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Survivor: Winners at War Scoop – Week 6 Recap: Winners, Losers, Top Moments

Survivor: Winners at War Scoop – Week 6 Recap: Winners, Losers, Top Moments

Survivor: Winners at War Scoop – Week 6 Recap: Winners, Losers, Top Moments


John Powell – GlobalTV.com

She may have not been dethroned just yet but the Queen of Survivor has certainly been outplayed.

Sandra Diaz-Twine, the winner of both Pearl Islands and Heroes vs. Villains, got bamboozled badly by Philippines winner, Denise Stapley.

Sandra traded Denise her Immunity Idol for both of Denise’s Fire Tokens, one to be given to Sandra before and one after Tribal Council.

What Sandra didn’t know is that Denise already had a Hidden Immunity Idol which she used to protect her ally Jeremy and having played Sandra’s idol for herself, Denise used her vote to send Sandra to the Edge of Extinction.

Sandra has never won an individual challenge in her approximately 94 days of playing Survivor so her chances of winning her way back into the game are not very good. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she just left the Edge of Extinction altogether.

No matter what Sandra decides to do though the likelihood of us having a three time Survivor winner now is incredibly low considering her competition at the Edge of Extinction.

Denise’s play will go down as one of the most dastardly moves in Survivor history and is the biggest this season. It may have cost her both her Hidden Immunity Idols but she alone took out the Queen and that looks mighty good on any Survivor resume.

At the other Tribal Council of the episode, Parvati Shallow, the winner of Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites, was not surprised when she was turfed by the new Sele Tribe. Outnumbered by the intractable Nick, Yul and Wendell alliance, it was either her or Michele getting their torches snuffed.

With the number of players being whittled down it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the tribes merge soon especially if Sele loses yet another challenge. An Edge of Extinction competition cannot be too far away either. The question is who will return. I would bet on either Natalie, Danni or Tyson. Stay tuned.

Survivor Scoop – Week 6: Top Moments

This week’s Top Survivor: Winners at War Moments are…




Moment # 5: Sophie wins Immunity for Yara.




Moment # 4: Tony eavesdrops in the Spy Bunker.




Moment # 3: Sandra and Denise strike a deal.




Moment # 2: Parvati and Wendell wheel and deal at Tribal Council.




Moment # 1: Denise snookers Sandra.

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Week 6: Game Fail – Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine

You won’t find two better Survivor players than Sandra and Parvati. That’s why they were two of the biggest threats in the game. Any player or fan knows that the longer you leave Sandra and Parvati in the game the more they can weave their magic which has been proven to conjure miracles in the game.

Strategic Gameplay

To their credit Parvati and Sandra did not lay low; they did not fly under the radar. When they could they took the wheel or influenced the person who held it for the time being. While Sandra got totally snaked, Parvati fought for her Survivor life even openly bartering with Wendell at Tribal Council.

Sandra Rating: 4 / 5
Parvati Rating: 4 / 5

Social Gameplay

Both are masters of the social game and used that to their advantage in Winners at War. Parvati was a little less successful than Sandra but that is only because the numbers weren’t on her side and that hindered her ability to manipulate and compel others.

Sandra Rating: 4 / 5
Parvati Rating: 3 / 5

Entertainment Value

It is always a pleasure to watch these power players at work in Survivor. The problem is that every time they return they are clear and present dangers to the others and as such they cannot be ignored, are targeted.

Sandra: Rating: 5 / 5
Parvati Rating: 5 / 5

Sandra Final Castaway Rating: 13 / 15
Sandra Final Castaway Rating: 12 / 15

Week 6: Powell’s Picks

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.

Bronze Amateur: Wendell Holland

His performance at Tribal Council and actions at camp made him look really sketchy and shady.

Silver Amateur: Tony Vlachos

Talking about looking suspicious…Tony’s disappearance at camp was exactly that and he didn’t seem to gain very much intel while being in his Spy Shack.

Gold Amateur: Sandra Diaz-Twine

Her blunder was J.T. level of gameplay. The Queen’s crown is tarnished.

Bronze MVP: Parvati Shallow

She scratched and clawed right up to the very end.

Silver MVP: Sophie Clarke

Her spectacular puzzle win saved Yara.

Gold MVPs: Denise Stapley

Not many players can say they outwitted the Queen.