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The Late Show Asks Democratic Candidates Important Questions

The Late Show Asks Democratic Candidates Important Questions

The Late Show Asks Democratic Candidates Important Questions


Democratic Presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigeig made a special appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as they are asked increasingly bizarre questions.

It’s a classic double-act setup: have one party ask a silly question, and have the seemingly-serious business second party give a zanier answer. In this case, it’s Bernie Sanders with a puppy spouting bureaucracy, Pete Buttigeig denying his secret twin, and Elizabeth Warren being really into Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

All that, and more, in The Late Show’s special segment, “Just One Question.”

What a fun way to get the extremely tense Democratic candidates and American public to unclench with an inane line of questions. Bernie Sanders is particularly down for this kind of thing. As ridiculous as he comes off (and he knows it), he doesn’t mind not only ignoring the jokes, but diving deep into them. And Elizabeth Warren answers the joke questions with the confidence of someone who knows she’s probably going to be the next President. And Buttigeig, well, Buttigeig is a good sport about it too.

The Late Show even got a celebrity guest question-asker. Rob Corddry of so many things including The Daily ShowChildren’s Hospital and Ballers, got to ask Elizabeth Warren three increasingly-leading questions for his own ego’s sake.

Despite the softball approach with these particular candidates, Colbert gave the Democrats the old one-two earlier in the episode. Warren, Sanders nor Buttigeig were his targets this time around, but rather Joe Biden and Cory Booker got the lashing. Rightfully so – Biden seems to be spending most of this election with a foot in his mouth, and if Booker’s numbers were any lower, “margin of error” would be get the nomination before him. So for a portion of his monologue, Colbert set his sights on the group who wants desperately to take down Trump. Err… make that “group.”

So be it, Colbert is a liberal and the show’s for liberals. There’s no mistaking that. So his audience should understand a little friendly criticism of their politicians. After all, he had just spent seven minutes (or, big picture, four years) tearing Trump a new one.

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