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The Late Show: Joe Biden Bigs Up His Presidential Bid

The Late Show: Joe Biden Bigs Up His Presidential Bid

The Late Show: Joe Biden Bigs Up His Presidential Bid


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert comes screaming back from hiatus with all new episodes this week to kick off season five! Among Stephen’s first guests is the former Vice President “Fightin’ Joe” Biden!

Wow – season five of The Late Show already! The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premiered four years ago amidst what would quickly be seen as one of the most significant (and eventually, terrible) presidential campaigns in US history. It was 2015. Jeb Bush was the front runner for the Republican bid. Everyone hated Ted Cruz, even back then. Donald Trump was still a joke candidate. And everyone was wondering if Joe Biden would run.

It was that first week of The Late Show that Biden appeared on the show and had a deeply meaningful conversation with Stephen Colbert about his grief over the very recent loss of his son Beau Biden, which ultimately led to his decision to not run for president. That interview will go down as one of the greatest in all late night.

But Biden’s back, baby, and ready to knock some teeth out – metaphorically, this time (probably?). He’s currently the golden boy of the Democrats to go up against Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Joe Biden revealed the details of the moment he decided to run for President this time around, because of how last election, he was wavering back and forth about whether or not he’d run. Biden had just gone through the trauma of losing his son Beau, and he wasn’t ready to put 100% of himself into running for president. But now, Biden has found something that he’s willing to put 100% of himself into: fighting Nazis!

Biden sat back and watched last time as Hilary Clinton went toe-to-toe with the man who is now president, and who has forever stained the Oval Office more than any other president could (again, metaphorically). Trump will be a tough opponent for Biden. He’s already done incredible damage, and Biden is right when he says there’s no going back to before Trump. There’s no pretending like it didn’t happen.

Trump, while extremely damaging in his own ways, didn’t create the systemic and social issues plaguing America right now. He just allowed them to surface and thrive, unchecked.

But Biden isn’t perfect, either. Obviously he’s no Trump, but he’s had his share of missteps, a lot notably from the past year. The less-significant ones were brought up by Colbert – basically, he put Biden’s inability to recall basic details on trial. A bit of softball for the former vice president, when Colbert could be pitching curve balls that Biden would have trouble hitting the fences with, but that’s what Colbert does.

It wasn’t all Nazi-punching, Trump-stomping and other fun-and-games, as Colbert did wrap up the interview with a chance for Biden to give a truncated rundown of his platform.

Biden is the first of what is likely to be a lot of presidential candidates to appear on The Late Show this season. Stay tuned to see who Colbert brings to task next!

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