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Survivor: Edge of Extinction Awards Part One

Survivor: Edge of Extinction Awards Part One

Survivor: Edge of Extinction Awards Part One

Survivor: Edge of Extinction Awards Part One


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

A solitary island has made all the difference this year. Extinction Island has given some Survivors hope and given some a direct pain in the neck as their targets are not guaranteed to be out of the game.

As they always do, the Survivors adjusted their strategy giving us some unforgettable moments. It is that time of the season when we reward those accomplishments and chastise those who failed to impress for one reason or another, with a wink and a nod, of course.

We present our Survivor: Edge of Extinction Awards. Pass the envelopes, please.


The Greg Buis Gameplay Award

Awarded to the Survivor with the most outrageous, inexplicable gameplay of the season.

Winner: Wendy Diaz

Every season of Survivor needs a Wendy. She may not have played the strongest game but she did play one of the strangest in Survivor history. Giving credit where credit is due, she did have massive ovaries on that island and she was so entertaining.


The Osten Taylor Endurance Award

Winners: Keith Sowell, Wendy Diaz

They had the chance to continue on but instead they packed up their things, threw in the towel.


The Foot in Mouth Awards Award

Winner: Reem Daly

Speaking your mind all the time will occasionally lead to this condition.


The Phillip Sheppard Award

Awarded to the worst dressed Survivor.

Winner: Ron Clark

Who wears a dress shirt and tie to the Fijian jungle? Who does that?


The Marissa Cooper Award

Named after The OC’s most infamous departure, this award is given to the Survivor who we wished would have stuck around a little bit longer.

Winners: Wendy Diaz and Julia Carter

More of Wendy’s chaotic gameplay would have given the season an extra jolt or two and Julia was a very clever player who make one fatal mistake.


The Richard Hatch Award

Given to the contestant who has masterfully schemed and outwitted their fellow players.

Winners: Rick Devens and David Wright

Of anyone this season Rick and David outwitted the other players more than anyone else.


The Susan Richards Award

Named after the member of Marvel’s Fantastic Four and her superhuman ability to turn invisible.

Winner: Julia Carter

Besides a couple of episodes where she helped to blindside Eric and she was given the boot we really didn’t learn much at all about Julia. That’s a shame because she appeared to have real potential as a player and personality.


The Space Ghost Award

Named after Hanna-Barbera’s intergalactic superhero who could use his Inviso-Belt to turn, well, invisible.

Winners: Chris Underwood and Eric Hafemann

We found these two to be totally interchangeable as well as forgettable. Who is who? We might never know.


The Russell Hantz Award

Awarded to the Survivor with the worst social game.

Winner: Reem Daly

Her poor social game is one of the major reasons she has a permanent residence, spent almost the entire season on Extinction Island.


The Erik Reichenbach Award

Recognizing the most foolish strategic move of the season.

Winner: Kelley Wentworth, Rick Devens 

Veteran player Kelley goes home with a Hidden Immunity Idol in her pocket and Rick Devens returns to the game only to turn away David and his other allies.


Best Twist of the Season

Winners: Four Returning Players and Advantage Menu

I know. You thought we would name Extinction Island here, however, I am not a fan of evicted players getting the opportunity to return to the game. When you are out, you should stay out. The four returning players did add another element to this season’s gameplay. Being able to choose your own advantage with the Advantage Menu was a clever concept.


Terms of Endearment Award

Awarded to the most heart-breaking moment of the season.

Winners: The Family Visit, Survivor letters

There really haven’t been too many of those this season so we will go with the family visit and the survivors reading their letters as the moments that had us thinking about grabbing a tissue or two.


If At First You Don’t Succeed Award

Awarded to the Survivor who deserve to play again.

Winners: Wendy Diaz, Julia Carter, Aurora McCreary and Rick Devens.

Wendy, Devens for entertainment value alone. Julia and Aurora for their gameplay potential.

Watch the Survivor: Edge of Extinction  finale on Wednesday, May 15th on Global.