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Survivor: Rating the Season 35 Cast

Survivor: Rating the Season 35 Cast

Survivor: Rating the Season 35 Cast


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Without seeing a single episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, analyzing the tribal politics, observing the tribal dynamics or something as simple as seeing who is sitting beside who at Tribal Council, it is impossible to judge what any castaway’s chances are. Always up for a challenge though, we have broken down this year’s group, considered their strengths and weaknesses, compared them to similar players from the past and have come up with our predictions for this season to help with your Survivor Fantasy Tribe Pool picks. Enjoy!

Alan Ball

Alan has one big problem right away. Can he keep his NFL background a secret? Having a professional sports background doesn’t always bode well on Survivor. When it comes to challenges, he could be a massive asset to his tribe. He admits that he has a temper which could be another knock against him in such a social game but he is aware of his weaknesses. He seems savvy, clever and very self-aware. Probst calls him “really likable”.

Pre-Season Rating: B+

Patrick Bolton

Like one of my favourite players of all time, Brian Heidik the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Thailand, Bolton sees Survivor and the game as a business trip. There is just something about him that seems untrustworthy, although I cannot put my finger on what that is. He does appear to be very focused and determined though.

Pre-Season Rating: C+

Ben Driebergen

A self-described “good old boy” who compares himself to Russell Hantz, Ben is a good guy at heart but admits that he does have a “grizzly bear” that does come out at times. The issue which Ben has come to play Survivor, the cuddly teddy bear or the temperamental bear?

Pre-Season Rating: B-

Alexandrea “Ali” Elliott

Probst calls her bright with a lot of energy. As a personal assistant, she is clearly used to balancing multiple needs and multiple tasks which could benefit her in Survivor. She could be a very well-rounded player that has all the skills to make it to the end.

Pre-Season Rating: A

John “JP” Hilsabeck

Dude named his dog Thor. A big personality but doesn’t seem to have a big ego to go with it. He thinks just being humble will get him through the game. A good guy but not sure about his Survivor game plan.

Pre-Season Rating: C

Chrissy Hofbeck

A good sense of humour and an analytical mind, Chrissy is older and wiser. She could become the cool mom of the tribe and seen as trustworthy. She has been underestimated throughout her entire life.

Pre-Season Rating: A-

Jessica Johnston

She has accomplished a lot at 28 and nurses have the personal skills to play a great social game on Survivor. Her personality is so big it might turn many people off. She admits to not always thinking things through.

Pre-Season Rating: C

Roark Luskin

Very reflective and very methodical, Roark is a social worker. If she can team up with an athletic Survivor, she could go very far. Probst describes her as someone who is always thinking. One wonders if she can avoid clashes in personalities.

Pre-Season Rating: A-

Cole Medders

A wilderness therapy guide who is sure to be a valuable to his tribe right out of the gate. Dude lives in his car by choice. He loves being tested by nature. Easy-going guy but his different view of life and circumstances could rub people the wrong way.

Pre-Season Rating: B-

Joe Mena

A probation officer who is accustomed to dealing with sensitive situations. “I play “Survivor” 40 hours a week at work.” Where have we heard that before? He learned to swim as soon as he knew he would be on Survivor. Focused too much on manipulating people and not working social angles. I don’t think this is the next Sarah Lacina or Tony Vlachos.

Pre-Season Rating: C

Simone Nguyen

Not sure about her strategy, “using information” against others only works in Survivor if people trust you. Simone is assuming a lot about the game, things she doesn’t know will or will not happen to give her an advantage.

Pre-Season Rating: C-

Ashley Nolan

She is the fun lifeguard. She is willing to take risks and is not afraid to make the moves that she needs to. She is another castaway who could be the complete Survivor package.

Pre-Season Rating: A+

Devon Pinto

The goofy giant but I think that is a façade. He is shrewder than people will give him credit for. He seems too confident about playing dumb though.

Pre-Season Rating: B

Katrina Radke

The perfect “first out” Survivor. She is liable to annoy the living crap out of people and doesn’t seem capable of toning her personality down.

Pre-Season Rating: F

Lauren Rimmer

Definitely a tough cookie. She admits she is hard-headed and set in her ways. She also confesses to wanting to be the leader.

Pre-Season Rating: C-

Ryan Ulrich

Castaways like Ryan tend to do very well. He just needs to not to play too hard too fast. He has worked in many jobs in which he had to deal with the public.

Pre-Season Rating: B+

Desiree “Desi” Williams

A dangerous player in every regard. She could be the best outside shot this season. Like Roark and Chrissy, she could be the one to watch.

Pre-Season Rating: A

Mike Zahalsky

A student of the game who will either be mistrusted right away or be everyone’s best friend. He named one of his kids after Ethan Zohn, the winner of Survivor: Africa.

Pre-Season Rating: B

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