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Survivor: David vs. Goliath Mid-Season Cast Assessment

Survivor: David vs. Goliath Mid-Season Cast Assessment

Survivor: David vs. Goliath Mid-Season Cast Assessment


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

In the battle of the Davids and the Goliaths, the Goliaths lead by 7 to 6 castaways at the merger. With such a narrow margin, nothing can be taken for granted. Based on their gameplay thus far and the impressions of the other castaways here is our Survivor: David vs. Goliath mid-season report card on all of those who are still left in the hunt for the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar prize this season.

John Hennigan


He has been stellar in challenges and by all accounts is incredibly charming in the eyes of both men and women. It is that white-hat personality that will get him past the merger and into a position where he can win challenges to maintain his position in the game.

Mid-Season Rating: A+

Alison Raybould


Tough, competitive and ambitious, Alison is one of the biggest threats in the game. If you leave her in the game long enough she will be in the finals before you know it.

Mid-Season Rating: A+

Dan Rengering


Dude has two Hidden Immunity Idols and that fact alone should propel him into the final phase of the game. His social game will also keep him from being a target.

Mid-Season Rating: A+

Mike White


He weaves in and out of alliances very easily. His social game may be the reason why he make it to the finals.

Mid-Season Rating: A

Kara Kay


Like Mike, fellow Survivors only have nice things to say about Kara. It would appear we have yet to see Kara’s true game.

Mid-Season Rating: B+

Nick Wilson


He and Mike are playing similar games in that they can adapt and evolve. Mike will probably protect him as long as he can but eventually he will have to sacrifice him.

Mid-Season Rating: B+

Davie Rickenbacker


He has a Hidden Immunity Idol while also being a friendly and amiable person.

Mid-Season Rating: B+

Alec Merlino


He made a big mistake early on. That mistake will come back to haunt him especially if Kara blabs to the other Goliaths about what went down during the Natalia Cole vote.

Mid-Season Rating: B

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Angelina Keeley


She has been labeled as untrustworthy as well as an overly-aggressive player.

Mid-Season Rating: B-

Carl Boudreaux


He has very little story to push him to the top other than his time on Exile Island.

Mid-Season Rating: C

Elizabeth Olson


Having no strong ties is just one of the flaws in her weak Survivor game.

Mid-Season Rating: C

Christian Hubicki


He should be seen one of the biggest threats still left on the island. His only hope are the Brochachos but they may be totally done at the merger.

Mid-Season Rating: C

Gabby Pascuzzi


She is seen as devious and shady.

Mid-Season Rating: C

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