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The Late Show: Daniel Craig Announces Bond Departure

The Late Show: Daniel Craig Announces Bond Departure

The Late Show: Daniel Craig Announces Bond Departure


Daniel Craig, yes, James Bond himself – for now – visited Colbert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night. Daniel Craig isn’t any Late Show newbie – and he’s a favoured friend too. One of the last times he was on the show, he made the official announcement that he would be playing Bond one final time, in the now soon-to-be-released No Time To Die.

And again, this time he has a big, Bond-related announcement… that happens to be the opposite of the announcement he made last time.

A sad announcement, but not a surprising one – he was on the fence about doing No Time To Die to begin with.

But not to worry, because there’s still one James Bond film that you haven’t seen yet! Next year No Time To Die will release in cinemas, and you’ll get to see Daniel Craig as Bond on the big screen one last time (or however many times you see the film in theatres).

With Daniel Craig giving it his all for one last ride as James Bond, and Rami Malek starring opposite of him as the bad guy, this one’s sure to be a hit. Craig and Malek reportedly have tremendous chemistry. Heck, they work so well together, it manifests when they’re off screen, too.

Feeling a bit bashful are we, Daniel Craig?

In fact, Daniel Craig was a bit negative throughout the interview – he started off on the wrong foot, accusing Stephen of playing favourites with him and his wife, Rachel Weisz!

Obviously it’s not all about the dressing room. And Stephen doesn’t choose favourites! The favourites just choose him, so the ball’s in your court, Craig.

But despite that, the boys got chummy enough. Stephen is always looking for ways to show off/improve his acting chops. You know, since he rarely does any actually acting anymore (let’s say for the sake of this article, the sketches on The Late Show don’t count). He’s had four credits since The Late Show with Stephen Colbert began in 2015, and two of those are him playing himself. So yeah, Stephen’s always itching to do some acting.

And since Daniel Craig has displayed such a spot-on southern accent in his new film Knives Out, Stephen thinks Craig should teach him a UK accent. And of all the UK accents, Craig latches on to Welsh.

Not bad. But Craig’s southern is better.

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