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Survivor: Winners at War Awards Part Two

Survivor: Winners at War Awards Part Two

Survivor: Winners at War Awards Part Two


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

It is down to just five former winners. One of them will go down in Survivor history while the others will see all of their effort rewarded by disappointment and Jeff Probst snuffing their torches another time.

As this unprecedented season comes to an exciting and unpredictable end we present part two of our Survivor: Winners at War Awards.


The Who Are You Again? Award

Winner:  Amber Mariano

Of all the returning winners she was the most insignificant player and uninteresting castaway this season.


The You’ve Reached Your Limit Award

Winners: Amber Mariano and Ethan Zohn

They are both amazing people. There is no doubt about that. They just don’t appear to be cut out for Survivor any longer. They have both moved on to bigger and better things any way.


Most Surprising Moment Award

Winner: Denise stabs Sandra in the back.

You have got to hand it to Denise. Nobody saw that move coming. It may not have won her the $2 million, however, it will go down as one of the greatest blindsides in Survivor franchise history.


The Rumble in the Jungle Award

The most heated confrontation this season.

Winner: New School versus Old School

There really weren’t any knockdown, drag-out battles this season since most of the Survivors know each other to some degree. They are also acutely aware of how the show is edited. The only rivalry which was a bit unpleasant at times was the feud between the Old School and New School players.

I for one see no real distinction between old school and new school Survivor other than the use of Immunity Idols and that the survival aspect such as being a tribe’s provider not factoring in the game as much as it used to.

Barring those things, it is the same tactics, the same challenges, the same social strategies, the same schemes once the game was firmly established in Survivor: Africa. The only reason it became an issue in Winners at War is that the longer you are a Survivor alumni, the more ties and bonds you will have with other players, appeared with them at functions, on other shows or other seasons.


The Twila Tanner Award

The best strategic moves of the season.

Winners: Denise kicks Sandra, Tony blindsides Sophie.

Tony’s convincing his allies to vote out Sophie was the move of the season as it drew a line in the sand in the Koru Tribe setting the table for this week’s finale. Denise’s plan was just epic and will be remembered for years to come.


Best Showmance

Winners: Rob Mariano and Amber Mariano, Tony Vlachos and Sarah Lacina

Just like there weren’t many ugly fights this season, there weren’t many romantic moments either probably because almost the entire cast is either married or engaged to be married. It was nice to see Survivor’s royal couple Ramber (Rob and Amber) again with their daughters. The only other relationship that even comes close is the close friendship shared between Cops-R-Us members Sarah and Tony.


The Dawn’s Dentures Award

Awarded to the most cringe-worthy moment of the season.

Winner: Sandra waves the white flag

It was difficult to so many fans who worship The Queen to see her not even give herself a chance on the Edge of Extinction. To see her immediately quit like that was disheartening.


The Professor Charles Xavier Award

Awarded to the most evolved Survivor.

Winner: Sophie Clarke

Winners at War was Sophie’s season of redemption. She proved without a doubt she could hang with some of Survivor’s best players erasing anyone’s image of her as a lower-tier winner.


You’ll Never Forget Them Award

Awarded to the Survivor some just love to hate.

Winners: Ben Driebergen and Tony Vlachos

On Winners at War, Ben’s Survivor reputation was battered some more due to his behaviour which didn’t always have anything to do with actual gameplay. Tony might have persuaded some viewers to join his fan club but he is the same old Tony, you either love what he brings to the series or you don’t.


The MVP Award

Winner: Tony Vlachos, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, Denise Stapley

They led the pack when it came to gameplay this season.

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