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Survivor: David vs. Goliath Awards – Part One

Survivor: David vs. Goliath Awards – Part One

Survivor: David vs. Goliath Awards – Part One


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

With only two Davids left, it will be an uphill battle for sling-wielders Nick Wilson and Davie Rickenbacker to take down the Goliaths. They are outnumbered however, they might not be outgunned. As the finale of Survivor: David vs. Goliath nears it is time to hand out some awards and we hope you have an amusing time reading them as we did picking them.


The Professor Proton Award

Awarded to the Survivor who has shown an amazing aptitude for science.

Winner: Christian Hubicki

Unlike any Survivor before him, Christian has delighted in exploring that connection between the sciences and a cutthroat reality show.


The Insert Foot Into Mouth Award


Winner: Angelina Keeley

Every time she opened her mouth to make an impression or better her status, it turned out to be a disaster.


Just like the Oilers and Wayne Gretzky Award


Trading at its worst.

Winner: Angelina Keeley

It wasn’t as bad as the Oilers’ decision to send Wayne Gretzky to the Kings in 1988 but Angelina Keeley’s negotiation skills need some work. Sure, she did make a deal with Jeff Probst but it would seem that was more because of Probst’s pity than Angelina’s argument based on how well she has negotiated her way through the game thus far.


The Phillip Sheppard Award

Awarded to the worst dressed Survivor.

Winners: Angelina Keeley

I hope those grey yoga, sweat pants were burned after the series was filmed.


The Marissa Cooper Award


Named after The OC’s most infamous departure, this award is given to the Survivor who we wished would have stuck around a little bit longer.

Winners: Pat Cusack and Bi Nguyen

Both had so much potential but left the game before they even had a chance to really play.


The Richard Hatch Award


Given to the contestant who has masterfully schemed and outwitted their fellow players.

Winners: Nick Wilson

The booted Survivors had no idea that Nick was working so hard behind the scenes and had the alliances that he did. He deserves the award for being as stealth as he was the entire season.


The Susan Richards Award


Named after the member of Marvel’s Fantastic Four and her superhuman ability to turn invisible.

Winner: Natalia Azoqa

Natalia who? She was booted before we could learn anything about her.


The Space Ghost Award


Named after Hanna-Barbera’s intergalactic superhero who could use his Inviso-Belt to turn, well, invisible.

Winner: Jeremy Crawford

Even though there weren’t any males who left the series without making some kind of impression. Jeremy was a fire that was quickly smothered.


The Russell Hantz Award


Awarded to the Survivor with the worst social game.

Winner: Natalie Cole

Despite being alerted to her off-putting behaviour she refused to change.


The Erik Reichenbach Award


Recognizing the most foolish strategic move of the season.

Winner: Gabby Pascuzzi

The betrayal of Christian wasn’t a bad move. It was just done at the wrong time and it cost Gabby her game as she was voted out instead of Christian.


Best Twist of the Season


Winner: The Idol Nullifier

It added a whole new level of potential gameplay by being able to counter a rival’s move.


Terms of Endearment Award


Awarded to the most heart-breaking moment of the season.

Winner: An injured Pat Cusack leaves the game

It was heart-breaking to see Pat pulled from the game before he really got the chance to experience all that he could have.


If At First You Don’t Succeed Award


Awarded to the Survivor who deserve to play again.

Winners: Pat Cusack, Bi Nguyen, Christian Hubicki, Alec Merlino, Nick Wilson, Davie Rickenbacker, Alison Raybould and Jessica Peet.

Bi, Pat and Jessica barely played and the rest of the list are great competitors all.

Watch the Survivor: David Versus Goliath finale on Wednesday, December 19th on Global.