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The Unicorn’s Walton Goggins Explains Being The Perfect Man

The Unicorn’s Walton Goggins Explains Being The Perfect Man

The Unicorn’s Walton Goggins Explains Being The Perfect Man


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert welcomed the star of the new series The Unicorn, Walton Goggins, to talk about what it’s like being the perfect man.

Walton Goggins is a veteran of film. A character actor of such high regard, there’s no chance that if you even somewhat regularly watch movies and/or television you’ve never seen him before. And now, he’s got his own show, The Unicorn, which premiers tonight at 8.30 et/pt!

The Unicorn is about Wade (Goggins), a widower and father of two, who decides to re-enter the dating world – and finds himself with more attention than he knows what to do with.

So, with a tagline like “The perfect man is no longer a myth,” how the heck does one even approach living up to that?

Obviously, not easily. Maybe it can be true, but in a more hyperbolic context.

As previously mentioned, Goggins has been around the block in Hollywood. But he didn’t just end up there. Well, he kind of did, but he’s a southern boy who sought to make it big in the movie business. And he couldn’t have done it without the help of… American Express?

Okay, so that’s one of the better “getting to Hollywood” stories out there. Whatever it takes, right? And it definitely worked out for him, but of course he’s got the talent to back up the essentially-free ride from the credit card company.

Goggins and Stephen bonded over being southern boys who eventually made it to LA, despite (and almost in spite) of their southern roots. But it wasn’t without a little bit of extra work – the voices you hear them speaking in today are not their voices from 20 years ago. Both Goggins and Colbert had thicker southern accents, Goggins being from Alabama and Colbert being from South Carolina. While Goggins still has a bit of his accent floating around under the covers of his speech, Colbert has all but completely obliterated his. Either way, both went through rigorous acting training to purge the tell-tale southern dialect from their speech.

But Goggins is ready for a hopefully long stay in television ahead of him with The UnicornBoasting Rob Corddry, Saturday Night Live alumni Michaela Watkins and Omar Benson Miller, The Unicorn is sure to be a hilarious hit. Be sure to catch the premier tonight at 8.30 et/pt on Global, and new episodes Thursday 8.30 et/pt on Global!

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