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Survivor: Edge of Extinction Awards Part Two

Survivor: Edge of Extinction Awards Part Two

Survivor: Edge of Extinction Awards Part Two


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

It is all down to just six Survivors. One of them will make their mark in Survivor history while the rest will dream of what could have been. In a season full of twists and turns we present the winners of our Survivor: Edge of Extinction Awards.


The Who Are You Again? Award

Winner: Aubry Bracco

Of all the returning players she has the least impact on the game or the show.


The You’ve Reached Your Limit Award

Winners: Aubry, Joe Anglim and Kelley Wentworth

Three times is the charm. The producers need to move on from Joe, Aubry and Kelley.


Most Surprising Moment Award

Winners: Dan ‘Wardog’ DaSilva Betrays Kelley

Kelley was so shocked she didn’t even play her idol at Tribal Council thinking she was safe.


The Rumble in the Jungle Award

The most heated confrontation during the season.

Winners: Aurora McCreary and Ron Clark, Reem Daly and Anyone

Reem would have argued with the palm trees if she could and probably did. Whether it was the rice or who was the boss at camp, Aurora and Ron just couldn’t get along.


The Twila Tanner Award

The best strategic moves of the season.

Winners: David Wright and Kelley Voted out, Rick Devens’ Plan

David and Kelley were two of the strongest player this season. If they had been left in the game it would have probably have turned out very differently than it has. Those two eliminations were so very critical. Devens fooling the others into voting out Aurora changed the game.


Best Showmance

Winners: Devens and David, Kelley and Lauren O’Connell

Love may have not been in the air this season but friendship certainly was.


The Dawn’s Dentures Award

Awarded to the most cringe-worthy moment of the season.

Winner: Keith and Wendy Diaz Quit the Game

It is was hard to watch two players walk out on the game when others were struggling so hard to stay in it.


The Professor Charles Xavier Award

Awarded to the most evolved Survivor.

Winners: Rick Devens and Aurora McCreary

He has grown stronger and stronger this season especially after returning. Aurora went from a sidekick to Joe to being one of the most craftiest players this season.


You’ll Never Forget Them Award

Awarded to the Survivor some just love to hate.Winners: Reem, Ron and Devens

It could be argued that Devens is nowhere near being the villains Ron and Reem were, however, as Devens got more and more cocky many fans were turned off by his arrogance.


The MVP Award

Winners: David Wright, Kelley Wentworth, Dan “Wardog” DaSilva, Aurora McCreary and Rick Devens

They all played strong, aggressive games.