was behind the Chelsea 2.0 scam, she didn’t tell her right away. Instead, she toyed with her like a cat with a mouse, until she shamelessly told Chelsea how she really felt.

What did you think was the best scene you’ve seen recently? We’d love to hear it in the comments!

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