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Survivor special to air February 5th

Survivor special to air February 5th

Survivor special to air February 5th


John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Survivor is celebrating its milestone 40th season with a retrospective special.

Survivor at 40: Greatest Moments and Players will air on Global, Wednesday, February 5th at 8 pm.

The one hour episode will be hosted by Jeff Probst and feature interviews with Rob Mariano (“Redemption Island”), Amber Mariano (“All-Stars”), Jeremy Collins (“Second Chance”), Parvati Shallow (“Fan vs. Favorites”) and Ben Driebergen (“Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers”) as well give fans a sneak peek at the upcoming Winners at War season which debuts with a special two-hour episode on Wednesday, Feb. 12th at 8 p.m. on Global.

The special will also feature:

•Parvati discussing her strategy behind the game-changing move of playing two idols in “Heroes vs. Villains,” and the psychology behind the historic “black widow alliance” that convinced Erik to give up his immunity necklace during “Fans vs. Favorites.”

•Rob and Amber falling in love during “All Stars” and Rob’s marriage proposal at the live finale in Madison Square Garden.

•Ben talking about his infamous upside-down “U” and winning the first final four fire-making challenge in “Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.”

•Jeremy remembering the anxiety that came with trying to find the first idol hidden within an immunity challenge during “Second Chance.”

•The emotional Tribal Council when Ciera Eastin was forced to vote out her mom, Laura Morett in “Blood vs. Water.”

•The historic Tribal Council in “Game Changers” when fan-favorite Cirie Fields was voted out of the game despite not receiving a single vote.